Scotty Girl Design: In Honor of My Mother


I really love Shannon’s clean and sophisticated design style! Her ability to combine fonts in beautiful type work is just stunning! I could sit and study just her word art for hours. She really is a very talented designer! Scotty Girl Design’s contribution this month includes many great type elements as well as images combined with type to set the tone.  Let’s take a closer look at “Through the Years” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using Scotty Girl Design’s contribution:

Layout by Trina. Supplies: Through the Years by Scotty Girl Design; Freebie 49 by ChrissyW; ShabbyBet by Litabells.
LO2 Layout by Kimberly K. Supplies: Through the Years by Scotty Girl Design; Font: Bell Gothic Std; Boku Bokeh (photo treatment) by Splendid Fiin.


Layout by Sula. Supplies: Through the Years by Scotty Girl Design; Fonts: DJB Gimme Space by Darcy Baldwin.


Layout by Katie. Supplies: Through the Years by Scotty Girl Design; SuperSized template by Scrapbook Lady


Layout by SharonS, additional supplies: Cindy Schneider, Fonts: Cafe Rojo, The Sharon, Glitter style: Mommyish

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.

Hi there! My name is Shannon McNab. But some of you might know me by my maiden name, Hegarty. I’m a newlywed living in San Francisco with my husband, Jeff. I’m a perfectionist, neat freak and perpetual klutz. I love Great Danes, cooking, running (when I’m not injured) and most importantly, Disneyland.





I don’t get much time to scrapbook and I’m painfully slow at making layouts, so when one comes together quickly it feels like a miracle. This layout only took me about an hour. I think it’s because I was so motivated to scrap these photos. They’re from our engagement photo session in Disneyland. It was such a fun, memorable day and our photographer was incredible!


My mom, Scotty (her nickname in Girl Scouts), got me into scrapbooking in junior high – she gave me some of her leftover photos and I instantly became hooked. We scrapbooked every weekend – it became our mother/daughter time.

After losing my mom while I was in college, I stopped scrapbooking. It wasn’t until I was in graduate school for graphic design that I picked it up again. That’s when I heard about digital scrapbooking. But just like I vowed I would never switch to a digital camera (what was I thinking?!?), I never thought I would be a digi scrapper. Boy, was I wrong!

My love for pattern design is what drew me to scrapbook design – it’s my “happy place” away from my regular design job. In 2010, I opened my first digital scrapbook store on Etsy and moved to Design House Digital last year. My business name is in honor of my mother. Without her, I never would have known the amazing obsession that is scrapbooking.


It’s typically the little things. A plaid shirt I see someone wearing on the BART or a random conversation I have with a friend could spark an idea for a kit (both of these scenarios have inspired kits). If I’m in a design rut, I’ll read my favorite blogs or go for a walk. But my favorite kits are always the ones that happen organically and aren’t forced.

Computer: Mac OS X Snow Leopard, 3.06 GHZ Core 2 Duo Processor, 12 GB Ram, 27″ Monitor
Program: Photoshop, Illustrator (CS5)
Camera: Canon Rebel XSi
Anything Else: Epson V300 Photo Scanner, good ol’ sketchpad and pen

I always try to color correct my photos as soon as I upload them. That way when I want to scrapbook, I can spend all my energy on the layout instead of worrying about touching up the photos. It does take a chunk of time in the beginning, but the payout is worth it!

Also, levels and curves in Photoshop are your best friend!

I love the idea behind this kit, which came from a conversation I had with a customer at DHD. We were talking about family members that are too far away and that reminded me of a song my Girl Scout troop would would sing around campfires: “Mmm, I want to linger, mmm, a little longer, mmm, a little longer here with you…”


Newsprint is fairly new, but already very popular. The appeal of this kit is that it can be used for any layout, it doesn’t matter what the theme is. Also, vintage elements seem to be really hot in the industry right now and this kit has some fun ones.


