Seven Winners Chicken Dinner


The clock is winding down on October as well as this fabulous collection of kits for only $7.50! At midnight Eastern Time tonight, it will disappear and return to their owners stores at full price (a minimum of $7.50 each).

You can get ALL of them for just $7.50 if you hurry and become a member (no commitment necessary, cancel at anytime). When you become an annual member, you will be able to start downloading November’s goodies when the calendar changes to November in the Eastern Time Zone! No waiting for PayPal to process your payment!

Here’s everything else you get:

  • Try new-to-you designers with a very low risk.
  • Stock up on high quality products at an extremely low price.
  • Get layout ideas for the products included (in the Playbook – PDF, Nook Color, Kindle Fire, and iBooks).
  • Learn the latest digital scrapbooking techniques in the Playbook.
  • Products are automatically added to your account each month, no checkout or PayPal login required. Annual members start downloading when the calendar changes.

Here’s what our members are saying about their memberships:

“Continue to love the variety of products in the digi files every month. There really is something for everyone and I always love learning more about my favorite designers.” Terra

“I’ve been a DigiGame month-to-month member for almost a year now and finally got around to switching to an annual membership. I can’t wait for each new month to see all the new goodies!” AJ

“My membership here has to be the very best bang for the buck I have with digital scrapbooking supplies. Every month I get such a variety of scrapping supplies; I get introduced to new designers and reintroduced to some; and I can enjoy the Playbook on my iPad. This month is no exception. Wonderful variety, great quality, new designers, and yummy new digital goodness.” – Valerie

Here’s a closer look at everything included this month (and links to the designers’ features):

Megan Turnidge: Not Content

Ya Yeah Designs: Something Entirely Different

Studio Flergs: Proud of This Page

Heather Roselli Designs: My Dream Gig

Danielle Thompson: Really A Fluke

Scrappy Creations by Melanie: Got Up The Courage

Bella Gypsy: Long Overdue

NOW…for the FUN part! Leave us a comment sharing one thing you enjoyed about The Daily Digi, The Digi Files, or The Digi Game this month! We will randomly select SEVEN people from the comments below to win $10 in product from one of this month’s contributors.  Winners will be announced tomorrow when we will be here with a new issue of The Digi Files and a new look!

Favorite Free Fonts for Journaling

fifteen journaling

We’ve posted about journaling fonts before and even revisited the topic a year later, but we just keep finding more favorite fonts! We figured it was time to put together fifteen of our all-time favorites to go along with our Fifteen Favorite Free Fonts for Titles.

Here are the links to all fifteen journaling fonts pictured above:

  1. Baskerville Old Face
  2. Black Jack
  3. Bean Pole
  4. Another Typewriter
  5. Hero
  6. Arsenale White
  7. Just the way you are
  8. Rockwell
  9. Serif Beta
  10. Dear Joe Five Casual
  11. Traveling Typewriter
  12. Pea Hart
  13. CK Journaling
  14. Journaling Hand
  15. Antipasto

Have fun downloading!

katie big

Have You Heard About Scrap Stacks? a guide


On October 5, 2012 (yes, just a couple of weeks ago) I got an invite to join Scrap Stacks via Wendyzine. I was puzzled. I hadn’t heard of this site, yet it looked so…established…so polished. “Where have I been?!?” I kept asking myself, wondering how something this big could get by me for so long. I immediately went to work to find out who was behind this innovative and unique site. In my investigation, I found that the domain had only been purchased a month earlier (almost to the date). WHAT?!? “Well, at least I haven’t been totally in the dark, it IS a pretty new site.”

Wendy indicated that Penny Springmann was behind Scrap Stacks. I couldn’t find any information on Scrap Stacks at that time that indicated who owned it. But, I was excited and I knew, whomever was behind it, I wanted them on The Digi Show! I decided to fire off an email to Penny and congratulate her on the site. I figured if she wasn’t behind it, she would probably tell me and if she was behind it, I could work on getting her scheduled for the show. My plan worked (hee hee) and we had Penny join us on The Digi Show this past week.

What is Scrap Stacks?

