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Travel pages and albums are a favorite project for digital scrapbookers. Even if you feel like you “never go anywhere”, chances are that you have some sort of travel memories to document. You might even want to consider scrapbooking about the places you WANT to go someday – it’s a great way to visualize your dream! There are so many ideas for scrapping about travels, that we spent an entire episode of The Digi Show talking about them! Here are even more great tips and inspiration to help you capture your own experiences: (all images are linked for credits)

One of the reasons that travel pages can be intimidating is the number of photos we take when we go somewhere new. Don’t worry about including every single picture, just use a handful of them on a multi-photo page and call it “good”!


Take some time to write about the many things you saw and experienced on your journey.


Don’t forget to document the actual traveling portion of your trip. We make a lot of memories in planes, trains, and automobiles, and the way we get there is a big part of the story.


It’s ok to take multiple photos of the same experience. Travel pages often document once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, or something you won’t be able to do everyday. There’s nothing wrong with including all your favorite shots!


Use doodles and kit embellishments to help you illustrate the experience. You might not have a picture of the campfire you all sat around on your camping trip, but you can use a campfire doodle as a visual aid when journaling about your memories.


If you feel overwhelmed by creating full pages (or even entire albums) about every trip you’ve been on, give yourself permission to just some photos from each vacation on a single layout. This is a fun way to show the variety of traveling you’ve done.


Scan and use memorabilia such as coins, currency, and postcards. All of these make great additions to any scrapbook page! If you’re short on photos, don’t be afraid to supplement with stock photography.


Take pictures of the objects and scenery of your trip. Photos of the pool, a restaurant, road signs, storefronts, and your hotel, are important mementos of your travels.


Of course, don’t forget about the people you are traveling with (or visiting) – they are very important!



While you can use any type of scrapbooking supplies, it’s fun to find travel themed products that help you document the unique experiences of your journey. Here are some of our favorites:



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Wow! All of these layouts and fun supplies have me itching to dig out some of my travel memories. Here are a few more related posts and resources to help you get going on your own pages:

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