Here are some of my favorite products by Scotty Girl Design:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Scotty Girl Design’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.




Save 20% off your next order at Scotty Girl Design’s store with coupon code SGD20TDD (one time use, expires 12/31/12).

Go have a look in Scotty Girl Design’s store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10.00 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

Inspired by Scotty Girl Design

The following layouts were created using “Through the Years” by Scotty Girl Design and included in The Digi Files during November, 2012:


Layout by Kate
Layout by Claudia
Layout by Liz
Layout by Beatrice
Layout by Trina. Supplies: Through the Years by Scotty Girl Design; Freebie 49 by ChrissyW; ShabbyBet by Litabells.
LO2 Layout by Kimberly K. Supplies: Through the Years by Scotty Girl Design; Font: Bell Gothic Std; Boku Bokeh (photo treatment) by Splendid Fiin.


Layout by Sula. Supplies: Through the Years by Scotty Girl Design; Fonts: DJB Gimme Space by Darcy Baldwin.


Layout by Katie. Supplies: Through the Years by Scotty Girl Design; SuperSized template by Scrapbook Lady


Layout by SharonS, additional supplies: Cindy Schneider, Fonts: Cafe Rojo, The Sharon, Glitter style: Mommyish

Page Breakdown

I started pocket scrapbooking early in the fall and I love the results I’m getting with it!

Today, let’s break down a digital pocket scrapbook page and show how we can use some of our scrapbooking techniques in this simple blocked style. Any kit can work for this sort of layout and it is a great way to make the most of your supply budget.

Here’s my two-page spread for the week of November 18-24:


Supplies: Slips Ins 5 by Traci Reed, Memories in the Making kit by SSD, Layered Up In You December Journalers by Lauren Grier, InstaFrame by Sahlin Studios (left page), DJB JenLin font by Darcy Baldwin

Let’s take a look at the left-hand side up close:


1 – A border was added by clipping a stamped edge (in the Memories in the Making kit) to a photo. Added a journaling tab and “punched” the typewriter font in by using the typewriter font trick discussed here. Added a 30 point white stroked border to the photo (See how here).

2 – Added the week by typing in black font and then made it more subtle by switching the layer blend mode to “overlay”.

3 – Made journaling cards using the Memories in the Making kit by clipping kit papers to layered journaling card templates by Lauren Grier. A great way to always have coordinated journaling cards even when the kit doesn’t come with them. As always when using text on textured paper, used the trick in Fonts Don’t Float to blend the text with the paper.

4 – Used a quote card as a filler in a box.

5 – Added a faux vellum label to the photo by creating a white box and reducing the opacity to around 60%. Then typed some text and “cut it out” of the vellum.

6 – Used large size Arial font and wrote directly over a photo to add emphasis.

7 – Faked an Instagram photo and clipped it to a frame by Sahlin Studios.

And the right-hand side:


1 – Added a white border to a simple image taken with a point and shoot camera while out to dinner. (You could also just use your phone.) Doing weekly pocket scrapbook pages has encouraged me to take photos everywhere!

2 – Added a simple tag and affixed with with a staple.

3 – Adding in special dates, like Black Friday, completes the week. I just used some black paper from the kit and created a quick (and colour-appropriate!) journaling card.

4 – I’m challenging myself to appear in all of my weekly layouts, and sometimes that means a quick picture in the mirror with no make-up on!

5 – One of the ways to keep the spread consistent is to use the same journaling font.

6 – Writing directly on photos is a simple and effective way to document every day life.

7 – Taking photos of weather is a fun way to visually mark the changing seasons.

Each two page pocket scrapbook layout takes me about 30-40 minutes to make. It’s something that I look forward to sitting down each Sunday to do. Are you doing a pocket scrapbook album or thinking about it for 2013? Tell us about in the comments.

How To Solve Common Holiday Photo Issues

We all want to capture beautiful holiday photos, but the hustle and bustle of December can make it difficult.

