Using digital scrapbooking for learning

using digital scrapbooking for learning

Valorie Wibbens Smarties journal cards


Here at The Daily Digi we are always focused on how to help others learn about digital scrapbooking. However, digital scrapbooking can also be a great tool for all kinds of learning! Have you ever used any of your digital scrapbook supplies for educational purposes? You might be surprised at how useful being a digi scrapper can be when it comes to creating learning materials!

Flash cards and fun visuals

One of the best ways to use digi supplies for learning is to create flash cards for your little ones to enjoy. The great thing is that you can print out new ones if any of them get damaged or lost! It’s also possible to customize a lot of these projects in your editing program for further personalization. Here are some of my favorite finds from digiland (all images are linked)


alphabet girl

alphabet boy


wimpy chompers







flash cards Mari K


school days by Zoe Pearn


Create your own learning materials

Whether you have a preschooler at home to entertain, kids who need a little extra help, summer learning activities, or you homeschool your children full time, there are digital supplies that will help you out. With a little creativity + photoshop, you can make almost anything you might need for learning activities. I’ve linked up to some great supplies below.



summer writing


sticky learning mailbox


sticky learning time


Rock the science fair!

How many times have your kids been looking for illustrations for science fair or other school projects? There have been many times that my digi stash has saved the day! Whether you are a college student creating a presentation, or your first grader needs something fun to add to their display, digital scrapbook kits can add a great finishing touch! Here are some that might be useful for these types of projects:


Anna Science




explore exhibits


Get Creative!

There are all sorts of ways to use digi supplies to faciliate learning. You can include educational layouts right along side of all the other pages you scrap, or you could even keep a separate album for them. Becky Higgins Project Life or pocket style scrapping are also great formats to use. Of course, there are plenty of hybrid options as well; flash cards, learning charts, posters, and binders are all examples of how you can use your digi scrapping skills to create some amazing and educational keepsakes.

We’d love to hear your ideas, so feel free to share them in the comments!