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One of the things we repeatedly hear from our Digi Game members is that the Playbook is their favorite source of inspiration! If you’ve never looked through a Playbook before, you might not understand what the big deal is. I thought it would be fun to share a few peeks at what type of things are included .

What is a Playbook?

It’s an interactive idea book available in PDF, iBooks format, Kindle Fire and Nook Color, (at least 30 pages) showing layouts created by our team and the techniques used to achieve the looks, links to more resources and tutorials, and a video tutorial.


The Playbook is a way for us to share with you our game plans for accomplishing some of the looks in the layouts you see on the site during the month. It’s a play-by-play guide to adding extra special touches to your own projects. The whole Playbook idea was born in the team forum of The Daily Digi. As team members would post their incredible layouts, we would ask them “how did you do that?” We realized that all of us had different skills and knowledge to share that digi scrappers of all levels could benefit from. We figured if we wanted to know the “secrets” behind the layouts, that our members would want to also!

Here’s one example of what you will find in this month’s Playbook. Team member Jacki put together a stunning layout that used some great blending techniques. I’ve been digi scrapping since 2005 and I learned something new from her tips!


What else will you find inside a Playbook?

  • Layouts with extra tips and techniques to try
  • Play by play instructions on how to achieve great layout design
  • Links to more resources and tutorials
  • A video tutorial

How can you get the Playbook?

The Playbook is only available as part of The Digi Game member package. When you become a member to the Digi Game, you get all of this:

  • The Digi Files: over $50 worth of digital scrapbooking supplies by seven of the top digital designers in the community.
  • The Playbook: an interactive idea book available in PDF, iBooks format, Kindle Fire and Nook Color, (at least 30 pages) showing layouts created by our team and the techniques used to achieve the looks, links to more resources and tutorials, and a video tutorial.
  • Exclusive collaborations: a huge exclusive kit created by past contributors to The Digi Files every four months you are a member.  You get the first kit, “Story of Everyday Life” right when you subscribe.
  • Extra Bonus Gifts every month.

ALL of that for only $7.50 per month…that’s it…really! Not only that, but if you subscribe and become a member for a whole year, you get THIRTEEN months for the price of eleven!


What if I missed the past months? Am I out of luck?

There has never been a way to get past issues of the Playbooks until now. We just recently released the Playbooks from 2011 in bundles



This is something our new members have been asking for and we are so happy to be able to finally provide it for them!

Special Note:

Through August 26th, current members of The Digi Game get an exclusive discount code, bringing the price down to $37.35 each from the regular $45.00. This is the only time there will be a discount offered on these Playbook Packs and ONLY to members! Anyone can buy the Playbook Packs, but only members get the deal and only through the 26th!

Some helpful links:

If you need any more information, here are some very helpful links to check out:

I still read the Playbooks every month and I find that I refer back to them on many occasions. When we were putting together the 2011 bundles, I got the chance to look through all 12 Playbooks at once (it took hours!) and it made me realize how much I have learned from this amazing resource. I’m forever grateful to Steph and all the great Daily Digi team members who make it possible to download such a useful tool each and every month!

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P.S. The title graphic was created with Kristin Cronin-Barrow’s Dear Diary kit and the SlabTallXmedium font.