Will You Be One of SEVEN to Win?


We are finishing up another month (and year) here at The Daily Digi! Today is the LAST day to get these goodies at this super low price! After today, these products will head to the designers’ stores for full retail vaule.

When you become a member of The Digi Game, for ony $7.50 a month you get over $50 worth of high quality products from seven different designers each month. You also get the Playbook, an interactive ebook with layouts, tips, tricks, links to other resources, and a video tutorial showing you ways you can use the supplies! When you subscribe to the annual membership, you get TWELVE months for the price of eleven! That makes it less than $7 per month!

Here’s what some of our members are saying:

I usually grab the digi files because I love 1 or 2 kits from seeing the previews, but I end up using almost everything! I now have a subscription….so I can get everything as soon as possible!! – Melissa

I always see one or two kits that I really love, and I finally joined this month. I regretted not joining earlier…but I’m not going to miss out anymore. Can’t wait to see what else will be revealed! – Manda

I only wish I had more time to play with all the amazing goodies that we get every month! It’s like Christmas on the first, 12 times a year! At least I have an incentive to get my ‘work’ done so I can treat myself to some digi scrapping! –Jill

A big THANKS to our contributors for December:

Studio Dawn Inskip

Val C:


Lauren Grier:

Fiddle Dee Dee:

ViVa Artistry:

Lauren Reid:


The interactive “Playbook” is filled with tips, tricks, tutorials, links to more resources, and a video tutorial. Even the advanced digital scrapbooker can learn something from this packed book. This month, some of the subjects covered include:


This month, a few of the topics covered are:
Design Tricks
Finding Inspiration
Hybrid Projects
and so much more!

And if all of that isn’t well worth the value (which it is), The Digi Game members also get access to exclusive kits every four months they are subscribed AND a bonus kit just for joining!

Story of Everyday Life is the first the exclusive kit that Digi Game membersget access upon subscribing:


Good Life is the 2nd exclusive kit that members get after 4 active months:


My Journey, My Life is the 3rd exclusive kit that Digi Game members get after 8 active months:


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NOW…for the FUN part! Leave us a comment sharing one thing you enjoyed about The Daily Digi, The Digi Files, or The Digi Game during October! We will randomly select SEVEN people from the comments below to win $10 in product from one of this month’s contributors.

Celebrating Friday


Many of us are on vacations of one kind or another during this time of year. At my house, we are enjoying a break from homeschool and public school and the super early mornings. We are sleeping in, hanging out, playing games, and watching shows. Even though we are on break from our routines, many sites, stores, and designers are still hard at work. Here are a few of the things we found going on in digiland…

This week, Chelle has an adorable new kit out called Spic-n-Span. She has the kit, word art, and  quickies bundled up or sold separately, and the matching alpha, spring fresh, is free if the bundle is purchased from 12/30-1/5 EST. She also has some new houndstooth patterns for CU.



Yin posted two free 12X12 templates like this one on her blog:



Katie’s Roundup Your Memories workshop starts next week at Big Picture Classes. There’s still time to sign up for 2 weeks of inspiration, pdf handouts, videos, layout ideas, free downloads, + 10 new ways to use roundups in your memory keeping projects. Hurry though, class starts in just a few days!



Join Suzy Iverson in a year of discovery about YOU in a class inspired by Project: Love, Me 2011 — learn more about yourself and leave a legacy of you with this unique all-about-you project! This class is designed to be tailor-fit to your life, your experiences, and your schedule. Turn it into a Project 12 and complete one layout each month, or delve a little deeper and complete more of the prompts to turn it into a Project 52. The choice is yours! Class includes product discounts and free templates!



Only a couple of days left to get this mini-kit FREE with any purchase in One Little Bird’s store. Offer ends 12/31/2011.



Black Ice Freebies by Studio Vivarant



The Girl Boy Girl Designs store at Funky Playground will be closing on December 31st, and until then almost everything is marked down to $2 and under…kits, commercial use, hybrid, cutting files, etc.  This is a rare opportunity to grab these products at deeply discounted prices!



A New Every{day} Life 365 system is in the shoppe, and on SALE all weekend with a special New Year’s discount



Krisi’s Kreations has two templates that recently arrived in her store – a perpetual calendar and menu planning templates!  Perfect for getting organized for 2012.  You know they say that planning out your menus help trim your waist and your budget! Also be sure to check out her blog www.krisiskreations.com in the new year for new articles and tutorials – all starting next week.



