I Don’t Love All of My Layouts

I LOVE to scrap.

I LOVE to see my pages printed.

I LOVE the experience of creating a page and the satisfaction of seeing it all come together.

I LOVE playing with new kits.

I LOVE scrapping with my beloved photos.

But sometimes, I just don’t love my layouts. And that’s okay.

I am a memory keeper. As the mama to five little kids, I see it as my job to record their memories until they are old enough to do it for themselves. And with five little kids, you can imagine how many memories there are! Because I am a memory keeper, I have to remind myself of why I scrap.

I love the creative side of it, but I love the memories more.

If I spent hours on every layout I made, I would never finish any pages. I am a “sit and scrap and finish a layout in one sitting” type of scrapper. I have very little time to scrap and I don’t always have the luxury of scrapping when the inspiration and creativity are flowing. Sometimes, I just have to take what I get and be happy that I preserved the memory. The page may not be perfect. It could be downright ugly. But, you know what? It doesn’t matter. The moment was scrapped and I know for a fact that my kids don’t ever look at our albums and think, “She really could have used more white space” or “That drop shadow could have been perfected a bit more.” No. They just love seeing glimpses of our life and our moments. And so somewhere along the way, I just had to stop caring.

I know that if I am struggling on a layout, I could just start over. I could spend an hour trying to find the perfect paper. I could move stuff around until I was finally happy. But then, the time will be gone and I will have less to show for it.

So, I embrace my not-so-great layouts. They aren’t my finest work, but the memories don’t care.

One thing I have started to learn, though, is why I sometimes don’t like my layouts. At times it is just because the mojo isn’t there. But often, it is because I am trying to force myself to use papers and/or elements that are pretty but just aren’t “me.” I will never be good at using lots of elements (or cutesy elements for that matter.) I will never be good at full layouts. I will never be good with “digital” looking pages. I will never be good with bright and bold colors. I’ve had to accept who I am as a scrapper and stop trying to force myself to use products that I am not good with.

And now, for your not-so-pleasurable viewing, here are some of the layouts I made that I really don’t like. Some of them I even hate. But I won’t be redoing them. Not now. Not ever. They’ll be in in my albums, right alongside of those layouts I love.

So what about you? What do you do with layouts that just aren’t working for you? Do you keep them? Trash them? Start again?