Magazine Style


Magazines are a perfect source of inspiration for digital scrapbookers. Check out these creatively designed magazine layouts to see for yourself:

Take-away ideas

After browsing through some magazines, some ideas appeared to be especially useful in digi scrapbooking!

1. Use columns for journaling

Keeping all the text in one or more columns is a common magazine placement.


Supplies: So Cool by The Hidden Heart


Supplies: Love In the City Mscraps collab

2. Creatively use blends

Blended photos or photos that fade make a great background. It’s an important visual element, but it lets the other sections of the page shine.


Supplies: 95 Days of Summer Fun by SarahJ Designs

For more tips, try:

3. Let the photo be the focus of the page


Supplies: Then and Now by Jen Maddocks

Many magazine spreads use huge, almost full page photos. In scrapbooking, try using brushes to mask off a photo (as in the example above), or just write directly on the negative space in a photo (as below).


Supplies: What Makes You Happy by Janyelle Mayara

4. Pay special attention to making the title stand out

The title on a magazine article is crucial, and in digi scrapbooking, it is the first place your family will look when they are browsing your album. A clear title quickly tells them what the page is all about.


Supplies: Brush Master Adventure by The Edits, Lazy Days by Heather T.


Supplies: New Year’s Resolutions by the Mscraps Designers

5. Words

Magazine articles are designed to combine words with images to create a visually appealing story. That sounds like a worthy scrapbooking goal to me!

Inspiration can be found in many places. Creative and fresh magazine designs are definitely a great resource!