Picking Seven Random Winners


Today is the LAST day you can grab all of these goodies at such a LOW price! These goodies go back to their designers’ stores for full retail value starting tomorrow! HURRY because once they are gone, they are gone!

Can you believe you get ALL of this PLUS a Playbook (in PDF and iBooks for iPad format), PLUS bonus exclusive kits for only $7.50!?!? It’s so shocking, I know! As a member of The Digi Game, you get:

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Here’s what some of our members are saying:

I loved all the color combinations this month! They are different than what I would put together myself and I love that The Digi Files give me supplies that I might not otherwise select. It has really broadened my horizons and made me a better scrapper. Also I absolutely LOVE having the Playbook in iBook format! Thanks for the work you’ve put into it, I certainly appreciate it! – Amy in TX

Great collection again this month. I wonder now why I ever held off signing up for the Digi Files. Such a volume of digi-goodies every month and just when you think it can’t get any better, along comes the playbook for the ipad – awesome! – Lyndel

As always, the Digi Files were just wonderful. I really enjoy the variety of styles and the playbook which helps with ideas and also has great tutorials. I can only recommend Digi Files to everyone who has an interest or is addicted ;) to digital scrapping. Thanks guys for all your work with the Daily Digi and the Digi Files :) – Manuela

Here’s a closer look at what you can find inside this month:

T for Me: Oh Happy Day!

Down This Road Again Designs: Going On My Honeymoon

Danielle Engebretson: A Girly Girl at Heart

Piccolina Designs: An Italian Term of Endearment

Amy Jaz Designs: Something More Important

Vicki Stegall: I Like Gadgets

Jennifer Barrette: Addicted to Matching


In this month’s Playbook, we talk about:

  • Effects
  • Elements
  • Layout Design
  • Photos
  • Supplies
  • Templates
  • Titles


The Playbook is available in PDF and iBooks for iPad!

NOW…for the FUN part! Leave us a comment sharing one thing you enjoyed about The Daily Digi, The Digi Files, or The Digi Game this month! We will randomly select SEVEN people from the comments below to win $10 in product from one of this month’s contributors.

Ten Ideas for the Opposing Page


I usually digi scrap one page at a time and I don’t worry about creating my layouts in any certain order. I love the freedom to scrap as I please and it keeps me fresh and excited about documenting my memories. When it comes time to put my layouts into albums, I do think about what will go on the opposing page. I love the cohesive look of 2 layouts that pair well together so I put some thought into how my pages will be displayed. As I browsed through my past layouts, I found that I have 10 tried and true tricks for making the most of a double page area. (All images are linked for credits)

1. Double Page Spread

This is a very logical and easy way to approach filling the real estate of a 2 page area. I often rely on double page spread templates to help me fill the entire area and I find it easiest to use the same kit and supplies and treat the layout as a whole instead of 2 separate pieces. Be sure to check out Janet’s tips for 2 page layouts for more ideas.

Here’s what the layouts look like when they are printed as individual pages:

1999 al 09 check print (1)

1999 al 09 check print (2)

and here are the layouts viewed side by side. I prefer post bound albums because spreads like this are kept together instead of visually separated by rings. However, the rings are really no problem and many scrappers prefer the ease of using them.

Alex in 1999_4323108818_o

2. Use a similar design and ingredients for both pages

Even though the contents of these 2 layouts are very different from each other, I used a similar design approach on both of them. There is a large square in the middle that is bordered with a patterned paper. Everything is from the same digi kit to keep it all cohesive in design.

WZ_RoundItUp_Journaling copy


Untitled-1 copy

These layouts look like they belong next to each other.

2 page roundup

3. Same kit but different page designs

The page structures are different from each other in this spread. One layout has a large photo with design elements along the bottom. The other one has a grouping of photos with just a few small accents. The continuity of the subject matter between both pages also ties them together.

sgleason_beechtree12x12_photo3 copy

I thought about the visual weight of each page when I designed each layout. They balance each other out nicely with heavy title and design work along the bottom of one page, and a lot of visual weight from photos on the upper part of the other layout.

sgleason_beechtree12x12_seven copy

The eye moves easily across both pages to help the viewer see the complete story.

2 page poly

4. Minimize design and/or colors on one of the pages

When I create a bold or colorful page that I want to keep as a focal point, I often keep the opposing page more minimalistic in design.

