Raising Bookworms


Credits: Booked for Life by Pink Reptile Designs

Books are a big part of the every day routine around our house and the night-time story is our favourite way to end the day. I thought it would be fun to share some of our favourites books. Are any of your favourites on the list? What books do you recommend?

Babies First Library Books (0-2 years)

Bookwormt - Copy

2007: My almost one year old daughter, pulling every book in her room off the shelves to read.

These are the books that I read to my babies, over and over and over, while snuggling them on the rocking chair. I have many of them memorized! I wouldn’t trade a second of that time. Introducing a baby to books is special and time well-spent.

When we celebrate friends and family who are having their first baby, our go-to baby gift is a basketful of books like:

DinoBooks - Copy

2011: My almost two year old son, post-nap, flipping through a dinosaur encyclopaedia.

Books for Growing Readers (3-5 years)

ReadBuddies - Copy

2013: My six year old daughter reading to my three year old son. I love this so much!

I love reading these books with my kids. I remember reading many of them when I was a little girl myself. In some ways, it’s like introducing my kids to some of my “old friends”.

Novels to Share Together (4-8 years)

LittleHouse - Copy

2012: My six year old daughter holding up a copy of Little House In the Big Woods. When we visited the pioneer village, she held her copy of the book and kept a lookout for a house similar to the one of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Now that my daughter is older, we have enjoyed reading novels together. We’ve read many on this list and hopefully we’ll eventually read them all together.

As a last note, if you’re looking for ideas books for adults to read, check out this past post here. Lots of great ideas! Smile

Now I’m off to pick up a book!