Tracie Stroud introduces the Capture Life Collection, a set of coordinating monthly kits to help you complete any project you’re tackling in 2012. She’s also giving you an easy way to snag the entire collection for 35% off! Details in this thread:



Wild Blueberry will be doing a Project 365 post  week on the blog beginning the first Saturday in January. She will have tips, freebies, links to sites she loves.



Be sure to check out ZigZagScraps P365 and P52 forums:



The Lilypad has a Project 365/Life/52 support forum for 2012. You can find it here.



I’m sure many of you are waiting along with us to see what Sweet Shoppe has in store in the New Year:



Jady Day has this super cute collection out and there is a boy version as well:



Allison has some super cute new alphas in her store:



I love the refreshing colors in this collab by Kitty and Valorie:



Are you ready to document your “One Little Word”?



Love this elegant collection by Flergs:



I love these journaling notecards too:



We will be wrapping up December’s issue of The Digi Files tomorrow, so be sure to grab it before it’s gone! You can see everything that is included on our designer’s page. This is also the last chance to use many of the contributing designers coupons before they expire (grab the coupons at the end of their feature posts).

Have a SAFE and Happy New Year!

Confessions of a Project 365 Quitter


Project 365 is a “project” where a person commits to taking one photo everyday.  I have started Project 365 (P365) at least twice in the years I have been a digital scrapbooker and quit as many times within ten days. P365 is something that I have always loved the idea of, but has also been too overwhelming for me, not to mention how behind I felt in scrapping it. Remembering to take a photo every single day, just didn’t happen and my reality didn’t allow me to do a layout each week. I often felt like a failure.

So, the last time I tried P365, I swore it off for good. I accepted the fact that I would never be able to achieve that goal and therefor, would not attempt again. Until…

A listener of The Digi Show posted that they had found an iPhone app that was really helping them with Project 365. I downloaded Photo 365 and on 11/11/11 (at 11:11) I decided to start P365 and see how long it stuck (I seriously had given it no thought prior to that exact moment). With some new allowances in place, I have been successful since. This is the longest I have ever stuck with this daily photo project.

Photo Nov 11, 11 11 34 AM

Why It’s Working This Time

This is another method of documenting memories. With the app, I can enter a bit of text about the photo that is added to the images metadata. This has become a way for me to document memories that might not have been documented in any other way. Small details in my life that I would never do a layout about, but will enjoy looking back on later (for example: my internet grocery order being delivered, a screenshot of doing Facetime with my husbands family on Christmas Eve, my record high score in Ticket to Ride on the iPad, the clock as I sit in the parking lot at a crazy early morning hour waiting for my daughter, etc.)

It’s less about the photos and more about the memories. Because this is another way to document my life, I’ve told myself that it’s okay to use screenshots of texts, emails, or other items as my photo for a day. This has been a super fun addition.

Photo Dec 19, 9 44 45 PM

(The above text was sent to my daughter the day after my car was hit by a teenager in the parking lot while waiting for her).

I didn’t start at the first of the year. I know this would be a barrier to some people and you need to do what works for you. I have now realized that one of the reasons P365 hasn’t been successful for me in the past is because I am burned out at the first of the year. After the craziness of the holidays and everything that comes with it, my heart just isn’t into it.

Photo Dec 28, 12 50 14 PM

I’m not scrapping these photos. Some of the photos might end up in layouts, but most of them will not. I’m not worrying about doing a layout each week or each month with these photos. Removing the mental requirement that I must scrap these photos has given me a lot more freedom!

An automated daily reminder. I was able to set up a daily reminder at a specific time in the app (1pm in the afternoon). This has been the biggest contributing factor to my success. It comes in similar to a text by vibrating my phone and putting an alert up.

Photo Dec 28, 12 49 32 PM

I can forget or miss a day. I am giving myself the allowance to miss a day and come back later and add a photo. I usually take a photo of something from the day that I missed and then add it.

I’m just using my phone. This has simplified a lot of things for me, mostly the keeping track part. I put all of the images into their spot on the calendar in the app and then also add them to my P365 folder of photos for easy access later. My camera on my phone is the camera that is with me most often, no remembering to bring the big one.

Photo Dec 28, 12 48 35 PM

I’m enjoying it. So far, I typically look forward to figuring out what photo  or thing will be my photo of the day. Some days, I am more excited than others, but that’s just part of life. This hasn’t become “one more thing to do” and I hope it stays that way. If it does ever become a chore, I will most likely drop it.