ZineTemp4 copy

I originally tried a dark background on page 2, but found it competed too much with the photos and the large, colorful image of page 1. It felt better to go with a neutral background and add some touches of color in the title and dotted border.

ZineTemp2 copy

The “voyager” page is the definite star of the spread, but the photos on the the “Epcot” page are still easily appreciated as well.

2 page epcot

5. Use a scan or an illustration to complete the story

I created this layout about my kids working on an art studio and didn’t even think about what would go on the other side. Almost a year later, I realized that I wanted to finish off this spread and I brainstormed to find something that would fit.

2006 al 07 check if printed

I had a light-bulb moment and realized it would be fun to include a scan of the actual painting my son was working on in these pictures!

2006 al 07 check if printed 2

I love the way the scan finishes off the story! Some other approaches would be to use drawings, hand-written notes, documents, or even digital illustrations to create a memorable pairing.

2 page art

6. Fill a page with a great big photo

I love large photos, especially for vacation memories. One of my favorite tricks is to use 1 page of a spread and fill it entirely with a large photo.

Memories of Arizona_4740146234_o

There’s no need to journal or add anything like a title – unless you want to!


So easy!

2 page arizona

7. Tell a big story

If you have a lot of journaling, use one of the pages as a storytelling platform. In this case, I realized that I needed a lot more space than this layout allowed.

2010 al 04 check print (1)

You can journal on top of a photo, or on a paper background.

2010 al 04 check print (2)

A great way to document a big memory!

2 page glacier

8. Make a photo collage

I used this page to highlight a special photo and write about a favorite destination.

kfredricks_thumb_kraft copy

I didn’t need to include more journaling, instead I just wanted to share some of the photos from Gardner Village.


Collages are fun to create and are a great way to finish off a 2 page spread! Check out this post on quick and easy collages for more ideas.

2 page gardner

9. Repeat one piece on the opposing page

I created this layout using some simple colored cardstock for the background.

CZ_LayeredTNo26 copy

The next page had a different design and covered a different topic. I tied them together visually by using the same piece of blue cardstock on both layouts.

DHodge_LTBPClass11 copy

They complement each other because they share a design element.

2 page alex

10. Forget the matching and just do what you want!

I love matching, but sometimes it’s great to just enjoy each layout for the unique creation it is.

2007 al 03 printed (4)

I didn’t create these layouts to go next to each other, but they ended up side by side in my son’s album.

2007 al 03 redone copy

I love them both – who cares if they “match” or not!

2 page

Do you think about the opposing page when you scrap? Did you learn some new tips from what I shared? I hope you’ll give some of them a try!

katie big

Photo Date and Journaling Date


One of my favorite things about scrapbooking is that I can document memories that happened yesterday, or years (or even decades) ago. I don’t have to limit myself to current photos when I’m creating a page, and I can even write about events that happened way back in the past. I scrapped this layout about May of 2007 in the summer of 2011. There was no need to explain in the journaling that this page was not actually created in May of 2007. I was able to recall the events of the photos by looking at them and reviewing my roundup from that month. All I needed was a date that documented when the photos were taken.


link to credits

For this layout, I used details I had recorded in my son’s baby book and the date on the back of the pictures I took. This page documents a specific day in October of 1993. It is unimportant that I created this layout only a few weeks ago. No one needs to know that the journaling for this 1993 memory was done in 2012.


link to credits

There are times when I do include both the photo date (or date of the memory) AND the date of the journaling on a scrapbook page. I find this is especially useful when writing about a memory that has an unclear date. When Kimberly had us scrap her childhood feelings about her sister for a play it again feature, she included an approximate date range of the picture and then jotted down the date that she wrote out her journaling.


link to credits

Another reason why I like to include a journaling date in addition to the date of the memory is because it illustrates a change in perspective or feelings of reflection. My thoughts on my own mother in this photograph are based on the experiences I’ve had in my life up to this point. I would not have been able to do this type of journaling about this picture when I was a teenager. By including the journaling date, the reader can understand that I was a grown woman when I wrote about this moment.


link to credits

A simple note to mark the date that the journaling was written can add a lot of information and depth to a story. Next time you add a date to a layout, take a minute to consider if it might be worth adding the date that you journaled the memory as well.

katie big

P.S. The title graphic was made with 365 date stamps from Wild Blueberry Ink

Memories on Memorial Day


Layout by Steph, supplies: Dani Mogstad, font is Printing Primer by Fontologie

Today, in the U.S. we are celebrating Memorial Day. For some, this means a day off work, a bar-b-que, and some quality family time. For others, it is a day to honor those that have gone before us.

