RIGHT NOW: A Photo Challenge

It’s summer. It’s HOT. Our family vacation is over, and my mojo is running low. The normalcy of the day to day makes my creativity wane and my enthusiasm for capturing memories fade.

The thing is, I get it. I really understand. It is the small, mundane, and seemingly insignificant things that make up a life. What seems boring and normal are my life—the life that I love. And although I will admit that grand adventures and children’s milestones grab my attention much faster, I don’t want to miss the beauty of the every day. And so, I challenged myself. I sat and quickly wrote a photo challenge for myself — one that I could complete right now. I wrote the list and then instantly picked up my camera and captured life right now.

Photo Challenge: Right Now

Something or Someone…

  • I love
  • I need to do
  • I am avoiding
  • that makes me smile
  • I miss
  • I want to eat
  • beautiful
  • I want to get rid of
  • that embarrasses me
  • that makes me proud
  • I wish someone else would do
  • I would rather be doing
  • that makes me sad
  • that excites me
  • that frustrates me
  • that inspires me
  • I want to read
  • I need
  • that is fun
  • that needs to be fixed

So what does your life look like right now? Capture it. Scrap it.