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Crossbone Cuts designs Instalove & Libby Pritchett Be Awesome. Pacifico font.


I adore dressing up my technology (see fun and functional phone cases) and I’ve found that there are some really great tablet covers out there. I was standing at the checkout counter at Barnes and Noble the other day and I found myself wishing I had a Nook when I saw the dozens of darling cases they had for them! With the wide selection of tablets and e-readers out there; Apple iPad (regular size and mini), Kindle, Nook, Samsung Galaxy Note, Google Nexus, and more, you’ll find an enormous array of case and cover choices. When it comes time to select a case or cover, it’s important to think about how you use the device. If you share your table or e-reader with children, you will want something sturdy. If you want to minimize bulk in a purse or bag, consider something like a skin or thin cover.

We’re an iPad family around here. I have a 3rd generation iPad, my husband has a 2nd generation, and my daughter inherited my original iPad. We’ve all been through several cases as we’ve tried to find the perfect fit for each of us.

My case is the most expensive one in our house, but I haven’t regretted the splurge at all. I use a Bluetooth Keyboard Pro from Brookstone because I wanted a removable keyboard. For me, I want the functionality of a small laptop computer when I use my tablet. I’ve tried other keyboard cases, but they were very bulky and heavy. I love that I can easily remove the keyboard from this and I really only bring it with me when I’m traveling or when I will be taking a lot of notes. The most important feature for me in a case is being able to prop up my tablet and use it hands-free. I to prop it open at night and watch movies and tv shows to unwind. I can put it into almost any viewing angle. My case is red leather and I love it!

brookstone iPad case


My husband is always on the go and doesn’t like having an extra keyboard to manage. The most important feature for him is simply having a good protective barrier on the tablet so it doesn’t get scratched up in transit. He doesn’t care about propping it up and will just set it on his lap or another surface if he wants to go hands-free for viewing. He uses an iFrogz luxe lean case that simply acts as a protective shell.



My daughter inherited my first iPad and the Mickey Mouse case that I bought for it when I was in Disneyland a few years ago. It is a soft and padded leather case that has a prop up feature to use in 3 different positions. It has held up really well with hundreds of hours of use.

iPadCase Sketch Mickey-Mouse


I’m hoping to get my son an iPad-mini soon so he can read while we are on the go. I’m considering this Snugg mini case since he likes to use a stylus with the app Paper 53.

snug mini-brown


I love looking at all the other cases out there for different devices. Here are some that caught my eye:

Beautiful typographic case for the Nook

jumbled quote nook cover


Oh, how I wish there were iPad cases that look like this mod Happy Chic Nook case by Jonathan Adler!

mod floral nook cover


I just love this cities word art case for the Kindle Fire. Stunning!

kindle fire


Or how about disguising your Kindle as a composition notebook? Clever!H

composition kindle fire


And if I didn’t love my iPad cover so much, I’d be really tempted to get a Fit Folio from Speck. Love all the design choices with these!

fit folio


Do you have a favorite case or cover for your tablet or e-reader? Please share in the comments. It’s always nice to hear what works for all of you!

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