It looks and feels a lot like Pinterest, but there are some differences. For instance, you can only stack (equivalent to “pin”) your own projects, layouts, tutorials, and products. There are lots of similarities as well, such as, re-stacking being the preferred method to let someone know you like their stuff (instead of commenting). The original artist will know about re-stacking, but will not know about or read comments (unless you track backwards to the original layout).  The comments are left on the re-stacked item, not the original layout that was first posted, so whomever reStacked the layout will be the one to receive the comment (this is just like Pinterest).

Scrap Stacks is a personal scrapbook layout aggregator – Not only can you upload your own layouts from your harddrive to Scrap Stacks, but you can grab links to layouts from your blog, galleries, a team blog, and pretty much anywhere else, no need to upload again. Stacking a layout by grabbing the link from somewhere else, will include all of the credits and text you already posted in the original location (love that).

Being a personal layout aggregator is the brilliant part of Scrap Stacks to me! I don’t have to upload all of the layouts again, I just need to grab the links from the galleries they are already posted in! This is what makes me want to shout from the rooftops about this site! All of my layouts I have ever posted on team blogs, team galleries, The Daily Digi; can theoretically live together in peace and harmony on Scrap Stacks! The best part is the minimal effort involved from me to get them there (remember, I’m lazy)!

What Can Be Posted on Scrap Stacks?

  • your own digital layouts and projects
  • your own paper layouts and projects
  • your own tutorials
  • your own products (personal use only)
  • a limit of 5 new posts per person, per day

You can reStack as much as you want, whenever you want. But loading in your own items, you are limited to 5 a day. We cover the reasons for this on The Digi Show.

Since recording the show last week, Penny already implemented the RSS feature to enable following a user via RSS feed. This was something I was particularly interested in.

Penny said her next big project is to create an app! Smile I will say, that since the site has been built dynamically, it makes it pretty easy to stack from a phone or tablet. I was able to easily reStack several things on my iPhone this morning.

What does it mean to have the site built dynamically? Well, I just learned about this myself when I started working on building CapturingMagic.Me. It means that the site will adjust the layout to fit the device it is being viewed on. It has a look and feel of an app with drop-down menus, scrolling menus, and more. If I am using my phone in portrait mode, I only see one column of images.  If I rotate the device, I see two columns. It’s super cool to watch everything shift and adjust.

Are You Ready?

Scrap Stacks is no longer invite only! You can head over there now and register (which I think EVERYONE should)! Be sure to read their terms of service.

Then, you can follow me and Katie

Here are links to some of our team members stacks:

Wendyzine, Trina, Kimberly K, Ronnie, Kimberly Morris

You can read tutorials on Scrap Stacks about how to:

Set up your profile

Seeing Who Liked and reStacked Your Work

Finding Your Friends

Creating Scrap Stacks

Adding an Image to Scrap Stacks

Be sure to listen to Penny, Katie, Peppermint, and myself share our tips on The Digi Show.

Making It Happen


I’ve been a fan of Google Calendar for years now. I have a personal calendar, a calendar for my kids, and a calendar for my scrapbooking commitments. I share access to my husband’s calendar and even a calendar for the Daily Digi!

Calendars are my best tool for staying organized.

Items with dates attached are easy to add to the calendar – things like school concerts, Christmas parties, birthday parties, major holidays. I know exactly what date and time they are at and I can block them off in my calendar.

But, what about those items that are seasonal but that don’t necessarily have a specific date? Think about activities like an autumn day apple picking with the family, or watching It’s a Wonderful Life in the lead-up to Christmas. I know roughly when I want to do them, but not a specific date.

I’ve started to just put these items in my calendar, tentatively. Obviously, if I’ve marked down “apple picking at the orchard” for a Saturday in September and it’s pouring rain outside, I’ll move it to another weekend. But, the odds of actually going are still much higher because it’s in my calendar.

Here are some of the family activities that we enjoy that can be tentatively marked in our calendar:


  • Apple picking at an orchard
  • Picking a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch
  • Walk through the woods to check out the fall colours
  • Watching Wizard of Oz before Halloween
  • Collecting acorns and pinecones at a favourite forest trail


My daughter, leaf collecting at the park.


