Scrapbooking Travel Preparations

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This year I’m taking the family camping. It’s been an adventure just getting ready never mind once we get there. We plan on camping or rather an adapted version called cabining. It’s camping without a tent but a wood cabin with beds. The cabin is the only difference and makes my back happier. No bathrooms, no kitchen, no internet or computer. How on earth is a digital scrapbooker to survive?

With a little preplanning I know I need to bring a few things to document our journey.

I need:

  • something to journal in
  • something to journal with
  • camera(s)
  • memorabilia holder
  • something to hold it all

AH Designs – Techno Geek

I could easily use my phone to do my documenting but our purpose of the trip is to disconnect for a few days. I’ve opted to go with a notebook, some pens, and a lot of cameras – each with their own purpose. A bag to hold memorabilia when out adventuring and a tote to contain everything back at camp and for our journey home.

So here’s my stash minus my big camera cause it took the picture.

I have some photography goals for myself while out. Not to take my big camera on the water or the beach. Which is why we are bringing our iPhone in an Armour case (water, dirt, dust, shock proof), and our waterproof Fuji camera (not pictured). Not really a goal but I want to enjoy our beach time as I can and not worry who’s kicking sand at me, I mean my camera. I’ve brought along my instax mini cause that’s always fun! The Fuji camera for the boys also be able to use. Last but not least I brought a film camera with me for my personal project of moving back to film to document some of our life and it’s details.

My overall thoughts on documentation this time? Live the moment. Document when I can. Have fun.

Here’s my bare bones items:

I know I want to do two or three things with my stuff and photos after the fact. A mini book for each of the boys, a pocket page layout or two for our family album, and a few digital layouts for each of the boys albums. So I know coming home I can open my box of memories and then organize it and get my projects completed after the fact because I took the time to prepare. The transition from paper scraps to digital will be easy and fun.

Shall I come back and share those? I think so. Now off to load up our Jeep and see you when we get back!

Happy July!