Is it Project Life or Pocket Scrapping?

the difference between Project Life and pocket scrapping

With all the new terminology that has come with recent trends in scrapbooking, it may be hard to keep track of what the difference is between Project Life and pocket scrapping. Let’s start with some basic definitions.

What is Project Life? Many people think that Project Life means putting together an album that details the events of every day or every week throughout an entire year. Actually, Project Life is a brand name for a scrapbooking system created by Becky Higgins and it refers to the product lines sold under that brand that include albums, divided pocket page protectors, journaling cards, filler cards, papers, and now digital versions of many of those items. A Project Life album can be about any topic or cover any time period, it simply refers to memory keeping using the Becky Higgins officially branded items. Project Life is a registered trademarked name (see the little R symbol?) and shouldn’t be used as a way to brand other digital designs.


What is Pocket Scrapping? As the Project Life trend hit the digital industry, many stores and designers wisely included the new approach into their own products. These designs are not officially part of the Project Life brand, but fit well with the style of scrapping in divided page protectors (even if done digitally without actual pockets). Because the pages are laid out as if they are in physically divided pockets, the term “pocket scrapbooking” is one that we use here at The Daily Digi.

There seems to be no limit to the creativity that designers (and scrappers) can display on these small little square and rectangle canvases. Journaling and filler cards have become fixtures in the digital community and have also helped bridge the gap between digi and paper. Many paper scrappers are excited about the option of being able to print out their own materials and are also looking for a way to supplement their official Project Life stash. Others who might not be interested in the style of the Becky Higgins products, have found that they can adopt aspects of this new style of memory keeping by using other digital pocket scrapbooking items.

Taking a closer look

Here are some illustrative examples of the many different ways that Project Life and Pocket Scrapping can be used.

Traditional Project Life

This spread by Elisa Blaha Cripe shows the plastic pocket page protectors that are part of the Becky Higgins Project Life scrapbooking method.


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Hybrid Project Life

Rebecca Cooper printed out the digital products from the Midnight edition to create this spread. This looks like a traditional paper version of Project Life, but it’s considered to be “hybrid” because it uses digital ingredients in a paper format.


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Digital Project Life

Teresa Victor created a completely digital Project Life spread using digital downloadable PL templates & products from the holidays mini kit. There are no actual “pockets” on this layout, but the template keeps all of the rectangles separated as if they were in pocket pages.


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Combination of Project Life + Pocket Scrapping

Neeceebee used a combination of official Project Life products & embellishments from other digital designers for this layout. It’s perfectly fine to mix and match pieces from several different sources. That’s what makes this type of scrapping so fun!


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Digital Pocket Scrapping

This spread by familybees uses templates and designs from other digital designers that replicate the pocket style approach of Project Life.


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This page by tradtke shows how some digital templates even replicate the look of actual divided pages.


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Want more pocket scrapping ideas?

Join our newly created Digital Pocket Scrapping Flickr group to see and share digital pocket pages! We have a great community in our Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration group and we thought it would be fun to create a new and unique place for digital pocket scrappers to share their ideas and layouts.

pocket scrapping group

You will see all sorts of digi pocket scrapping in the group! There are some fun benefits to being a part of a Flickr group and it’s a great way to keep fresh and inspired!


Let’s go shopping!

It’s time to fill up those pockets (digitally or in a hybrid fashion) and there are plenty of great products out there to help you get the look you want. All images are linked to purchasing source.

Digital Project Life is the place to get official Becky Higgins licensed PL products. Some of the editions are designed by artists from our own digital scrapbooking community and others have been transformed into digital format after being originally created in paper format.





In many other digital scrapbooking stores, you can find designs that work with pocket scrapping by looking in the category of Journal Cards.




Some stores & communities have come up with their own terms for this type of scrapbooking such as:

Project Everyday








Pocket Scrapbooking




Some designers regularly design journaling cards or other pocket style products as available add-ons that coordinate with their kits.





You will also find plenty of designers who can help you create your own customized pocket sized art pieces.





While grid page designs have been around for a long time, the Project Life and Pocket Scrapping trends have breathed new life into squares and rectangles on layered templates.



Scrapbook Lady Sightseeing


The beauty of using either Project Life or Pocket Scrapping (or a combination of both) is that you can customize the approach to fit your own style. Keep it simple for quick and easy pages, or get creative with those small spaces and let your inner designer run wild. It’s up to you and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Just have fun and enjoy this great way to digi scrap!

katie big