  • Making ornaments with the kids
  • Decorating a gingerbread house
  • Watching It’s a Wonderful Life with the family
  • Baking Christmas goodies
  • Driving through some neighbourhoods to check out the Christmas lights


My son, building a snowman.


  • Visiting the baby animals at the farm
  • Spring cleaning
  • Shopping for Easter clothes
  • Baking hot cross buns
  • Check out the tulips in the parks


A spring tulip.


  • Heading to the beach for the day
  • Picnic at the park
  • Canoeing on the lake
  • Star gazing


Roasting marshmallows over a fire.

This isn’t about creating a “must-do” list – it’s just a memory jogger for me. There’s no guilt if we don’t do something on a specific day, or even if we never get around to it all. Maybe it’s better to even just call it a “Seasonal Wish List”. Whatever it’s called, it works for us!

PS – The paper in the title kit is from Erica Zwart’s Outdoor Adventure kit.

Meet Ronnie

BIO: I’m an English girl living in Texas with two kids, two guinea pigs and a husband for company. We left England when my daughter was 18 months old moving to Germany saying we’d be back in time for her to start school. She’s about to turn 16!

I’m a “Work-From-Home Mum” with a bit more than a part-time job in association management. Not something I planned to do with my life but I enjoy it and it fits in with the family commitments.

Scrapbooking has been my major hobby/stress management tool for over ten years now and I collected a room full of supplies and gadgets before I transitioned to exclusively scrapbooking digitally two years ago. My scrapbooks record my family life “warts and all.” My one rule as far as my scrapbooks are concerned is that I’m the Chief Executive Officer in Charge of my Scrapbooks. So I decide how long to spend on a page, I decide which pictures and I decide what to scrapbook. It’s the one thing in my life I have complete control over.

Templates: As a paper scrapper I loved my sketches and as a digital scrapper I love my templates. 90% of the time I start with a template as I find the blank page stressful. I use them from a variety of designers but love love the ones from Simply Yin for my travel scrapbooking.

Seagate portable hard-drive – I scrap on my laptop everywhere and anywhere so this is a must have.

Persnickity Prints – won’t use anyone else to print my layouts.

Shadows – I have several sets of these which I mix and change. My current favorites are from One Little Bird.
File Save 1 and 2 and the Supply Tracker from SpeedScraps – These are free scripts which I use every time I scrap.

Changes with the wind. I do pages across the spectrum. Although I have to admit to have only having done one fantasy layout.

Cathy Zielske has to be number one idol. She is so down to earth and tells it how it is. Plus I feel connected to her as her kids are the same age as mine and she’s the same age as me. She seems to know just what I’m going through at any one time. Sometimes I wonder if she thinks I stalk her!

Since finding The Daily Digi via the Paper Clipping Podcast, I have been an addict. I love love The Digi Files, the Digi Show podcast and feel like Steph, Katie and Peppermint are my scrapbooking buddies. You could of picked me off the floor when Steph said she’d love to have me on the team if I was interested.

This is a hard one as usually its the last one I did. If I had to choose out of the last  20 layouts I did I would say the storyteller one I did. I love this one because it tells why I scrapbook, why the picture of the door without an explanation means nothing and why its important for me to be the storyteller about my past. This has hit home in last few years with the passing of both my parents and their siblings. I have many pictures now without the total story. I thought I had plenty of time to gather those stories but time ran out.

Blog •  Twitter •  Pinterest •  Flickr •  ScrapStacks

Everything You Need For Creating Calendars


Supplies for image from Project 2012 by Connie Prince

One gift digi scrappers love to give is CALENDARS! We usually do a post on calendars each year, so you might want to check out some of the oldies but goodies:

I asked designers to send in their calendar products, so our readers would have plenty of time to create these cherished gifts. Check out all of these great products:





TEMPLATES: 2013 Calendar Brushes










2013 5x7 Mini Calendar: Photo Love by Nettio Designs


2013 Calendar Bundle by Zoe Pearn


8.5 x 11 PreMade Wall Calendars

To Top it Off v.1 by Stolen Moments


Save 25% off by using coupon code: sccalendar2013. Expires on Nov. 15th



2012 Wall Calendar by Melissa Bennett


Check out Sweet Shoppes whole section dedicated to calendars.