We want to take a moment to say THANKS to all of readers who are service men or women OR who love someone that serves our country, it seems so small in comparison! THANK YOU!

Here are some other posts on National Pride and remembering those that serve:

National Pride
National Pride (US, CA, AUS)
Paying Tribute on a Page
I Remember
Messages of Hope from September 11th

Our favorite pinners & boards to follow on Pinterest


Pinterest has been a game-changer for me and many other online junkies. I love finding so much inspiration there and I find pins that relate to almost every part of my life. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite pinners and pinboards and some of the team members jumped in to share a few of their faves as well.

Crafty Goodness

Vanessa Barraza Brady of the Tried and True blog has oodles of pinboards, many of them focusing on crafty projects.


The crafts-a-palooza board from Lisa Douglas of crazy adventures in parenting has a wide variety of crafty ideas.


Holly Becker of decor8 has a fabulous craft board.


Food Love

Whole Foods pins all sorts of delicious recipes, kitchen ideas, and food related goodness.


Heather Hess introduced me to this pinner How Sweet Eats, writer of the food blog How Sweet It Is. She has a ton of food boards to follow!


If you are looking for desserts and goodies, Bakers Royale is always pinning delicious looking treats!


Holiday Fun

Cheryl of Tidymom pins a wide variety of topics, but I especially love her holiday boards for seasonal inspiration!


House & Home

Nester Smith always has great inspiration for home decorating projects!


I have a bit of a Pottery Barn obsession so I was thrilled when I found Pottery Barn’s pinterest account.


I love organizing tips and Aby Garvey of Simplify 101 does a great job of pinning ideas for organizing your home and everything else in your life!


Kids & Family Fun

Allison McDonald from No Time for Flashcards keeps her pins related to kid and family related creative fun.


Art ideas for kids from Jen of paintcutpaste who is an art therapist. So many great ideas!



Tom Bricker (DisneyTouristBlog) – Miss Kim told me about this guy who is an amazing photographer. Love his Disney photographs!


Food photography is one of my favorite topics and the food styling board by Pixel Musings makes me want to point my camera at some beautiful food!


Project Life (digital and paper)

Miss Kim follows several boards for Project Life ideas. Deena Gleeson has a great collection.


Another great board from Stefni Piscitelli


susan_1 also finds great Project Life resources.


Prolific Pinners

Most pinners cover a wide range of topics with their boards, but there are a few people that we’ve run into that are simply prolific with their pinning. They have such a wide range of interests and board topics and they have thousands and thousands of pins to their name.

lefabean currently has 237 pinboards focused on many different topics. You might enjoy her scrapbook related boards.


Rachel Hood is one of my favorite pinners because she always finds the best stuff! I’m constantly repinning her finds and she has a nice mix of subjects.


Kelli Crowe is another favorite for me because she has so many interests that are similar to my own such as homeschooling, scrapbooking, great literature, and photography.


iDebbie is a fun pinner to follow because she’s a fun baby boomer who includes many decades of delights on her pinboards. I especially love her Harry Potter board!


Brynn Marie Dukes is a pinner that Heather Hess recommended to me. She has all sorts of fun boards to follow.



Still want more? Here are some other great Pinterest resources to check out:

Now it’s your turn to tell us about your favorite pinners and pinboards to follow. We’d love to know who inspires you! We hope you’ll follow us on Pinterest so you can keep up with all the fun things we find.

katie big

A Scrapbooking Break


Title graphic made from The Daily Digi member exclusive kit My Life At Home

A few weeks ago, my external hard drive stopped working properly. This is the drive where I store all of my photos and scrapbooking supplies. Fortunately, I use an online back-up, so my files are in the process of being restored.

So, what is a scrapbooker to do without her scrapbooking supplies and photos? It turns out there are a lot of ways to stay connected to scrapbooking, without actually creating pages.

Read a Good eBook

I picked up a couple of interesting eBooks about scrapbooking.


