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Dream Big Designs New Discoveries. Ostrich Sans Font.


One of our readers (Stacia) asked a great question the other day that reminded me of a frustration I used to have with picking out fonts to use for scrapbook page titles. Here’s her comment:

I wonder if you have any suggestions for finding fonts that are big enough to use as titles on 12×12 pages? I love so many of these fonts but 72 just isn’t big enough, and that seems to be as big as they go.

Fortunately, this is very easy to fix! She is right that Photoshop programs will only let you automatically change the font size to a maximum of 72 pts. (Tested in PSE 11 and CS6)

only to 72


It took me awhile before I realized that you could just type over that 72 number in the text size box and change it to whatever you want. (You can also use this same trick in the leading size box)



Here’s a layout with a title done in the Ostrich Sans font with size 72 pt. It isn’t quite big enough for my liking.

Science Labs small title

Dream Big Designs New Discoveries. Scrapbook Lady Studious template.


When  I changed the font pt. size to 100, this is how it changed. Much better for a title!

Science Labs bigger title


There is another way to work around this issue and that is to simply flatten (or simplify) the layer that your text is on and then resize it like you would any other embellishment.

flatten layer


Just “grab” the font layer and use the corners to stretch it out.


Generally speaking, enlarging the text using the numbers in the point size box will give you a higher quality result. Simplifying the layer and adjusting the size can help you fine tune the look though. Here are a few great resources to help you play around with this technique:

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