Avoid these common issues to capture better photos during your holiday season.

Blurry Photos

We’ve all taken them. The moment is so beautiful but your photo is a blurry mess. The low lights of Christmas time lead to slow shutter speeds and blurred images. Don’t be fooled into believing you can take a great photo just because your camera’s shutter will click.


Ugly Yellow Photos

The scene looks beautiful to you, but your photo is a yellow weird mess. The variety of indoor lights during the holidays can create strange colors in your photos, proving once again that what you see is not what the camera sees.


  • Adjust your white balance to Tungsten. With the variety of lights in most of our homes, you may also want to play with the white balance setting to find the one that works best for you.
  • Shoot in RAW and adjust your white balance in post processing.

Uncooperative Subjects

You’ve found the background you want. You know your settings are right. You’ve thought it through. Then you add your subjects and chaos ensues! Yep, it’s holiday photo time. I’m always amazed how a perfectly lovely family can transform themselves into monsters when the camera comes out.


  • Make it fast and easy. I find the less fuss, direction, and time I take, the easier photos are.
  • Think about what is in it for them to cooperate with you. Older kids you might offer a photo for facebook or cash. Younger kids offer treats.
  • Ask someone non-related to photograph your family if possible. Most family members are better behaved in front of someone else. Most. Not all.
  • Go candid. If all else fails, just sneak the shots when you can. They are more natural and fun anyway.

Grey Snow

Your camera reads the bright snow and says WOW, that’s a lot of light and underexposes, giving you ugly grey snow and under exposed subjects.


  • Overexpose 1  stop.  It seems counter-intuitive, but it works.
  • If your point and shoot has it, use the snow setting.

Boring Photos

Do your photos seems boring compared to other people’s? There is usually one big issue in boring photos. Too much going on in the frame.


  • Pick a strong, interesting subject to focus on.
  • Avoid too much going on in the background of your photo.
  • Move closer to your subjects. Don’t be afraid to fill the frame.
  • Find a different angle.

And my last piece of holiday photo advice…

Avoid comparing. Okay, you know I had to say it. Our home decor is different.  Our lighting is different. Our subjects are different.

Embrace your REAL self this holiday. My house is  not decorated to Pinterest or Martha standards. My family won’t be wearing coordinated Gap clothing. My kitchen wall has a giant hole in it. My house is a construction zone.

That is my REAL. I’m good with that.

What is your holiday photo frustration? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


Sausan Design: Came Together Magically

DesignerLogoSausan has a beautiful artsy style that often includes doodled and painted bits. The artsy style can vary from timeless vintage to whimsical. Her collections are truly unique and very much her own. Her supplies can be used for anything from a traditional paper looking layout to an art journaling page. I’m excited to welcome back Sausan to The Digi Files this month! Let’s take a closer look at “Note it” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks!

All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month!

Here are some layouts created using Sylvie’s contribution:

Layout by Melissa. Supplies: Note it by Sylvie.
Layout by Lauren. Supplies: Note it by Sylvie; extra doodles by Lauren.
Layout by Jenn. Supplies: Note it by Sylvie; Fonts: The Outsiders and The Teenage Dream fonts by Heather Hess.
Layout by Anne. Supplies: Note it by Sylvie; Fonts: Soymilk.


Layout by SharonS, additional supplies: Template: Connie Prince, Font: The Sharon by Heather Hess

Hi! My name is Sylvie Wagner and you may know me as Sausan or Sausan Designs. I’m happily married to Udo and we have two great kids, Jana (born 1996) and Joshua (born 2003). We all live in Germany together with two bunnies, some fish and a 16 months old Labrador.