Here’s a link to The Lily Pad’s calendars.

Hopefully, you are inspired and are ready to get those gifts done early, I know I am!

PS. Congratulations to this week’s readers who have won $10 to one of October’s featured designers: KarYn A (Ya Yeah Designs) and Jaimie A (Megan Turnidge). Thanks for commenting!

Frightfully Fun Friday


Graphic created from Boo-tiful Night by Erica Zane & Kaye Winiecki and the Title Builder by Anna Forrest Designs.

Have you heard about Scrap Stacks? Katie, Peppermint, and I are very excited about it! We couldn’t wait to get Penny Springmann on The Digi Show to discuss it. You won’t want to miss this:

Heather T. has a fabulous, elegant kit with tons of masks and brushes out this week at MScraps: Cinnamon and Brown Sugar–on sale at 20% off through Sunday!


Let your dreams sore with Flights of Fancy. You can grab this kit 20% off Friday October 26 through Sunday October 28 for 20% off!

Flights of Fancy by River~Rose


Count your many blessings with this yummy & versatile collection from SuzyQ Scraps, perfect for scrapbooking family, Thanksgiving, and autumn memories. Save an additional 25% on the bundle when you use this code, plus receive the pre-made paper stackers & clusters FREE!
(expires 10-31-12)

Count Your Blessings Bundle


Erin (Secret Stash) is back to designing!



Two new “one page calendar template” packs and also a bundle version to save money.



A digital scrapbooking kit by Erica Zane & Kaye Winiecki, Boo-tiful Night is a super fun kit full of Halloween and Fall goodness!  Packed with 24 digital scrapbook papers, more than 90 digital scrapbook elements and 2 digital scrapbook alphabets, this kit is packed with awesomeness!



Yin has put the last of her ‘Large Photo & Multiples’ Template sets in her store. There’s also a similar styled template on her blog you can download to try for free! ”

Yin Templates 315 Album Set Preview 1


Anna Forrest Designs is closing at PBP effective Oct 31 so everything is on sale until then.



Amy Stoffel was so sweet and sent over this free gift for our readers:



Scrappy Creations by Melanie sent over this exclusive coupon for our readers:  Good for 25% off entire order. Good for one use per customer. scbmel_DIGI25 expires: 11/2/2012



Viva Artistry is having a call:



Purchase Fuss Free: Luscious and receive Fuss Free: Luscious 2 FREE!  Offer valid October 25 – November 1, 2012.  The templates are Fresh Fruit priced at 20% off ~ so you get 8 templates for $3.60!



Tracie Stroud’s newest addition to her Capture Life line, Capture Life: October is available now and is 35% off through November 1! Snag it before it goes back to full price!



Kate Hadfield has a new Halloween themed freebie on her Facebook fan page!



This hybrid Bat Box from Girl Boy Girl Designs is super easy and FAST to put together and just in time for those class parties!  The template also comes in a “plain” version for when bat wings don’t really fit the occasion 😉  30% off through Sunday :



From Piccolina:

ITS free with


All Quirky Twerp Halloween products are 25% off through Sunday, as well as products from Quirky Twerp’s sister shop, Arty Pants Digital Stamps!



New from Ju:



Katie has a new set of templates out that are perfect for multiple photos – especially Instagrams or all the little bits that usually get left out. Of course, she also includes layouts ideas in a bonus pdf file. Includes one 12×24 two page spread + two individual 12×12 templates. On sale for only $1.75 through November 1st!