(I think it’s important to note (especially for Android users) that you don’t need this app, you could easily set a daily alarm on your phone and put all of the photos into a folder or album. I think the calendar is a super fun addition and worth the 99 cents, if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.)

I think it was Anna Aspnes that said on one of The Digi Show episodes that we are often limited by the rules that we give ourselves. I have found this to be true for me with P365. By not limiting myself to what P365 should or should not be, I have been able to document more of my life, and to me, that’s what it’s all about!

Looking for support and inspiration for Project 365?

One of my favorite sites for P365 inspiration and ideas is Katrina Kennedy’s Capture Your 365. Katrina’s daily email reminders have quickly become one of my favorite sources of P365 and photography information.

ZigZag Scraps has a few forums for P365 and P52 set up.

Check out Oscraps gallery.

If I did decide to scrap my P365 photos, I would probably use every{day} life 365 system by Weeds and Wildflowers. They also have a support forum and gallery in place:


Be sure to check out these older posts as well:

Our first post about P365 on our second day in existence.

P365 Check in at 4 mos. and 11 days

P365 and Alternatives

Year End Interviews


krafty title by Shawna Clingerman, font is traveling typewriter

It’s no secret that I (Katie) love this time of year. I really enjoy the slower pace of the week after Christmas and I take inventory of the year that is passing and prepare for the new one ahead. Of course, I do my monthly roundup at the end of December, and I like to use that same format to look back at the year’s events. One of my favorite things to do is to conduct year-end interviews with my family members. You can turn this into an official activity (great for family gatherings) or just sneak in a few questions here and there into your everyday conversations.  Need some ideas? Here are a bunch to get you started:

  • Use a top ten list format to countdown favorite memories of the year. It would be fun to list the top ten favorites for  the year in several categories such as music, entertainment, accomplishments, etc.
  • Since we are ending the year 2011 you might want to play off of the number eleven as a theme. I put together 11 lists on 11-11-11 and I’m excited to use these on some scrapbook pages!
  • Act like a newspaper reporter and take notes on the big stories of the year. Get quotes to use in your “story” (even from very young children) to add eyewitness accounts.
  • Use a letter-writing format and write a letter to the year 2011. Tell 2011 what you liked and didn’t like about it, or what you learned or enjoyed most because of it.
  • Review your past blog posts, status updates, and email archives for 2011 to get plenty of information to use in your interviews.
  • Interviews are perfect for lightning-round journaling!
  • Even if you can’t talk face to face with someone, send them an email or ask them questions on the phone or via skype.
  • Include historical events and pop culture in your year-end summaries. There are so many great resources to tap into!
  • Browse through the past calendars from the year for some great memory-joggers and ideas.
  • Use memes (rhymes with themes) and quizzes to find ready-made interviews to use.
  • Don’t worry about writing huge blocks of text, use a simple bullet journaling format to record the information.

Without even realizing it, I just gave you 11 ways to document your 2011. Now go and ask someone (even yourself) some questions and have fun recording the memories of 2011.

katie big

Scrapbooking Books

Reading is a wonderful way to spend down time. My reading interests run from contemporary fiction to cookbooks and photography books to historical fiction. In short, I like to read almost anything! Since reading is something that I do every day, it makes sense that I should scrap about it. I’ve done several pages over the years about my favourite books and reading habits:


Supplies: Live.Laugh.Love by Scrapkitchen and Kristin Cronin-Barrow, Little Love Sketches by Kitty Designs


Supplies: Bookmarked by The Tattered Pear, My Words Only Vol. 2 by Captivated Visions (template)


Some Inspiration

I love this page about Scholastic book orders! I get so excited when I see one in my school-ager’s backpack. We sit on the couch and circle our “wish lists”. I’m going to scrap about this myself soon!


By christineirion. Supplies: Bookworm by Kaye Winiecki, Melon Line Alpha by Kaye Winiecki, Dated by Kaye Winiecki, Explore.Learn.Grow by Sahlin Studio, For the Love of Journaling: The Brushes (Emphatic) by Allison Pennington

I love how Trina’s page documents a history of reading – from childhood to now and captures so many great details about beloved books and genres.


By tjscraps. Supplies: I Luv 2 Craft – KimB Designs, iGrow template – SuzyQ Scraps, Font – Ganite

This photoless layout about reading to a child is so beautiful.