This has been a fun project to do. I used my Ghoolie Juice kit to create a little hybrid book. First I resized the digi papers and the desired elements to my liking and printed them all onto thick white cardstock. Then I cut all out with an xacto knife and scissors. I then glued the papers together, added some old book pages and arranged the elements on the pages. Using some tiny foam dots I applied some of the elements to embellish the pages. To make the elements shine and look more dimensional I applied “Glossy Accents” and finally bound the book with my little pink “Bind it All” from Zutter. The little skull hanging from the wire was created with shrinky dink material. The book was fun to create and not really difficult to accomplish. Instead of wire binding you could be using book rings, too. For a project like this you can use your favorite papers and elements and even mix different styles together. In the end you will have a very unique and one of a kind book to keep for yourself or to give as a gift to someone special!


Ghoolie Juice digital kit, Ranger Glossy Accents,old book, Shrinky Dink, Zutter Bind it All

I have never been the classical paper scrapper or scrapbooker at all. In Germany Scrapbooking was almost unknown. But I’ve always been a creative person playing with all things paper and colors and this creative streak in me brought me to designing. I love to draw, enjoy making music, and I was once a singer in a band and was studying fine arts before changing my direction to languages. I can say that I simply “stumbled” over digital scrapbooking and was hooked right away! Shortly after I was offered a home to sell my own designs and this is how it all started! I never imagined that I’d ever even have some of my designs printed on real paper and see my art on clearstamps, too. And this is the most fun about it: using both: digi and paper together!

Inspiration lies in everything for me. It can be websites, colors and patterns of all kind, my kid’s clothes, flowers or just a song !

Computer: I am still working with an older AMD dual core processor on WIN7 , 4 GB RAM and a 1 TB hard disk. My monitor is a huge Samsung with Pivot function. I am actually planning to buy a new computer soon but I am still comparing systems.
Program: PS CS 3 ( I know I know..I should be upgrading) as well as PSE 8, I love them both. Once in a while I am also using ArtRage Studio Pro which is a pretty fun program, too.
Camera: A Nikon D 50 and a little Minox
Anything Else: I love my Wacom Bamboo tablet and and I recently got me this cool Silhouette Cameo cutting machine! So much fun! And of course I do have a Canon printer and scanner in my little office.Oh and not to forget my trusty sewing machine!

Don’t focus too much on one style, just feel the creativity inside of you! Try to mix unusual things together, mix colors and patterns, cut, paste, duplicate and layer to your liking. Don’t hesitate to print all out and use your favorite digi stuff as hybrid elements! Just have fun!

Although it was hard for me to choose a favorite product I decided for Ghoolie Juice. Ghoolie Juice shows so much of my style: the colors, the grungy look and feel to it, the doodles and drawings of the creatures: this is so me! And the fact that we don’t really celebrate Halloween in Germany makes it somewhat special. It was so much fun thinking of creepy creatures and draw the elements for this kit!


To tell you the truth: I am not really sure why it is popular. Not that I don’t like it – no- I love it! But it is really special..not clean or simple but grungy somehow rough and handmade, even the paper patterns are handdrawn and have this unique artsy feeling to them that may make it hard to scrap them. I love the colors…but don’t ask me how I came up with them…I had some patterns in my mind and started to draw and then all came together magically.


Here are some of my favorite products by Sylvie:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Sylvie’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.

Use code digigift4u to save 10% off Sausan Designs through Dec 1st 2012.

Go have a look in Sylvie’s store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10.00 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

UN-Digi: Reverse 100 Things Challenge


I recently finished the Reverse 100 Things Challenge. The site explains it pretty well:

The Reverse 100 Challenge invites you to dump 100 things before the end of the year. If you’ve always thought that the 100 Thing Challenge is extreme, and that it would be impossible to only live with 100 things, then giving away only 100 things should be a breeze.

What’s a good challenge without a few rules and a little accountability?

  1. Collect 100 items from your home by December 15th
  2. Research the best place to donate your items
  3. Photograph your 100 things in a group and then give them away
  4. Send Courtney one low resolution image and a brief description of your experience
  5. If you blog about your Reverse 100 Thing Challenge, send Courtney the link
  6. Use hashtag #rev100TC if Tweeting about it

I went around my house and scooped up 100 things – it’s easier than you think!