Celebrate the gorgeous colors of autumn with this brilliant-hued kit full of fun patterns and oodles of elements with just a touch of fall, so you can use it all year long….20% off through Sunday! 🙂



From Chelle’s Creations:



Our new adventure is LIVE, and we started our week day posts on the blog yesterday and it includes a welcome gift:

Megan Turnidge: Not Content


I’ve been following Megan from her very beginnings in digital scrapbooking. I’ve always liked her designs and watched her all the way through the design contest she participated a few years ago. I was so happy when I started seeing her stuff pop up on Pinterest and thrilled when I saw that she was returning to digital design. She has a natural eye for great color and design as well as quality! She is also a Photoshop Elements master and we have linked up to several of her tutorials over the years. I’m so happy to FINALLY be welcoming Megan to The Digi Files. Let’s take a closer look at “Autumn Splendor” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using Megan Turnidge’s contribution:


Layout by Jenn L


Layout by Wendy. Supplies: Autumn Splendor by Megan Turnidge; Daily Digi Bundle by Melanie Van Rig.


Layout by Jacki. Supplies: Autumn Splendor by Megan Turnidge; Date stamp by Michelle Coleman; Fonts: Font is xoxo Karen


Layout by Kimberly K. Supplies: Autumn Splendor by Megan Turnidge; Fonts: Another Typewriter, Hero.



Layout by SharonS: Template: Jeanye Labaya, Font: Pea Bhea


You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.
Hey there! I’m Megan (pronounced “Meeegan”) and I am a 26-year-old work-at-home mommy and wife. I’ve been married to my super hot husband for over 6 years and we have two beautiful children, ages 1 and 4. I live in a super tiny town in the Eastern Arizona desert.

I’m constantly creating something. I’ve always loved expressing myself in creative ways. Aside from designing and scrapping, I love to crochet, knit, sew (though I’m still very much a beginner), make pretty flowers for my daughter’s headbands, and I have a big passion for photography! I’m not content unless I’m either creating or dreaming up my next big project.





I love this page because it just really illustrates the sweet, sunshiny personality that radiates from my daughter. I never fail to smile when she smiles. I also really love that painted background paper. I had lots of fun getting (digitally) messy with that paper. 🙂

I created this layout specifically for a shadowing tutorial on my blog. My favorite tricks for getting realistic shadowing are to set my blend mode on my shadows to linear burn and for a few key pieces, I like to warp the shadow to add more depth. I really think good shadow work can help take a good page to a WOW page. I have a full tutorial and free layer styles available on my blog.

My sister-in-law introduced me to digital scrapbooking back when I was just a newlywed. I had never heard of it before then and I must admit, I was totally turned off to the idea for a while (I was a paper scrapper… though not a very good one…lol). A year after hubby and I got married, he gave me Photoshop Elements 5 for my Christmas gift. I asked for it so I could correct my unedited wedding photos. Well, when I got pregnant with my daughter just a couple months later (in 2007), I decided to look up digital scrapbooking again, downloaded every darn freebie I could find, and taught myself how to digi scrap. We were practically starving college students and I couldn’t afford to paper scrap… so I dove right into digital and got a little obsessed. I learned Photoshop Elements so well that I started posting regular tutorials on my little scrap blog and before I knew it, my blog had become kinda popular.

I decided one day in the fall of 2008 – about a year and a half after I started digi scrapping – that I wanted to try my hand at design. When I decide I want to learn something, there is no talking me out of it! I whipped up my first kit in about a week and asked some advice from one of my best online/digi designer friends. She gave me a few pointers and offered to let me sell in her personal shop until I found a store. I was in her shop for a month and then applied for a call at a digi shop and was accepted. I was there for a couple months and was invited to another shop. May of 2009, I decided to push myself and took part in the So You Think You Can Design contest at Digi Scrap Addicts. I made it to the last round and was invited to join the team at Scrap Orchard and I was home!

I took a 2 year break, had a baby boy, and tried my hand at going pro with my photography. I quickly learned that I don’t enjoy taking photos of strangers. I’m also pretty shy in real life, so my personality isn’t well suited for a photography business. I was drawn back into digital design and made my comeback to digi designing earlier this year. I am so very thrilled to be back at home at Scrap Orchard!

My children, a smile, a photo I’ve taken, an outfit I’ve bought, a beautiful color palette, fabric…. pretty much anything can spark an idea for a new kit!