By gateausoso. Supplies: Book of Firsts Collab by Three Paper Peonies and Paislee Press except screw and splatter from Danny says kit by Dunia Designs

The journaling on this page is very moving. (Click to follow link to text.)


By scrappiejackie. Supplies: Hooked on Reading: mle Card Designs & Faith True ; Photo Actions: My Four Hens Photography, FONT: sf Heidi

This scrapper put together a page about her month’s book list! What an awesome idea!


By interstitchal. Supplies: Summer Stickies Alpha by Amy Martin, Summer’s Stories Elements by Valorie Wibbens, Summer’s Stories Papers by Valorie Wibbens, Date Circles by Designs by Lili


Some Page Prompts

If you’re interested in scrapping about some of your books and reading habits, consider documenting:

  • Story time with your kids
  • How your reading habits changed since purchasing an eReader
  • Your all-time favourite book
  • A list of the books you’ve read this year (or this month)
  • Your favourite childhood books. (I think it would be interesting to scrap one of my favourite childhood books and my own daughter’s impression of that same book.)
  • Your must-read list for your next vacation
  • Your book addictions. Are you addicted to Twilight? Harry Potter? Romance novels? Science fiction? Something else?

Don’t let not having a photo hold you back! Take a look at the wonderful inspiration above and notice how many of them do not include a photo. A photo-less layout, or a book cover, works perfectly well.

Happy scrapping!

Quick Personalized Thank You Notes


Supplies: tag from “Fa la la la la” by Dani Mogstad at Sweet Shoppe. Font is Whirligig (no longer available); I added a border with the paint bucket doing a color match from the gift.

One thing that I love to do when my kids get gifts, is to take a photo of them with the gift (and sometimes the gift-giver) to put in a Thank You card. This tradition started because we don’t live near family and I knew the grandparents would enjoy seeing the kids with the gifts they received from them.

When I make a card like this, I create a shape layer where the photo will go:


Then, I just replace the photo for each different gift and save it as a jpeg. It’s super fast to whip out several cards this way and email to grandparents. I could also do a quick collage with all of the cards and have an easy layout with gifts documented as well! Fun, easy, peronalized thank you notes for everyone!


Merry Christmas


Everyone at The Daily Digi would like to wish our members, readers, and those they love a very Merry Christmas!!

Supplies for above: “Everyday Storytelling” journaler by Jennifer Barrette, font is Magneto.

Merry Christmas Adam Friday

At our house we celebrate “Christmas Adam,” it’s the day before Christmas Eve (get it; Adam came before Eve. Even if you aren’t religious, you have to admit it’s kinda funny). We like to spend it in our p.j.’s watching Christmas movies and wrapping presents. This year, it will probably include me, running out to buy a few last minute things I need. Here’s what is going on in digiland on Christmas Adam:

JennCk Designs is having a HUGE product retirement sale through December 31. Get out those wish lists and save before they’re gone for good!


Jacque has ‘Build a Set’ coming out on Friday. She created a coupon for TDD readers for an additional 15% off the already 20% off sales price!
Good this weekend only! 12/23-12/25!
code is:

Build a Set by Jacque


Need a quick gift this holiday season? Grab an oversized gift card, design a custom holder and slip it in a custom envelope. And, if you have a die cut machine, it’s even easier! The die cut vector files are provided to match the template.

TEMPLATE: Gift Card 4 {Oversized}


Lynne-Marie and Studio 68 have joined forces to bring you IQ (Intelligence Quotient). It’s a perfect kit for the high school or college students in your life! It’s also great for anyone with a technical geek in the family. It’s loaded with unique papers and elements that you and your teens will LOVE!  For a limited time, get 50% off the coordinating packs with purchase of the collab!



Better late than never…North Pole the collection has everything you need to capture your December memories. Save 28% when you buy the full collection.



Deca Designs is doing a huge sale. All PU and CU items 50% OFF.



Love this gorgeous new kit from Flergs:



Jennifer Labre has this sweet new Candy Cane alpha that is the perfect addition to any holiday layout.



Don’t miss this cute kit from Peppermint Creative for only $3 for a limited time. You know you’re going to gather the family for a Christmas movie-marathon Document your all-time fave Christmas classics and your family’s holiday movie traditions!



Studio Basic’s entire store is on sale for 40% off:



Laura Banasiak has a brand new holiday kit in her Scrap Orchard shop. Grab it on sale this week!



