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When you hang out on your computer a lot, you’re bound to run into some incredible tidbits of information and fantastic stories that make the rounds on the internet. We all probably have a friend or relative that forwards emails on to keep us informed, protected, and called to action on important topics. The intent is usually meant as a way to be helpful, but it’s helpful to check the facts. The story you are reading, might actually be a myth or an “urban legend” and not be true at all.

I first became interested in urban legends when I took a folklore class in college. Back in the early 1990s, there were still tales of teenagers who had cooked their insides by spending too much time in a tanning bed, or that New York City had alligators in their sewer systems (both are false). Today, we still hear about Walt Disney being cryogenically frozen (he was cremated) or that Facebook plans to charge a monthly subscription (not true).

You might be certain that you can spot a myth when you hear one, but you might be surprised at how much of the information passed around is simply not true. I have been surprised to receive an email from a very well educated friend who felt like they needed to pass on information about a politician. When I checked out the story on, I found that it was completely false and that various versions of it existed.

Next time you run into something that you aren’t quite sure whether or not to believe, give it the test.


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I bet you will be surprised at how much misinformation gets passed around!

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