Scrapbooking a Conversation


I love to record conversations. They make for excellent scrapbooking material!


How could you not want to remember moments like the one above? Smile

There is no “one way” to scrap a conversation. Here are a few of the ways I’ve captured some conversations. I hope you find some inspiration to record a conversation of your own!

A Quote within a Story

On this page, my daughter said something sweet, but it needed a bit of back story for it all to make sense.


The journaling reads:

One day Maddy came home from school and told us about how she learned about feelings. She said that we all have invisible buckets of feelings and that it is important to fill up other people’s buckets with nice words because we have to carry our feelings around with us. A few days later, she came home from school, sobbing. I asked her what was wrong. All she could stammer out was, “I forgot my bucket on the bus!” It took me a moment to put two and two together. But then I realized that she had “forgotten” her “invisible feelings bucket”! Oh my! It took all my strength not to laugh. I explained that it’s impossible to forgot your feelings bucket and she eventually came around. Her innocence was so sweet.

Funny Things Said

My daughter and I had a short conversation that cracked me up so I had to record it. These aren’t “big” moments in our lives, like weddings or births, but I think the funny little moments are worth recording and remembering.


The journaling reads:

So, I went to wake up Maddy this morning as I always do. I said, “Good morning sweetie. It’s a brand new day. Time to wake up.” She said, “No thank you. Turn out the light. I’m going back to bed.” I laughed so much! I expected sleepy mornings in the teen years, not at 5 years old!”

As a side note, the photo used on the page above was actually my daughter playing her Leap Frog Explorer in bed. I cropped out the handheld game and now it looks like she’s sleeping. Shhh, it will be our little secret.

He Said, She Said

On this page, I recorded a conversation between my husband and I, word for word.


The journaling reads:

Jon: This was a good dinner. We should put it on the menu rotation. Heddy: It was good. It was vegan, too. Jon: Why’d you have to tell me that? Now I can’t enjoy the rest of it!

(He was kidding around, by the way. We’ve enjoyed that dinner many times since!)

A Part of a Conversation

On this page, I only included my daughter’s response to my question because it’s all that’s needed to understand why I had to record this! Smile


Remembering Those Conversations

I think the key for me to remember a conversation is to write it down as soon as possible. I use my computer for this, but you could record them in your phone or in your notepad or agenda. Whatever works for you!

I am also a huge fan of Katie’s method of keeping a running list of scrapbook topics, which could of course include conversations.

These conversations are the sort of thing you’ll bring up with your spouse or kids many years from now and remember fondly. I’m scrapbooking them now so that we’ll remember as many of them as possible in the future. I encourage you to scrap your special conversations, too.