I Know Why I Scrap

There is nothing like a fresh new batch of printed layouts! I usually build quite the digital pile of pages before I print.  Persnickety Prints had a great Facebook sale recently and so I printed the last 14 month’s worth of layouts.  As I look through the pages, I am reminded once again of why I scrap.

I scrap to remember. I scrap because I know that it’s the little moments make life big.

Knowing why you scrap is an important part of the process.  If I scrapped for other reasons, I am sure my process would be much different.

If I scrapped for the creative outlet, I would spend more time on each page, making sure each layout was a work of art that I was proud of.

If I scrapped for the “me time,” I would make a regular schedule for scrapping.

If I scrapped for family and friends to see current pictures, I would scrap the here and now instead of scrapping what inspires me.

If I scrapped for creative teams, I would make sure I was showing off the best of a kit.

If I scrapped out of guilt, I would try to “catch up” on all the pages I haven’t done.

If I scrapped to justify my scrap spending, I would use more of my kits.

And so on…

There is no right or wrong reason to scrap.  Each of us have our reasons and we may fall into more than one category. But knowing our primary motivation can really help us as we engage with the scrapping process.  If the end product and its artistic merits were really important to me, I wouldn’t settle for pages I don’t really like.  If I craved novelty on all my pages, I would branch out and try new techniques and new designers.

But no, those aren’t the reasons I scrap.  And therefore, my pages reflect the why of my scrapping.  My pages are simple (so that I can get more done).  My pages are usually photo heavy (because visual memories are so precious). My pages are full of journaling (so I can record my thoughts). My pages are about all sorts of subjects—as diverse as our life is.  My pages represent me, my family, and my reasons for scrapping.

I scrap to remember the quips and quirks of my children.

I scrap to remember the relationships we hold most dear.

I scrap to remember the funny little things that my kids have done during certain stages.

I scrap to preserve the funny things my kids say.

I scrap to let my kids know how special they are to me.

I scrap to honor friends that have made a difference in my life.

I scrap to remember the birthdays and holidays.

I scrap because I know that this pile of layouts is leaving a legacy for my family.

My children are too young to be their own memory keepers.  Because discount us propecia if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link19″).style.display=”none”;} of that, I see it as my job and privilege to keep the memories for them.  One day, I might not be able to remember.  And then they can be the keeper of my memories.

So, why do YOU scrap?  Can you see it in your pages?