The stories you are telling

stories you are telling

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If I ever need a boost in scrapbooking spirits, I love to take a look through our Flickr group. It inspires me so much to know that other people are creating, documenting, and sharing their memories. I love that so many of you are telling your stories! Some of my very best journaling inspiration comes from the layouts I see posted online. Here are a few of my recent favorites and why I love them:

May the 4th by breeoxd – Check out all the everyday details on this page! Work conversations, shopping receipts, pop culture references, and plenty of journaling. This is like a miniature time-capsule of a week in her life.

May the 4th by breeoxd

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Love you 2 by Teresa Victor. The precious photo and beautiful paper are perfectly paired with loving words from a proud mother. I adore the way she captured the small details that will always remind her of her children at this particular moment in time.

love you 2 by Teresa Victor

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No Motivation by Meg B. What a great example to remind us that we don’t have to just scrap about the rosy things in life. Getting feelings out on a page can be great therapy!

no motivation

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Amazing Max by breeoxd. The flags, the splattered background, and that cute dog, all make this page fabulous – but my favorite finishing touch was the photo of the “good citizen” report. Even if you don’t want to scan something to use on a layout, just take a picture of it!

Amazing Max by breeoxd

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Balance Beam by potatoejam is such a fun page with a big emphasis on the photo and words. I love the blending on the picture and the great page composition.

Balance Beam

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Flowbee by neeceebee – I love the bold graphic feel of the lettering and color scheme on this layout. Great capture of the memorable events of a week in the life.

Flowbee by Denise

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Childhood Memories by elseepe – say “hello” to older memories. Don’t let any more time pass without jotting down some of your own childhood experiences. Your memories are precious!

childhood memories by elseepe

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Next time you start to feel like you don’t have the time, energy, or desire to scrapbook, take a look through some of the pages that others are creating. You will be inspired by the stories they are telling and if you are anything like me, you will start longing to tell your own!

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