I purchased Scrap Your Real Life by Kristin Rutten at Log Your Memory.

Scrapbook Your Real Life Stories is here to help you find the focus you need to capture your real life stories. In each of eight theme-based chapters, you’ll find thought-provoking questions, journaling prompts, photo ideas, suggested scrapbooking approaches and sample layouts all centered around specifically chosen themes designed to help you capture your everyday real life. Each of those themes is broken into five simple steps and presented in a workbook-style format to guide you through the process.

I also picked up Everyday Storyteller edited by Jennifer S. Wilson.

Everyday Storyteller contains eighty one pages full of tips from scrapbookers like you. You will find incredibly useful approaches straight from the minds of our contributors, techniques they use every day to be productive and happy scrapbookers. Organized according to the phases of memory keeping, the book offers simple ways to improve your entire scrapbooking process.

I have only just skimmed the surface of both these books, but already I’m getting lots of great scrapbooking ideas! I purchased the PDF version of each book and I love (love!) having them on my eReader to take with me wherever I go.


I spent a lot of time hanging out on Pinterest, noting the amazing layouts being shared there. Naturally, I added quite a few to my inspiration list!

(Did you know that the Daily Digi is on Pinterest? You can find TDD’s pinboards here.)

As a side note, The Digi Show recently had a great podcast about the impact that Pinterest has on scrapbooking.

Take a Class

I didn’t actually take a class, but I did spend some time going through the course materials for classes that I have taken in the past and wanted to revisit.

If my “scrapbooking break” were planned as opposed to being unintended, I would have registered for a class, for sure! I’m already trying to research which class I’ll take this summer.

Catch Up On The Digi Show

I was a couple of episodes behind on The Digi Show, but now I’m all caught up!

Update My Story List

Katie did a post about her story list back in January and it changed my life! She took 20 minutes to brainstorm a list of family stories that she wanted to tell:

I bet if you set a timer for a 20 minutes that you would find you have a lot of stories inside of you as well. Think about the little moments worth remembering. Reminisce about inside jokes, things that make you smile, and the kind of memories you swap around the kitchen table when you get together with friends and family. Make a list and keep it somewhere near your scrapping supplies. Don’t worry that the items you want to share might be small or uninteresting – I promise you that they are meaningful and worth sharing. YOU have stories to tell!

There are so many inside jokes, funny expressions, and misadventures that need to be captured. I followed Katie’s advice and now I keep a running list on Google Drive (which used to be Google Docs) so that I update the list as I need to (and cross items off as they’re scrapped).

Take More Photos

I got out my camera and took a ton of photos. Unfortunately, my children don’t often hang out in the golden hour before sunset, so I’m trying to learn to take better photos in the blazing afternoon sun or deep shade.

Read Scrapbooking Blogs

I use Google Reader to organize all my blogs. For scrapbooking inspiration, I follow a number of designer blogs, store blogs and scrapbooker blogs.

I took some time these past few weeks to follow more scrapbooking blogs and sort them into categories to make following them all easier. There is so much inspiration out there!


I can hardly wait to have all my scrapbooking supplies and photos set up again so that I can scrap!

It goes without saying that I hope that none of you lose your photos or scrapbooking supplies. I do hope that you will find some of the ideas in this post useful on your next vacation though. Smile

PS – As always, no affiliate links were used in this post.

I wish every day was a Friday!


Supplies from Every Day Matters by T for Me. Just one of 7 awesome contributions in this month’s Digi Files that is only available for 6 more days!

I’m sure you know by now that we like to have fun on Fridays here at The Daily Digi! It’s all about sharing good finds and great deals for your digi projects.

We recorded a new episode of The Digi Show this week. Kayla Lamoreaux joined us to talk about how things were “back in the day” of digital scrapbooking. We all shared memories of how things used to be, how things have evolved (and how it’s different from what we expected back then), and where we expect the digital scrapbooking industry is headed next.


Dúnia has a fun new kit with a great color scheme.


Beautiful Morning Designer Kit is ideal for all those laidback, feel good days. Available now at Scrapbookgraphics.


Liz has another NEW set of Mix and match Double Templates! These are great for making double page layouts (or singles). You can mix and match them to make an endless number of pages.