First of all – I was amazed at how the 100 things fit into a laundry hamper! It’s a truly doable task.

Here are my results:

Make-up items:

It was easy to sort through my make-up and get rid of anything old or that doesn’t suit me. Solution: Toss it!

Items of clothing:

When I did my seasonal clothes switch, I tossed a bunch of summer and fall clothes that were worn or that I didn’t use this past year. (If I didn’t wear it this year, why would I wear it in future years, right?) Solution: Donate the good condition items to charity, make rags out of worn items or toss.

DVDs and CDs:

After sorting through my DVDs, I realized I had a few that I was never going to watch again. I rarely listen to CDs anymore – my iPod has basically replaced my CD collection. Solution: Give away to friends or donate to charity.

Packages of expired medicine and vitamins:

Anything expired should be identified regularly and replaced. Solution: Take it to the pharmacy for proper disposal.

Magazine back issues:

I rarely re-read magazine back issues. Solution: Bring them to the office lunch room for co-workers to enjoy and after a month, recycle them.


I found a few books that I no longer need. I’m pretty good about going through my books a few times a year so my collection isn’t overwhelming. Solution: Give away to friends or donate to charity.

Office supplies:

Those dead pens can be purged! Solution: Garbage!

Old glasses:

I had glasses from a few prescriptions ago. It was time to let them go! Solution: Donate to eye glasses charity.


You’ll notice that I only purged my own personal items. I didn’t sort through my husband’s or children’s stuff and I didn’t sort through household items. Soon, I’ll be sorting through the kid items, which is a pre-Christmas tradition for me, so I think it’s good for them to see that the same rules apply to me as well as them. In our house, the guiding principles are:

  • Own only what you use or love.
  • Own only what you can store or display properly.

Do you know what the best part is? Realizing that I purged 100 items and I don’t miss a single one of them.

Try it! Being 100 items lighter feels great.

PS – The title was made use Narrative by One Little Bird Designs

Scrapping Fanatics


I was raised a football fan. I’ve always enjoyed a good football game. I understood the rules, the calls, and knew what was going on, because I grew up watching the game. As I started having kids though, spending that many hours watching a game, became less and less of a priority in my life. As a result, I don’t watch or follow sports at all anymore. However, I do understand that there are people that LOVE their sports and even more, love their teams! I thought it would be fun to share some examples of layouts about fanatics. I’m not talking about the teams your own kids play on, but the teams many of you cheer on no matter who is playing, and who is winning or losing.

Let’s start with my own silly story:


Layout by Steph, supplies: Play The Game by Chelle’s Creations, Printing Primer font.

Journaling reads:
I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first “game day” after we moved to Idaho. I was out running errands. I went to the doctor and everyone was wearing blue and orange. I didn’t think too much of it. But, when I walked in Costco and all of the employees were wearing blue and orange and many of the shoppers as well, I realized I had missed the memo.

I don’t follow sports at all. I didn’t even know the colors of Boise State University, let alone know that they had a highly ranked football team …at the time. I felt very uncomfortable as I watched the people around me with curiosity. Wondering if it was a team they were all decked out for. I knew there were no professional teams in the area. I was used to Seahawk team pride and Mariners. I kept trying to catch glimpses of the logos on shirts, without seeming like I was staring. The minute I got in the car, I called Matt and said, “What team is blue and orange and why is everyone wearing those colors today?” He laughed good and hard and said, “You mean, you don’t know about ‘Smurf Turf’?” No, I did not!

After all of this time, it is still a little shocking to my system when football season starts. The amount of team pride in the state is…unique. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it…anywhere. This year, I announced to the family that we needed to conform and become fans, or at least pretend to be. Matt quickly ran to get me a BSU T-shirt, which I wore once. I figure if I’m going to pretend to be a fan, I at least need to know when they play…and maybe even what team they are up against. So, it didn’t happen this year. Maybe in 2013. For now, I’ll just sit on the fanatic sideline and watch with curiosity.

