Photographing Kids At Halloween

If there is one time of year for getting photographic cooperation from your kids, it’s Halloween.

Want to take the best photos you can this year? Here are a few pointers to help you out.

Get Great Light

It may be customary to start your Halloween festivities after dark, but for great photos head out a little earlier. The best light is going to be in the golden hour or just before. The light is even and indirect, making your photos sing. Out earlier in the day? Avoid bright sun and read the tips in this post.

Go On Location

Costumes and kiddos are cute, but bump it up a notch with a great location. I’ve taken a bat and a vampire to our Old City Cemetery. It’s old worn headstones and large mausoleums are a perfect backdrop for photos.

You don’t have to go far for a great location. When Ian wanted to dress as a Army Medic (in his pajamas) we walked to the end of our block. The railroad levee with old worn wood and dried weeds was a perfect location.


Give Them Something To Do

Costumes mean pretending, right? Catch them in the action. Princesses need to twirl, pirates need to draw their swords, and bats need to be mysterious. Use a fast shutter speed to stop their motion or slow it down to give your photo a sense of blur.


Go For The Candid Shot

If you’ve got a longer lens, go for the candid shot. It may take some patience, but wait until they are in the middle of removing their costume, exploring their loot, removing their mustache, or talking to themselves to get a great show. Focus on their eyes or hands for a little extra something.


Shoot The From Behind

This is the ahhhh shot. The sweet child walking away in costume. Is there anything better? Send them on their way and as you hang back snap a few. Think about your composition and consider showing their entire bodies and then for below their knees. There is something precious about cute fairy feet! Or baseball player, zombie, ninja, or whoever they might be.

Find yourself out after dark? Read this post for tips on getting great low light photos.

Shoot The Big Kids Too

Rumor has it, Halloween can bring out a little cooperation in the big kids too. Grab your opportunity to catch them in the act as well. Same rules can apply! My neighbor willingly posed to show off her Corpse Bride costume.

What costumes will you photograph  this Halloween? I’d love to know in the comments below.