Non Album Vacation Album


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Every summer my family and I take one “tourist” type summer vacation. This year, we travelled to Southern Ontario for 5 days (including 2 travel days). It was a quick trip but we were able to take in lots of sights in Niagara Falls and Toronto. We had an amazing week! I came back with 16 GB of photos during our 5 day excursion.


I made a promise to myself even before I went on the trip: I do NOT have to scrap my vacation in a coordinated album. That means:

  • No album template set to follow for 10+ pages
  • No picking one or two coordinating kits to use on all the pages
  • No bothering about a cohesive design.
  • No worrying if the left and right sides match.

I wasn’t even going to have a separate vacation book – all the pages would go in my main family album.

Do you know what happened? For the first time ever, I have a completely scrapped family vacation!*

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What do I have here:

  • A mix of kits. Some are theme kits and some are more general.
  • Every colour in the rainbow!
  • A wide variety of templates and styles. Some are clustered, some are linear…
  • A few 2 page layouts and lots of single page layouts.
  • Big pictures and small pictures.
  • Lots and lots of journaling to record our travel memories!

I’m just so happy to have these pages scrapped!

Lessons learned: Scrapbooking shouldn’t be stressful! Let go of the “I should…” (make an album, scrap chronologically, scrap every photo…) and embrace the “I want to…” mentality! Do what makes your heart happy.

* Should say almost completely scrapped album! I’m still looking for the perfect dinosaur kit for our trip to the dino museum. Smile