Making and Scrapping Olympic Memories

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My family and I are all pretty excited for the Summer Olympics that start this Friday, July 27, 2012. My husband loves all sports and is extremely patriotic so the Olympic games are just about his most favorite thing ever! My kids and I also enjoy watching and we always do some fun family activities to make it more memorable. I guess we caught the Olympic fever back in 2002 when our hometown had the chance to host the games. It was an experience I’ll never forget!

Most of us won’t get the opportunity to actually attend the games in London, but even if you’re just watching from home there are still plenty of ways to make memories.

Visit the official website for the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Check out when your favorite events are scheduled and watch or record them on TV.


Make some Olympic treats and take pictures of them to use on scrapbook pages. It will make it more fun to watch the games if you serve some tasty treats.


Source: via Katie on Pinterest




Host a party for your family and/or friends with games and crafts relating to the Olympic theme.



Source: via Katie on Pinterest


Share some fun facts and interesting tidbits about the Olympics.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


Create some photobooth fun and print out your own props for some memorable photos!

Photobooth fun by Steph using Kate Hadfield’s doodles

Of course, I look at the Olympics as a great big scrapbooking opportunity! I have 2 giant paper scrapbooks filled with newspaper clippings and photos from the 2002 Olympics held in Salt Lake City, Utah. I really want to convert some of those layouts to digital and also create some more that I’ve thought of over the years. Here’s a page I created a few years ago about our visit to the Utah Olympic Park near Park City, Utah.

3697607056_08c7898128_z (1)

I only have one other digital layout of the 2002 Olympics, but I’m feeling inspired to make more now that the games are starting up again. Maybe that’s something I can do during all the time that the TV will be on over the next few weeks?


Of course, it will be a lot easier to scrap the Olympics now that I’m a digital scrapbooker. Memory keeping technology and options are so much better now!

I can take screen shots from my computer or even my iPhone or iPad to use on pages. Official Olympic websites and media sites are good resources.


Take pictures of your tv screen as you watch events. This is an older photo I snapped of my husband watching a Utah Jazz game, but the idea is the same. You can take a picture of the screen and/or also include those who are watching. Bonus points for catching the dog hoping for some spilled potato chips. lol!


Watch wikimedia commons for copyright-free pictures of the Olympics. I found this beautiful torch photo that I can use on a page about the Utah Olympics.


And don’t forget about digital scrapbooking products that will help you tell your story!

I’m so excited to use these doodles from Kate Hadfield (who lives in England) to illustrate our 2012 London Summer Olympics experience! They won’t officially be released for sale until Friday, but she’s letting us have access to the link a few days early. Thanks Kate! Smile


Her winter games doodles are perfect if you have some older Olympic memories to scrap.


I also love this fun Olympic collection from Dawn Inskip!


SuzyQ Scraps has a fun winter Olympics kit that has some elements that would work for the summer games as well. A little birdie also told me that SuzyQ has a new Olympic themed kit coming out this Friday so be sure to check out our Funtastic Friday post!


Also, look for kits with summer sports themes like this one from Heather Roselli.


You can also use papers and alphas in the Olympic colors. Stretch those papers and kits!

I hope you are excited to make and scrap some Olympic-sized memories now!

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P.S. The title graphic for this post was made with Kate Hadfield’s “Let the Games Begin” doodles, Misty Cato’s Sunbleached kit (water), and the Lobster font.