7 NewART digital product hitting the store on Friday 23 Dec 2011 EST with a few Christmas gifts you won’t want to miss.  This weeks release includes ArtPlay Palette Everyday, several coordinating add-on packs and a very doable project for documenting your every day or 366 (2012 is a leap year), even for those that doubt themselves most.

As always, new releases are discounted by 20% for one week only and I have a sweet deal for you this week on the entire AnnaRelease.



If you love digital stamps or want to give them a try, you don’t want to miss the FOUR free-with-purchase offers Suzy has thru 12/28 — essentially buy one pack, get one pack FREE.



Kate Hadfield has released the final pack in her Christmas doodle series and this one is all about the reason for the season! Nativity is on sale at 20% off all weekend!



Liz has a new set of blogwear templates. So if you are looking to update your blog these are great. She’s even included full instructions on how to install these goodies on your blog.



Dunia’s retiring some products:


K Studio has some deals going:



Put a little joy in your holiday with the new Jovie Collection It’s full of whimsical patterns and festive embellishments -perfect for all of your holiday layouts and projects. The new Jovie Collection is on sale for 20% OFF and the bundle is 30% OFF for a limited time. PLUS Daily Digi readers
can enjoy an extra 20% OFF by using Discount Code: Jovie20
at checkout (expires 12.31.11).



Have you been dreaming of an annual subscription to The Digi Game? We now have gift certificates available. It’s super easy for the gift-givers in your life to send you what you want most:



We uploaded Wendyzine’s new actions from my post yesterday to The Digi Game subscribers download area:



The Digi Show is off this week and next. We will be back after the new year with a new show. Use this time to re-listen to an older favorite episode! Smile

Does Project Life Fit In With My Life?


If you have been a Daily Digi reader or a
Digi Show listener for very long, chances are you have heard me express my dislike for scrapping events. There are certain events, like vacations, that I LOVE scrapping, but most events go unnoticed in my albums. I told Katie awhile ago that I am not sure I’ve ever actually scrapped a Christmas since going digital (that doesn’t stop me from collecting Christmas kits though). Katie’s response was, “Well, you don’t like scrapping events, so that makes sense to me!”

When I started digital scrapbooking, I let go of the idea that I had to scrap everything. I also let go of the desire to scrap chronologically. Along with those two things went the guilt I had previously experienced as part of my hobby. Even though I scrap what I want, when I want; there are some things that my FAMILY wants me to scrap that I would prefer not to.

I have always longed for a way to scrap those events that I find uninspiring. A method that is simple, fast, doesn’t require me to make too many choices, but also allows for customization where I want it. Until recently, this method didn’t really exist; everything I tried fell short.


What Project Life Is (and is not)

I didn’t really ‘get’ Project Life until I watched the following video on Becky Higgin’s site:

I had the misperception that Project Life was about creating a layout for every single day of a year. I also thought that I needed to take photos everyday in order to ‘do’ Project Life. After watching the video, it clicked for me and I was excited.

What Project Life is:

  • a way to spend less time designing layouts
  • you deciding your own pace (however many layouts per week, month, or year that works for YOU)
  • being able to feel good about what you’ve done, no matter how much or how little that is
  • bringing together your photos, your memories, and the people you love to tell your story
  • not elaborate
  • simple
  • no guilt
  • satisfaction

Getting Project Life to Go Digital

Instantly, I wanted a completely digital version that I could manipulate however I wanted. I thought about the different ways I would use the products (I LOVE divided page protectors and have had an affinity for them for years) and how I could incorporate them into my memory keeping. On January 3, 2010, I sent my first email to Becky Higgins, owner of the Project Life products, asking about a digital Project Life. This past summer I sent another email sharing my vision and asking (begging) for a digital version of Project Life.

I love that Becky doesn’t limit herself, her scrapping, or her products based on what she is most familiar with or what scrappers perceive she should do. I knew if anyone could quickly bring a ‘paper’ product to the digital market, it would be Becky. After a few more emails that included some gentle arm twisting and phone call with Becky, she was convinced. I encouraged Becky to contact Jessica and was thrilled to hear that she had signed on with
JessicaSprague.com to distribute the digital version of Project Life.

How Project Life Would Work For Me

I got busy ordering my Project Life page protectors and other supplies that I wanted to try and waited for the digital launch of Project Life. I spent the following weeks thinking through all of the ways that I could use the Project Life products and how it would work. This is what I knew early on:

  • Project Life for ME, would become a way to document events and bits of my life that I don’t get excited about scrapbooking, but still want to record.
  • Project Life for me, would minimize my choices for these events (both in layout design and product) making it quick and simple.
  • Project Life for me, would be digital except the memorabilia I wanted to include and anything else the rest of my family might include (they don’t get as excited about Photoshop as I do).