Inspired by a painting created by Swedish artist Carl Larsson, “About Him” by ViVa Artistry is well, all about HIM! The man in your life, the man of the family, the man you want in your life! Scrap a page using this vintage and grungy kit! Make the perfect layout for father’s day or an ordinary day.


If you have Vegas memories to scrap, you’ll love this kit by WM Squared!


ValC designs had her birthday earlier this week, and she is hosting a huge party. But not only a birthday party… It is also a “bird on a wire” week (a.k.a Designer spotlight) with daily game, a challenge and a give away!  AND she has a great 30% discount over her whole store (including New release and collab) until the 29th of May. The party is held HERE

TDD Friday

Spuds the Word……..Preschool is SO FUN!!
for TDD readers ONLY!! Take an additional 10% OFF of the already weekend discount of 20%!
code is STW_10


New Happy To Be by Studio Vivarant


Here’s a sneak peek + a chance to win Traci Reed’s new kit Cannon Ball this week! Just comment on this blog post on her site by 8 PM PST Friday night to be entered!


Piccolina Designs has a freebie on her FB page that coordinates with her newest kit New Do.


Heather T. has an adorable sleepy kit coming out, Snoozy Boy–20% through the weekend!


This week Chelle has a new video tutorial on her you-tube channel about torn papers.  It includes a FREE sample for you to try it out.


Time is running out to snatch up some of Lynne-Marie’s designs before they are gone for good!  Her sale is meant to last until June 14th, but there may be some down time on the site when CatScrap morphs into {scrapflower}, so don’t wait until the last minute!


Purchase Monkey Love the kit by mle Card for 20% off and get the Monkey Love add-on Alpha Free. Sale and offer expires 5/31.


As scrappers we know how meaningful it is to be able to preserve memories for later generations by writing them down and making a gorgeous page of it, illustrate the story with photos and emphasize the mood with elements. However just being able to write down an appointment on a calendar so you don’t forget is truly awesome when you stop and think about it! Plus if you’re like Mirjam you really want to know the story behind a photo.  (the kit was made for her January 2012 feature at Digi Shop Talk) — 20% off from Friday through Sunday —


Studio Basic has a new template pack this weekend!


“Curiosity” from Girl Boy Girl Designs is a fun, bold kit great for recording your memories.  It is available at The Digi Chick and is 20% off through Saturday.  EXCLUSIVE DAILY DIGI DEAL!!! Purchase the Curiosity kit, alpha, clusters, and washi tapes and save $3 when you use the code gbgd_DDrocks!5 at checkout.


Wendy’s newest ebook gives you 212-pages of tips and inspiration for planning and scrapping your Florida vacation. The Daily Digi readers can save $1 off with the coupon code WZ_TDDVacay – Offer expires 05-31-12.


Kate Hadfield is releasing a fun new collection today inspired by her recent trip to the circus! The Big Top Bundle (and all the individual packs) are 20% off all weekend!


Connie Prince has a fun new collection available today.


Jump into fun with this new collection from SuzyQ Scraps — 40% off thru 5/30, plus receive 4 templates FREE with purchase!


Yin has a new free template on her blog!

Preview 307

Purchase Fuss Free templates Banner of Love 3 from Fiddle Dee Dee Designs and receive Fuss Free: Banner of Love 4 FREE!  Offer valid May 24-31, 2012


Check out what’s new from Secret Stash! Our story is often, at least partly, based on our upbringing and heritage. As the saying goes, “We are who are because they were who they were.” This is the perfect kit to highlight the places and people that make you who you are today. If these walls could talk, I am certain they would have quite a story to tell!


Mye De Leon is releasing this fantastic new collection this week! If you love krafts, then check out her Gotta Pixel store for more



*Sigh* I wish every day was a Friday!

katie big

P.S. Jeni was the random winner chosen from Down This Road Again Designs feature on Monday. She won $10 in product from Down This Road Again Designs.

P.P.S. Cynthia was the random winner chosen from the T For Me feature. She won $10 in product from T for Me! 🙂

Life Before Scrapbooking: Telling Our Stories, Pt 4

Welcome back to another installment of our Life Before Scrapbooking: Telling Our Stories series.  If you missed them, be sure to check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

So now that we have a plan and a general idea of what stories we want to tell, we are inevitably going to run into a real problem. We are going to have far more photos than we have time (or even desire) to scrap.  This is especially true if we are trying to stay fresh in our current albums as well as dip our toes in the past. I know that I have thousands upon thousands of photos and there is no way I will scrap them all.  So what should I do with them?

