So many forms of digital memory keeping

digital memory keeping

After more than 8 years as a digital scrapbooker, I am certain that right now is the BEST time ever for this type of memory keeping. There have never been as many options as we currently have and our community is overflowing with well-designed supplies and helpful resources. It’s a good time to be a digi scrapper!

The definition of digital scrapbooking has broadened over the years to include all forms of digital memory documenting. We can use our computers, Photoshop, smart phones, tablets, apps, social media, photobooks, templates, and any number of designs to capture our memories in a meaningful way.

Want to see what today’s digital memory keeping looks like? Here are some wonderful and inspirational examples:

Scrapbook Layouts

Just like paper scrappers, digital memory keepers like to combine photos, words, and decorative touches to make their memory into a masterpiece. There are so many ways to make a digital layout!

keldakitty layout

page by keldakitty from our Digital Scrapbook Inspiration group


Pocket Pages

Project Life and other pocket scrapbooking formats have made it fun and easy to capture life one rectangle or square at a time. The old time photo album format met up with new age scrapbooking and created a style that is accessible to many different types of memory keepers.


page by scrapandsass from our Digital Pocket Scrapping group


Art Journaling

Artsy and creative don’t have to involve physical supplies – digital art journaling is so much fun and there’s no mess to clean up!

digital art journal

page by lynnirene from our Digital Scrapbook Inspiration group


Photo Books

With so many companies offering drag and drop templates for photobooks, it has become incredibly easy to save memories in this format. We especially love AdoramaPix and want to remind you about the awesome 40% off coupon for our readers – it expires in November, so hurry!


photobook by Katie using AdoramaPix + Instagram


Card Making

In today’s connected world, we often have friends all over the globe. Digital cards can be sent anywhere and shared on social media. Or you can always print them out and give them in a more traditional manner.

card by Ronnie Texas

card by RonnieTexas from our Digital Scrapbook Inspiration group



Yes, bloggers really are digital memory keepers… even if they don’t think of themselves as such. Sharing digital images and words on a blog is a great form of documentation!

Memory Monday_ our first kitchen - Katie the Scrapbook Lady-1

Memory Monday post from Katie the Scrapbook Lady blog


Social Media Sharing

Photo sharing, status updates, and online conversations have become forms of memory documentation that even non-scrappers have embraced. Stories are being told through small posts on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

status update



Using  words + photos type of apps is a super easy and mobile way to digitally document your memories. There are oodles of options out there and you can even create collages that are very similar to full scrapbook layouts!

steph adventures

created by Steph using Over



There are lots of ways to tell your story using online formats from websites. You can save notes & pictures in Evernote, answer prompt questions on Proust, or create picture collages and projects with sites like PicMonkey. The internet is a big helper when it comes to memory keeping!

favorite shoes

created by Katie with Proust



The next best thing to being there in person is to have a video of the moment. YouTube, Vimeo, and photo sites that have video sharing capabilities are all part of digital memory keeping.


Video interview by Janet Phillips


I just love having all of these tools and resources to help me share my memories. I bet you will agree that this is the best time in history to be a memory keeper. Digi rocks!

katie big