I also knew that I wanted it to be FAST. I knew that templates would not be enough for what I was looking for. I thought about layered quick pages, but even those wouldn’t work that well for me. I wanted to have the flexibility to select which products from which Project Life collection I was using, but I wanted it to be quick and simple. I decided to contact
Wendyzine about creating some actions for me. Wendy did just that and more!

I told Wendy what I wanted and how I wanted things to look and she worked her magic! She is amazing!

All I do is click PLAY and the action scraps the layout for me, letting me choose the photos, journaling cards, papers, and embellishments. I was able to scrap 7 (SEVEN) layouts in just 1.5 hours!

These seven layouts are also layouts that I would not have enjoyed making without the Pocket Actions and Project Life digital products. These are layouts that never would have been created before these products entered my life! These are layouts that my kids looked at and sighed and smiled and reminisced about as they went through them.

My Workflow

These actions allow you to bounce around your harddrive opening different files to include on the layout, but it’s faster if everything for one layout, is in one folder. I used a method similar to
Katie’s “Power Scrapping” method and created folders for a bunch of photos I wanted to scrap.

In Lightroom, I selected a few photos that I knew I wanted on one layout and exported them (you can see in the settings below, I’m sending them to my “In Progress” folder:


I did this for eight different layouts (the eighth layout was inspiring to me and I decided I wanted to spend more time on it, so I didn’t scrap it using this method):


Then, I went through Wendy’s page designs and selected which layout design I would use for each layout. I copied the preview of that design into the folder so I would remember when it came time to run the action. I also selected the digital Project Life products I wanted to use on the layouts and copied/pasted them into the folders:


Scrap It Actions: Pocket Pages

Then, it was time to push Play and let the actions work their magic! Actions can be intimidating to use, but they are super easy. If you want to learn more about installing them and running them, see our
action category in our tutorials section of the site. You can see how these Pocket Pages actions work below:

These actions have been uploaded to The Digi Game Monthly and Annual members download area as a free bonus. There are seven different layouts styles in the action set and a video tutorial:

ACTION: Scrap It Pocket Pages {1}

The actions are super fast, super easy, and give me the options of using whatever supplies I want (you can use Project Life, like I did or other supplies).

Putting It In An Album

One of the big things I wanted to be able to do with Project Life was to add the papers, programs, and other bits of life that I don’t usually keep. I hate scanning more than I hate cleaning toilets, so real ephemera from our lives rarely goes digital.

You can see below, I have a 12×12 completely digital layout that I created using the Pocket Pages actions and Project Life Clementine (digital version). I slipped that in a 12×12 page protector. On the opposite page, I used a Design A divided page protector and put some of my daughters cards from cast members, a program, etc in them.


Here’s the opposite side of that divided page protector and accompanying 12×12:


Summing It Up

I have only been working with Project Life this month so far (December), so I still have some things that I am undecided on that I will work out as I spend more time on it. Right now all of these layouts are in their own binder, but I think I might incorporate them into
my regular albums. There are a few other questions I’ve been asked about how I will do things and I can’t answer all of them yet. I am the type of person that plans things as much as I can then jumps in and figures the rest out as I go. I had originally thought I would wait and post about my system when I got everything worked out and knew what exactly would or would not work for me. After talking about it on The Digi Show though, we had several listeners comment that they wanted to know before the new year started. I will be doing a follow-up post in a month or two to share more details of what worked and what didn’t.

So far, I really like that have I a way to scrap these layouts that is simple, quick, and doesn’t require too much thinking or decision making on my part. I also am really enjoying saving the bits of our lives that I can add to the divided page protectors. My kids have had fun looking at the album as well.

Will This Work For YOU?

I am passionate about memory keeping! It is my belief that everyone should have a way that they enjoy documenting their lives. Am I saying that you need to jump in on Project Life, no. If this is something that you think you will enjoy and will help you accomplish some of your memory keeping goals, then, go for it! If the thought of it stresses you out, then don’t feel like you need to do it! If your heart doesn’t sing when you are scrapping then maybe it’s time to find a different melody. If Project Life is a song that sounds like something your heart would enjoy, then give it a go! It has solved some issues for me and made it so my heart sings when I am scrapping events!