What did you do this summer?


One of the most frequently used journaling prompts has to be the “what did you do this summer?” question. I remember at the beginning of almost every school year, being assigned this topic by a well-meaning teacher. Unfortunately, I came to despise the question after several years of having to write an essay because of it. Now that I have the perspective of a few years behind me, I can appreciate why it’s a great journaling exercise.

Whether it’s summer, winter, or any specified block of time, it’s a useful practice to take some time to process the events you’ve experienced during that time. Now, instead of having to write a paper for the teacher, you can create a fun digital scrapbook layout just for you!

Need some inspiration? Here are some fantastic “what I did this summer” type pages.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to go to India? Not only did justjess take a great trip, she helped out a lot of people at the same time!



The creative approach to journaling on BushGirl’s page is so much fun! You can’t help but read it because you want to know the answer!



Following a prompt like this one, is a great way to tie a bunch of otherwise unrelated photos together. KyRainbow included various summer memories together on the same cute layout.



It’s a great time to report on the accomplishments of the specific time period. Misty Cato listed all the books her son read during the summer of 2009.



Don’t feel like you have to write about everything you did this summer. Laurie just highlighted her favorite summer memory on this cheery page.



Need help remembering what you did this summer? Try these tips to jog your memory:

  • Look back over your calendars for the specific time period
  • Interview your kids, spouse, parents, friends, etc. and ask them what they remember
  • Look through your photos taken during that time
  • Look through the galleries and see what scrappers are journaling about
  • Just start writing – you’ll be surprised at what comes to you once you get started

Now’s the perfect time to record those summer memories before they fade away!

katie big

P.S. The title graphic was made with Sabrina’s Creations celebrate summer sticker and Too Much Paper font.