Photo: Sept. 15,2012 Journaling Nov. 23, 2012.

Layout by Jacki, supplies: Game Time by Lori Barnhurst, MVP by Dani Mogstad, stamps by Michelle Coleman, football graphics by Kate Hadfield.

Layout by Jacki, supplies used: Chelle’s Creations “Slam Dunk.”




Kimberly was excited to share the experiences of being a Dodger fan as a child with her husband:

Do you have a fanatic in your life? Are you a fan of a team? Have you scrapped your own team pride? If you have, share a link with us. If you haven’t, maybe you feel inspired?

Black Friday Birthday


Image created using “Whatever The Weather” by Megan Mullens

As I saw ads coming in for Black Friday, many of them included dates with my birthday on them. It felt a little like everybody would be celebrating along with me! Smile I know that’s really not the case, but it’s been fun, nonetheless! There are a lot of great deals to found…


A digital community charity kit made in honor of the late Eva Kipler. Our whole community was devastated by the passing of one of our Sweet Shoppe family, Eva was an amazing designer and friend. We have created this kit to honor her memory, and will donate the proceeds from this kit to the American Heart Association in her memory. We will miss Eva dearly, our heart goes out to her family.

*Limited Edition* A True Diva: a shining star remembered by Sweet Shoppe Designs & Friends

A digital scrapbooking kit by Erica Zane at Sweet Shoppe Designs, A Happy Family is perfect for family & friends time, Thanksgiving, Autumn and so much more!  This kit is full of fabulous fall colors but is still super versatile.



We love technology just as much as the next person, but we feel it’s important for kids to experience the old-fashioned way of communicating with friends and family: through snail mail! Getting a surprise in the mail is still a magical experience, even for adults.You have everything you need to create one-of-a-kind, customized gift sets for those beloved kiddos in your life.

Happy Mail Printable Kit - Girl & Boy Versions


Kristin Aagard is introducing her brand new Santa’s Little Helper packs for only $1 each this week during the Farmer’s Market at Scrap Orchard! Visit her shop to see all of her $1 items during the sale, November 21-26.



Danielle Young has this awesome new collection at Oscraps called “Adventure Awaits”! It’s 25% off through Cyber Monday, too!



This week Tracy has Eskimo Kisses! Available as a budget friendly bundle, or in individual packs!  Full of paints, shimmers, and packed full of funky fun elements.

Eskimo Kisses - Bundle


Black Friday is coming and with it there will be low prices and a Facebook Freebie Hop! But wait, there’s more! Spend $25 on digital Christmas goodies and get 15% off any physical album in the store! This is great for December Daily, Journal Your Christmas, and Project Life-ers!

In the Dianne Rigdon Design store, Little Things is a warm and cozy fallish kit,  a perfect way to round out your Thanksgiving. And of course what follows better than a Shelf Elf inspired kit, Naughty or Nice?



Stop by the Farmer’s Market at Scrap Orchard this weekend where hundreds of products are on sale for just $1 each!



New Hivernal Mini Kit by Sugary Fancy Designs ONLY $1 at Farmer’s Market from Nov. 21-26!  Visit the Store to find many other selected goodies at $1 too!!



It’s time for Farmer’s Market at Scrap Orchard, and Tracie Stroud has tons of $1 deals in her shop for a limited time, including 5 brand-new products!



Scrapping with Liz has a whole bunch of products for sale for $1 plus 2 brand new products that are $1 that you won’t want to miss!



