It’s ok to take a break


Digi burnout? If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will. Even though I’m completely passionate about digital scrapbooking (and memory keeping in general), I still get burned out at times. I hit one of those creative walls on Friday and felt like I couldn’t stand to do anything scrapbook related at all this weekend. I’ve had that feeling before and it has lasted anywhere from a few hours, to more than a year. The year-long hiatus happened in 2004 before I discovered digital. Fortunately, since going digi in 2005, I’ve never suffered from burnout for more than a few weeks. I just can’t stay away and I always find something that gets me inspired to get going again.

Is this the same as losing your mojo? It’s hard to say because it’s different for everyone. For me, burning out is more serious than feeling like I’m uninspired or out of ideas. Burnout can mean that you doubt you want to (or are able to) create anymore at all. It happens to all sorts of creative people and it’s not fun!

If you are feeling burned out on something that used to give you creative joy, I have a few tips to share:

Check for underlying physical issues

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


Are you tired? Overwhelmed with other responsibilities? Short of time? In poor health? Any time your body and mind are not running with a full tank of fuel to keep them going, you run the risk of burnout. You will feel more like yourself if you are taking care of your physical and mental needs. This will mean you are more likely to enjoy creative endeavors.


Are you bored?


Have you fallen into a creative rut and stopped trying new things? Even the most talented artists evolve throughout their careers. It’s ok to explore new avenues and try new things. If you’ve always used a template, try scrapping without one for a change. Take an online class. Listen to a podcast. Browse through some galleries for inspiration.


Feeling like a perfectionist?

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Are you hung up on perfection issues? If you can’t let yourself make mistakes, you will never be able to create anything. This can be a paralyzing trap that will keep you stuck for a long time!


Turn off the computer

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


This might seem like strange advice from a daily website that is all about helping you find resources, ideas, and motivation to capture your memories, but even we recognize that sometimes you just need to unplug for awhile. Step away from the computer for awhile and do something completely different. This seems to be the approach that helps me the most when I’m suffering from burnout. I minimized my computer time over the past two days and focused on cleaning, gardening, and going out with my family. It has helped tremendously and I feel like I’ll be ready to get back to my beloved digi scrapping very soon. Don’t underestimate the power or taking a break!