Processing Possibilities


Supplies: Lean on Me Journal Card by Pink Reptile Designs; The Silver Reed font by Heather Joyce

Ever since I started taking digital photos, I’ve looked for ways to process them. Most of the time, I start with a simple clean edit to get a good exposure and true-to-life colour.

Here’s an example. The original image was dark:


I did a quick edit in Lightroom to brighten, and warm it up a bit:


There is no “right” way to process an image. As long as you are working from either a digital negative (the RAW file) or on copies, no harm can be done by experimenting with different colour tones, saturation levels, contrast levels, and with black & white imagery.

For digital scrapbookers, this is especially useful to help coordinate an image with a particular kit.

So, experiment to get the mood that you want! The possibilities are endless…








Edited in RadLab



Clickin Mom’s Film Presets


VSCO Lightroom Presets 3

The “right” processing is the one that feels artistically correct to you. It’s the one that makes you not only remember the moment, but also captures the feeling that you had. Have fun and be creative!

PS – Some of the images above are a combination of many presets and RadLab so I can’t point to one particular one. The preses I most frequently reach for are VSCO Film (all preset packs), RadLab, Bellevue Avenue presets, and Clickin Moms Film Presets.