Redefining simple scrapbooking

redefining simple

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We love simple scrapbooking here at The Daily Digi because we want to encourage our members and readers to realize that they CAN get their precious memories scrapped. It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. There are some people who love the creative exercise of digi scrapping and might think “simple scrapbooking” is not something they want to participate in. It’s a misconception to think that simple=easy or that simple=plain. I believe that simple really means you can get it done!

There are so many ways to use the resources and technology available to keep the scrapbooking process simple and enjoyable With all the great advancements in digital scrapbooking, simple scrapbooking deserves to be redefined. . It’s time to challenge those preconceived notions!

Quick Pages = Simple

If someone else designs the page for you, all you have to do is slip a photo or two behind it. It doesn’t get any easier than that, and nobody will ever know that the page didn’t take more than a few minutes put together!


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Check out the post Super Speedy Scrapping for more examples of using quick pages to make digi scrapping easier.


Templates = Simple

When you use a layered template, all you have to do is fill the spaces with your own photos, papers, and embellishments. The page design is planned out for you so you get to focus on the fun stuff!


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There’s an entire section of template related tutorials and posts here on The Daily Digi if you are looking for even more inspiration.


Whitespace = Simple

Just because a layout has a lot of whitespace, doesn’t mean it didn’t take a long time, but generally speaking – the less “stuff” you have to sort through, the easier it is to complete the page.


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Check out Designing your memories and white space for more ideas.


Big photos = Simple

When you fill a page with a large photo or two, you don’t need to make as many other design decisions. Stunning and simple!

big photo

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Don’t be afraid to go big:


Your comfort zone = Simple

If you feel comfortable with your own style, scrapbooking will be much more simple for you. Really! Even if you like a lot of clustering, tons of layers, or other styles that might not bring the word “simple” to mind, if that is what makes your heart sing, then it will be a lot easier for you!

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There are so many great ways to keep it simple and enjoy the process of digi scrapping. I hope you will bookmark this post to review when you start feeling overwhelmed. Scrapping should be fun!

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