Melanie will be retiring from designing at the end of the month and is having a sale:



Check out Chelle’s $1 Farmer’s Market sale Nov 21-26



Black Friday is going to ROCK at the Lilypad! There’s a gazillion fabulous new Christmas themed products among which these by Pink Reptile Designs…An awesome pack of Christmassy papers, a beautiful set of clear pockets, fabulous handmade crochet stars with the cutest crochet ice skates as a bonus and she is also re-releasing Cozy Christmas Day, a collab with ValC Designs.  All these will be 25% off from November 23 through 26. Make sure you grab what you need to document your December!



Sweet Shoppe Designs is having it’s biggest sale of the year!



Baers Garten Designs is celebrating from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday with sales and special deals on her stores.



My biggest sale of the year, all my products 40%OFF during Black Friday Weekend (Mscraps and Scrapflower):



Kate Hadfield has released the first of her new Christmas doodle packs! Part of the Lilypad’s Document Your December collection, December Doodads is full of all sorts of fun doodled pieces to help you record all your December memories and is on sale at 25% off all weekend!



From Jennifer Labre:



Yin Designs is having one of her twice yearly public sales! Sign up for her newsletter for more subscriber-exclusive promotions.



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Traci Reed and Jenn Barrette have teamed up this week to bring you this amazing art journaling inspired collection!  New to art journaling? They also lined up some of digi’s top art journalers for Digital Art Journaling 101, a completely free class starting today on Traci’s blog!



Katie the Scrapbook Lady has an amazing deal for you this holiday weekend. She has two new FULL template packs on sale for only $1 each! This sale ends at the end of the day Monday, November 26th and these are the last new sets of templates Katie will release before the new year. Don’t pass this deal up!



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Find some vintage Christmas ephemera perfect for scrapbooking memories of you ‘trimming the tree’ by sahlin studio.  NEW in the shop!



Quirky Twerp has some great vintage Christmas die-cuts, and don’t forget to check out the great deals this weekend at The Digichick.



From Lisa Sisneros Designs



It’s a River~Rose Super Sale! Grab a huge 40% off, no coupon required, November 21-26!


From EH Studios:


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Crystal Livesay has a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is going on including this awesome re-release of Grow With Love: Holidays.


From Penny Springmann:



Rachel of Captivated Visions has everything on Sale at 30% OFF Nov 22 through to Nov 26th Eastern, this even includes her already discounted bundles!! Plus BRAND NEW in her shop is the December Kit of the Captivating 2012 Series!! She wishes you a very safe and happy holiday, here is the link to go shopping!



Black Friday at
Lots of Sales, All Store Collabs 50% off, Build Your Own Collab and more!



Kami (Ziggle Designs) and Amanda Heimann have SIX new items in Farmer’s Market this weekend!



Christmas-themed NewART discounted by 20% indivually or 35% off as a collection.  Black Friday 30% discount on Christmas digital products + 50% off 10 Bargain Bin finds.  Cyber Monday store-wide Flash Sales.



Down This Road Designs has a new collection and is bundled for a fantastic deal!!!!  Homespun Christmas is full of burlap, greenery and berries, glitter and stars.  This collection also included a word art pack from the fabulous Meagan’s Creations!!!!

DTRD_Homespun Christmas Bundle


Tiffany Tillman’s template workshop is back for December. This year, you’ll get everything you need to build one incredible December album.



From The Lily Pad Designers:


Bella Gypsy has four new mini kits, a new alpha, and loads of older products as part of Scrap Orchard’s Farmer’s Market–each product is only $1 11/21 thru 11/26 only!



Over at Scrap Matters:


From: Fiddle-Frog-Cluster-Moments Winking smile



Ju Kneipp can now be found at Sweet Shoppe Designs and has this new kit:

Mitten weather by Juliana Kneipp


Katie, Peppermint, and I took the week off from recording The Digi Show this week. We thought we would share some of our more popular shows for you to listen to if you missed (or listen again).

