Documenting Love–Digital Scrapbook Style


Scrap Essentials No. 4 by Jenna Desai. The typewriter font by Heather Hess

Today is a day of love because it’s Valentine’s Day, but as memory keepers, we celebrate the people and things we love every time we create a page. There are so many ways to document love with digital scrapbooking, and I’ve found some wonderful pages in the galleries to inspire us to scrap our loves. Of course, it’s important to take the time to scrap about romantic love and special relationships with a significant other. I adore the message of this page and the heartfelt journaling. This is the perfect excuse to pull out those romantic kits and write a love letter. Find a special photo and you will have a treasured keepsake!


layout by 4noisyboys

Don’t feel limited to only scrapping romantic pages, you can express your love for anyone. A favorite subject for many scrappers  is to tell their children how much they love them through a scrapbook page. Making a list is a great way to set the theme for the page and it also makes journaling even easier.


page by Lunafaerie

There are many relationships of love in our lives; siblings, friends, relatives, and even pets. Capture your love for someone on a layout and include a list of the things that you love and appreciate about them.


layout by bderby

We can also have feelings of love for objects, especially those that make our lives so much easier. Scrap about your love for a certain food, technology, tv show, or car. You can make a love list for just about anything!


page by kfite7

Don’t feel limited if you don’t have a picture to use, it’s perfectly ok to create a page with words and embellishments to illustrate your feelings.


layout by keldakitty


If you need a few more ideas:

  • Count the ways you love someone or something
  • Use the title of a song about love as a title for your layout
  • Write a love letter
  • Gather pictures of all the people or things that you love and create a collage-type layout
  • Take photos of love-related items (candy, flowers, etc.) and use them to illustrate a page about your feelings on love

Hope you all have a love filled day!


katie big