Ziggle Designs: I Love Being Crafty


I’m very excited to be welcoming back Kami from Ziggle Designs to The Digi Files this month! I discovered Kami several years ago because of her designs and have really enjoyed getting to know her better over the years, working with her as a store owner at Scrap Orchard. I love the way Kami themes her kits and how well the theme flows throughout the collection.  She has a great eye for color and her googly-eyed characters always make me smile. Let’s take a closer look at “Love Bots” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


Here are some layouts created using Ziggle Designs’ contribution:

Layout by Karen. Supplies: Love Bots by Ziggle Designs; Template by Janet Phillips; Striped edge overlay by Anna Aspnes; Font: Transformers.
Layout by Kimberly. Supplies: Love Bots by Ziggle Designs; All Roads Lead Home (staple and scallop), PxlCafe; Fonts: Impact, Hero.
Layout by Jacki. Supplies: Love Bots by Ziggle Designs.
Layout by Anne. Supplies: Love Bots by Ziggle Designs; Fonts: Gimme Space, Arial Narrow.


Layout by SharonS, additional supplies: Template: Aprillisa, Font: SF Heidi

Hey Guys! My name is Kami and I live in Southern California. I’m married to my first love- Ryan. We just celebrated our 18th anniversary—which seems somewhat mathematically impossible since I swear I am only 25. We have a beautiful daughter, Zoe and she is pretty much our whole life.

We have a few furry friends cohabitating with us. They help me out when I need a snuggle and keep us entertained. Zoe and I dote on them and even though Ryan pretends he doesn’t care for them- we find him sneaking in a snuggle or two every once in a while.
Not only are my husband and I both Army brats, he also served in the Army, so we don’t really have a “hometown”. We ended up in Washington when he got out of the service and a few years later, we relocated to California. Prior to that, we lived in Arizona. So I guess you could say we’re West Coasters…. LOL!

I love being crafty and have various random (and multiple) craft projects in the works at any given time. It drives my husband batty- but after 18 years, I gotta figure he’s resigned to it. My daughter is very crafty as well, so we have fun making a mess together!





This is my current favorite layout. Zoe and I took a trip to Chicago last summer and I really cherish the time we got to spend together- just the two of us. We had so much fun. While we were at my cousins wedding, waiting for the wedding party to finish up their photo shoot, Zoe asked me to take some pictures of her without looking through the view finder. I held the camera away from me and just started clicking away. The pictures turned out beautiful and her playful, spunky spirit was really evident (she’s not a huge fan of getting her picture taken, so often times her personality doesn’t come through in photos).
Tip: On the journaling, I used a dark brown color for the font and changed the blending mode to color burn. I lowered the opacity just a bit, so it picked up the texture of the paper underneath and looks more like it’s typed on the paper.


I started paper scrapping in 2001. I went with a friend to a scrapbook party and I was immediately hooked. At the time, it was just me and my husband so I have lots of albums of our cats doing- well a whole lotta nothing, which is what cats tend to do. When my daughter was born in 2004, I found even though I had an awesome reason to scrap- I didn’t have the time or space to get all my supplies out and make layouts. I kind of stumbled across digital scrapbooking. I was very familiar with Photoshop because of my photography business and one day it occurred to me that I could just make my scrapbook layouts in Photoshop. I did a little Google search and discovered the wonderful world of digital scrapbooking and never looked back! I do still use paper products for craft projects & hybrid, but when it comes to scrapping layouts- I’m 100% digi.

I started designing in 2006 for my photography business and then eventually joined a store in 2007. In 2008, my sister and I opened Scrap Orchard. These days, I spend more time running the site than designing but every once in a while, inspiration hits and I just have to go “create”.

I think challenge inspires me. I get an idea and I want to know if I can “do” it. Often times a whole collection will stem from just one idea for an element or paper that I had. I love the holidays and I’ve noticed that lately, that’s when I really want to set time aside to design something.

Computer: I have a custom-built desktop. I am fortunate to have a “geek” for a husband and he’s got me hooked up. I’m pretty hard on my computer- I expect it to do a lot and keep up with my ADD tendencies, so he’s put together a system that can *mostly* let me work on multiple things at one time and not crash on me. I use a PC. I know…I know… But I’ve tried using a Mac and I just don’t “get it”. I love my PC. I have 4 GB of RAM, a RAID 1 hard-drive, a quad-core CPU and dual-monitors (although I’m thinking adding a 3rd). I keep my palettes on one screen and use the other screen as my canvas. [Other than the fact that I have two monitors- I had to go ask Ryan to explain my computer for me].

Program: I use PSCS5 (64 bit) and Illustrator CS5 to design.

Camera: I have a Nikon D200 and my iPhone 4 Camera (which is actually a pretty awesome little camera).

Anything Else: I have a Wacom Intuos3 Tablet, an Epson Perfection 4490 Photo Scanner and a Western Digital EHD.

A tip on designing: “Snapshots” in PSCS! I will end up with about 10 different snapshots of an element by the time I’m done. I love that if I make some changes I don’t like, I can just jump back up to a point before I made the changes and go in a new direction. Sometimes I’ll flip back and forth between the snapshots, trying to figure out which one I like best or what changes I should make, etc. It’s almost become second nature for me to take a snapshot now, because I use them so much! I don’t think I could design without them.

My favorite product is probably Boys of Summer. Everything about this kit was a challenge. It took me a long time (I think I spent 2 whole days just on the tree/tree house) but I loved every minute of it. I designed this one in CS4- probably about a month before I upgraded to CS5 and now I look at it and see all the things I would do differently in CS5! LOL But I still love it!

Three-Ring Circus is probably my most popular product. I think it’s pretty versatile and everyone can always use a circus kit…. heehee! I designed it about the time that Zoe was entered in to a competition in the LA County Fair and I knew I was going to have some Fair/Circus photos to scrap. I created a County Fair Add-On so I could scrap some of my pictures of her with the different animals and at the different exhibits. I wanted a more vintage look to the kit so I looked at some vintage circus images and put together the palette.

Here are some of my favorite products by Ziggle Designs by Kami:

Here are some more inspirational layouts using Ziggle Designs by Kami’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.


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