  • Episode 63: Even I Can Do That – Ali Edwards (Designer Digitals and Technique Tuesday) joins us to discuss December Daily! How it got started, tips for making it happen, and what’s worked or hasn’t worked for Ali and Katie. Will Peppermint and I join in the fun?
  • Episode 58: Failure Show – Kami Leonard (co-owner of Scrap Orchard and the face behind Ziggle Scraps) joins the panel to talk about why we all feel like failures and how we are getting over it!
  • Episode 60: Perfect Match – This week, we are answering more of your questions! We cover a bunch of different topics this week, all of them from questions our listeners have been asking!
  • Episode 56: Raining On Parades – We’re answering more of your most pressing questions in this mail episode.

Here are a couple of Capturing Magic shows that digital scrapbookers will find interesting:

  • Episode 004: Instagram-ing the Parks – This week, we (Steph and Brittney Leavitt of Britt-ish Designs) are joined by Kami Leonard and Kimberly Kalil as we discuss tips for instagram-ing at the parks; getting started through creating easy books and projects.
  • Episode 6: Capturing Video at the Parks – Becky of the Disney Sisters joins us again to share some ideas for why, how, and when we might want to capture video at the parks. Her tips are great for anyone with video mode on their regular camera, a phone with video, or a pocket camera.

We will be back next week with a new show!

Each Friday on, we have a contest where readers can guess where Minnie Me is hiding. You don’t need to know where she is to win. Smile


Happy Thanksgiving


From all of us here at The Daily Digi, Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American Readers and members! We are so thankful for you!

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PS The feature image was created using “Grateful for Turkey” by Clever Monkey Graphics at ScrapMatters

Questions you should ask your family


Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, chances are that you will have some sort of time with extended family members over the upcoming holidays. These gatherings are a treasure trove of information for the memory keeper. I love these opportunities to get to know family better and to learn more about their histories. Even if you don’t conduct official “interviews”, there are plenty of ways to get them talking – all you need to do is ask questions!

Here’s a list of questions that would be good to ask any family member (or even yourself for an All About Me album). You will surely get a lot of scrapbooking ideas and material out of these topics and you will also keep the conversation lively and interesting. Nice bonus!

  • What is your full name (first, middle, last) and are there any special meanings to any of those names?
  • Where were you born?
  • How many places (houses, cities, countries) have you lived? What was your favorite?
  • How many siblings do you have? Where do you fall in the birth order (oldest, middle, youngest)? How did that influence your childhood?
  • How tall are you? How does that compare to the rest of your family?
  • What personality traits did you inherit from other family members?
  • Where did you go to school? What are some of your favorite memories from school? What was your favorite subject? What do you wish you had studied more?
  • Who were your childhood friends? Do you still keep in touch with any of them?
  • What jobs have you held? What were some of the hardest? Which job have you liked the best? What career would you choose if you could start all over?
  • Where have you traveled to? What was your favorite place? Where do you still want to go? Where would you go if time and money were no problem?
  • What are your favorite books, movies, magazines, songs, podcasts, etc.?
  • What do you do in your spare time? Any hobbies? Musical instruments? Creative passions?
  • Do you collect anything? What do you like to shop for? What would you buy if you hit the “big time”?
  • What are your favorite foods? Ask about favorite dinners, lunches, breakfasts, snacks, & treats to get more answers?
  • What are your strengths? What would you like to improve?
  • What are some of your earliest memories?
  • What significant news events have had an impact in your life? What do you remember most about certain time periods in history? (1970s, an election, a war, etc.)
  • What do you want others to remember you for?

The questions above can be tailored to work for almost any age group. Be sure to ask the kids questions as well because there answers are always quite honest and entertaining. If you are getting some great stories, just pull out a smart phone recorder or ask to jot down some notes and tell them that you want to remember all the great things they are telling you. Don’t worry about getting every exact word, it’s more important to just understand their experiences and feelings. You will be able to remember enough to make it meaningful for you and anyone who you share the memories with.

katie big

P.S. the title graphic was created with Family Rules by Meghan Mullens.