Here are some tips and suggestions.  Find out what works for you, but don’t let the plethora of photos keep you from digging in and getting started. Remember, your life before scrapbooking is full of stories worth telling!

First and foremost, make sure your photos are well preserved.  If your photos are already printed, I would highly recommend storing them in airtight container. Even better, why not have them scanned so that you have a digital copy of all the images? If your photos are digital, make sure to back them up.   You should have copies in at least two locations, with one of them being somewhere other than your house.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with your photos, once they are properly preserved.

1. You can do nothing.  That’s exactly what we have been doing all along, and it (most likely) won’t do any harm to continue doing nothing with them. At this point in my life, that is probably what will happen to all but my NOW stories.

2. You could attempt to scrap them kamagra oral jelly all, but for most people, that option is highly unrealistic.

3. You can purge them.  Although I know some people don’t delete photos, there is some reasoning behind getting rid of some photos.  If you are like me and have 30 pictures from one day of a kid eating ice cream, a little (or a lot!) of deleting can’t hurt!

4. You can print them out into a photo book.  No words, no stories, just photos. Up until recently, isn’t that what most photo albums were?

5. You can work on organizing them so that if/when you are ready to scrap them, they are ready.

6. You can import them into some kind of photo editing/organization program (Elements, Lightroom, ACDSee, etc) and tag them or embed metadata.  This might help if there are little bits of information that you might forget later on. This will also help if you want to pull up photos of a certain person/place/item and they are from many different time periods.

7. You can make a copy for them for someone else who might enjoy them. I have old family pictures that I had scanned and I have never given a copy to my siblings. I really need to do that!

8. You can relax and not stress out about everything that isn’t scrapped. I always tell people to never feel guilty for not scrapping or being “behind.”  Since there is no rule saying that you must scrapbook,  you can never be behind. Every page is a page ahead!

Stay tune for Part 5 of this series where we will look at choosing a style and voice for your journaling!

What’s That Little Line Thingy Part 2

Last month we took a look at your internal light meter. We worked on getting that little line right to the middle for a correct exposure.

But do you always want it there?

Let’s take it a step further this month by looking at a situation when you DON’T want the line to be in the middle.

Let’s give it a name.

When shooting in Aperture Priority Mode (AV/A) or Shutter Priority (TV/S) we call it EXPOSURE COMPENSATION.

When shooting in Manual Mode we call it over exposing or underexposing.

The same thing is happening with each, just two different ways of making it happen.

Let’s try it first in Aperture Priority Mode. (Yep, 8 steps, but they are quick and small.)

  1. Start by placing your camera in Aperture Priority Mode.
  2. Place something in front of a bright window or doorway. (A face is great if you can find a cooperative one.)
  3. Notice that your little line thingy is right in the middle. Your camera has selected the correct exposure.
  4. Go ahead and press the shutter and see what happens.
  5. Did you shoot a hot mess? Face dark, background bright? I thought you might.
  6. So, let’s change it up with Exposure Compensation to get a photo you like.
  7. Point your camera at your subject. Line thingy in the middle.
  8. Move the back dial on your camera toward the right. (The button may be different on your camera.) You are now adjusting the exposure compensation. You’ll notice the little line thingy is going to the right or the + side. It will look something like this.

Aren’t you amazing? You’ve just outsmarted the camera and taken a useable photo in a backlit situation! Congratulations.

Just a note of caution. When you use exposure compensation, remember to take it back to the midpoint when you are done. It can cause a lot of confusion when you pick up your camera next time!

Shooting in Manual Mode? The steps are similar, kind of.

  1. Start by placing your camera in Manual Mode.
  2. Place something in front of a bright window or doorway. (A face is great if you can find a cooperative one.)
  3. Notice that your little line thingy is all over the place.
  4. Meter for your subject.
  5. This may give you an okay result, but you want more.
  6. Overexpose by one stop. In simple terms, move the little line thingy to the +1. You can do that by either changing your shutter speed or your aperture. Look through your viewfinder as you fiddle to see the line go to +1.
  7. Take a photo.

In both situations your subject be exposed correctly, but the background will be bright. It’s a trade off I can live with!