Computer: An absolutely gorgeous 27″ iMac with 16GB of RAM and a 2 TB hard drive. This amazing machine is my 3rd baby.
Program: Photoshop CS4 and Illustrator.
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II paired with the 50mm f/1.4 lens- this camera is my new best friend! I like to joke with my hubby about how my iMac and camera are worth way more than our car. LOL
Anything Else: I absolutely could NOT live without my Wacom Bamboo Create tablet. I also am a huge stickler for making sure my monitor is always properly calibrated and color managed. I love my Spyder 3 Elite hardware for monitor calibration. I calibrate once a month. I think it is SO important for designers to keep calibrated to ensure a quality product that will print as intended.
Photography is another passion of mine. You don’t even need a DSLR to get great photos… you just need to learn how to “read” the light around you. My favorite time of day to take photos outdoors is the couple hours before sunset. If lighting is harsh, find some open, even shade (avoid dappled shade). Always look for the light in your subject’s eyes. You usually have amazing light when you can see their eyes really sparkling (catchlights). Catchlights help bring life to a photo. After you’ve mastered open shade, start playing with different types of light. Backlighting is currently my favorite!

I love that it is so happy and fun. The color palette makes me smile and I really love the wide variety of patterns and elements.


I think this kit has been so popular because the colors are not only very on-trend, but the colors also work well for layouts with boys or girls. The style is also very versatile so it works well for pages about babies to pages about grandma.


Here are some of my favorite products by Megan Turnidge:





Here are some more inspirational layouts using Megan Turnidge’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.

Layout by Jenn. Supplies: Autumn Splendor by Megan Turnidge; Fonts: Small Type Writing.
by Peas.


Save 35% off Megan Turnidge’s store through October 31, 2012
CODE: mt_tdd_35off
Excludes collabs and bundles. Coupon may not be combined with any other sale.

Go have a look in Megan Turnidge’s store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10.00 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

Inspired by Megan Turnidge

The following layouts were created using “Autumn Splendor” by Megan Turnidge and included in The Digi Files during October, 2012:


Layout by Chelle
Layout by Christine
Layout by Emily
Layout by Jamie
Layout by Leeandra
Layout by Natalie
Layout by Yolanda


Layout  by Penny Weir


Layout by Berazo


Layout by Jenn L


Layout by Wendy. Supplies: Autumn Splendor by Megan Turnidge; Daily Digi Bundle by Melanie Van Rig.


Layout by Jacki. Supplies: Autumn Splendor by Megan Turnidge; Date stamp by Michelle Coleman; Fonts: Font is xoxo Karen


Layout by Kimberly K. Supplies: Autumn Splendor by Megan Turnidge; Fonts: Another Typewriter, Hero.


Layout by SharonS: Template: Jeanye Labaya, Font: Pea Bhea

Halloween Scrapbooking


Supplies: Witch’s Brew by Heather Roselli

Halloween is such a fun time! The costumes, the candy, the decorations – I love it all.

Let’s take a moment and think about how to photograph and scrapbook this fun day!


Here’s my list of must-take Halloween photos for this year:

  • Each kid in costume – during the daylight and at night
  • The family watching Wizard of Oz (a tradition for us)
  • The house decorated for Halloween
  • The carving of the pumpkin
  • The final pumpkin
  • Roasting pumpkin seeds
  • The best and spookiest houses we come across while trick-or-treating
  • The kids and their candy loot at the end of the night

What’s on your list of photos to take?

Most of these photos are going to be taken in tricky situations (low light, outside in the cold, with kids running this way and that). I’m going to re-read these articles to improve my Halloween photos before the big day:


I love how Halloween kits run from spooky to cute!

Midnight Mischief (Collab with Tangie)

Spookville by Mari Koegelenberg

Happy Halloween

Boo! by Honey Designs

Freakin Adorable Kit with Mari Koegelenberg

Witch's Brew by Heather Roselli

Something Wicked

Midnight Crow Reloaded


something wicked

Spooked by Zoe Pearn


Wow! There are a lot of Halloween kits! I’m so impressed by the selection and variety in elements and colours.

If you want some more Halloween reading, try:

I hope you have fun scrapbooking your Halloween this year!

A Halloween page from my scrapbook:


Supplies: Hallow’s Eve by Jen Maddocks