Designers share the best photo tips

designers share the best tips

technogeek instalife card by Ziggle Designs. Verdana font.


I love to read the contributor features here at The Daily Digi and I can tell from the comments we get, that many of you feel the same way! Of course, I love to find out more about the designers who are generous enough to support the site with their amazing designs, but I also learn a lot from them! The interviews include favorite tips and tricks from the designers themselves and because they are experts in the field of digital scrapbooking, they have some really great advice! Here are a few of my favorite photo-related tidbits I’ve picked up from the designers we’ve worked with.

Keeping track of where your pictures are taken

Here’s a tip I never would have thought of, but it’s a fun one! Danielle of Something Blue Studios shared something she learned in a photography workshop in her feature.


I borrowed my son’s hand to demonstrate this tip. When you bookend your photos from one location this way, it is very easy to spot them all in your photo files. Hand against the sky, sign of where we were at (Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah), and then the pictures from  that location. Then another hand in the sky photo to signal the end. This could be useful for travel photos or if you are taking a large amount of photos.



Lighten dark photos

Julia Makotinsky shared a quick tip in her contributor feature to lighten up dark photos.


I couldn’t wait to try this one out. This is a picture of my son in Disneyland in a dark environment.


I used the same tricks in PSE 11 by duplicating the layer and switching to screen mode on the new layer.


Although it’s still a dark picture (it was in a dark room after all), it looks a lot better now and it only took seconds to make the fix!

DSC02303 new


Black and white conversions

Peppermint Granberg of One Little Bird Designs shared her process for great black and white photo conversions.


I decided to take a colorful photo from my archives (2010)

2010 08 0 (93)

and then I used Pioneer Woman’s free black & white action (link in this post).

pw black and white

I opened up one of Peppermint’s neutral papers and used her technique to fill the layer above my photo with the same color using the eyedropper tool. Again, I had no problem using this same technique in PSE 11.


I love the results! It’s a subtle difference, but the photo has a more neutral tone to it and would match the kit I pulled the paper from.

neutral conversion


Don’t overlook the great resource of archives from the contributor features here at The Daily Digi. We work with the best designers in digiland and they are so generous to share their expertise with all of us!

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