Got it? Congratulations. You know now one situation when you don’t want that little line thingy right in the middle. Practice, I promise it will become second nature.

There are even more situations when you want to outsmart your light meter:

Mr. Green Jeans

Metering In Low Light

High Key Photography

Are you loving the little line thingy?



T for Me: Oh Happy Day!


How can you not fall instantly in love with with T for Me Designs? Her eclectic style comes together to create stunning collections that are begging to be scrapped with! I adore her contribution to The Digi Files this month and I KNOW you will too! Let’s take a closer look at “Every Day Matters” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month!


Here are some layouts created using T for Me’s contribution:

LO1Layout by Jenn. Supplies: Every Day Matters by T for Me; Fonts: Small Typewriter.
Layout by Kimberly K. Supplies: Every Day Matters by T for Me; Fonts: Hero.
Layout by Katie. Supplies: Every Day Matters by T for Me; Template and button by Kitty Designs.
Layout by Aaron. Supplies: Every Day Matters by T for Me; Template by Nettio Designs; Stitches by Traci Reed; Font: Mrs. Webster.
Layout by Anne. Supplies: Every Day Matters by T for Me; Fonts: District Thin, Gimme Space (by Darcy Baldwin & Lauren Reid) and Before The Rain.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.

I am T for Me Designs, and T stands for Terese, might also be tea, even though I love coffee more 😉 My name is Terese Osterholm, living in Sweden with husband and four kids. Three of my own (son, almost 7 years old and twin-daughters, almost 3 years old) and 1 extra (step-daughter, 13 years old).

I love all things crafty! Reading, writing, painting. Always, I have so many different ideas spinning around in my head… Wish there were more hours during the days!





This layout reminds me of so many things! Off course, this is a page for my son´s album, and my kids are my greatest love in life and I will never get tired of making photo books for them!! This photo was taken last summer, our first summer in our new house. We have this huge piece of rock in our garden and when we moved here L didn´t dare to climb it, but now he runs up and down on that big rock and that is no big deal at all! Also, this page is from the Travel Notebook Collab with Val C Designs, and since she is a sweet friend and we had so much fun creating this collab, I will always be reminded of that as well when looking at this page!


I discovered digiscrapping in 2005, when I was trying to make my own “My First Year” Book to my son. I was hooked immediately! Love at first sight! This was the perfect thing for me, I could breastfeed and scrap at the same time!! LOL And no tiny pearls or stickers for a crawling baby to examine (=eat).

Then, I began giving away freebies on my blog, stuff I had experimented my way through in PhotoShop. Templates, hand-drawn elements and patterned papers. Well, I love PhotoShop and I could NOT resist trying designing myself! I emailed a few stores, since the freebies were such a success, and in November 2010 I opened up my very own digishop! Oh Happy Day!

Everydaylife. Colors. Quotes. Photographs. Glossy magazines.

Computer: I have a Nettop ASRock ION 330, 2 GB RAM. 400 GB hard drive space on two drives. Windows XP. Dual Samsung monitors. And an external hard drive on approximately 1000 GB.
Program: Adobe Creative Suite 5. Mostly Photoshop and Illustrator.
Camera: None of my own. This is on my wish list!
Anything Else: I have a Wacom Bamboo and I use it ALL THE TIME!!

When I design, I always have my kit preview up at the same time. When I have finished a paper, element or wordart I immediately add it to the rest and that way I can be sure I am going in the right direction when it comes to colors, matching elements or kinds of patterns. That way I can immediately change the paper or the element when I see it doesn´t fit it with the rest of the kit, and also, I can see which pieces are missing!

When I scrap, I LOVE photo editing, and I always save the edited photo in a folder called “Scrapped pictures” and the original photo goes in the folder where it belongs, I have some kind of system! LOL One folder for each kid and one for holidays and so on. But that way I can easily see which pictures are scrapped and which are not.

Yup, you can tell from my two tips here that my middle-name is Organized. LOL!

I LOVED creating this kit. I love experimenting with the papers here and I also was really pleased with how the wordarts turned out. I always love creating every day kits, I know those can be used over and over again!


My templates have been quite popular. There are some separate packs, some bundles and some photo books. I use templates myself from time to time and I think it is a great starting-point!


Here are some of my favorite products by T for Me:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using T for Me’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.

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