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Today is the last day of the month and the last day that you can get ALL of the products pictured here plus the Playbook for only $7.50. After tomorrow, all of these products will be added to the designers stores at full retail value! When you become a member, there is no obligation, but you get all of the convenience of auto payments and products automatically being added to your account! Plus when you become a member of The Digi Game, you get access to exclusive bonus products every four months you are subscribed!

We would like to thank all of the designers that contributed to The Digi Files this month! We love getting to know these designers better and look forward to working with them more in the future! Be sure to check out their features and use the coupons included in them. A BIG THANKS to:

Studio Rosey Posey
HGD by Laurie Ann
Sahlin Studio
Stacy Molter
Eva Kipler
The Lily Pad


This month’s Playbook is full of layouts using the supplies included in The Digi Files this month. There are also tips, techniques, and tutorials on: blending, elements, journaling, speed scrapping, effects, layout design, using templates, drop shadows, and photos.

Last, it’s your chance to tell us what you enjoyed on The Daily Digi this month. When you do, you will be entered to be one of seven winners to win $10 worth of product from one of this month’s contributors. Just one comment per person, please.

Scrapping (and more) with Storyboards

A lot of bloggers (especially professional photographers) use storyboards to illustrate their posts. Storyboards are also a fabulous tool for digital scrapbooking and I know you will want to give them a try after seeing all the fun ways they can be used. Here are storyboard examples from some of my favorite blogs:

Lisa Leonard uses a storyboard approach to document her fun and stylish outfits



The Finer Things blog uses storyboards to present several ideas centered around a theme.



The Creature Comforts blog uses storyboards to share favorite finds.



Jessica Tierney uses storyboards for color inspiration



Tara is a team member here at The Daily Digi and a very talented photographer. She uses storyboards to put present photos to her clients, as well as for her own personal use, on her blog.





Shopping for Storyboards

(all images are linked)

Wendyzine has 2 great actions in her store for storyboards





Gina Miller has oodles of storyboards in her shop at The Lily Pad. She uses them all the time on her photography blog (which is filled with incredible photographs!) Here are  few of my favorites:





Lauren Reid has some clever photo boards for blogging.



Wendyzine has this storyboard action for blog images.


Here are some tutorials to help you create your own storyboards:


Now that you’ve been inspired by storyboards, try digi scrapping with one! I love to use this technique for a clean and simple style of layout. Here’s a storyboard I created.


I think it would be great to just print it out “as is” and put it into a scrapbook album. Or you could treat the storyboard as a single image and place it on a layout like this:


Layout by Katie. Mye DeLeon The Magic is Here.


There are so many possibilities! Hope you enjoy this fun way to tell a story with your own photos!

katie big

Get the weekend started!


With a new month just around the corner, we thought we’d share a few fun and free desktops for you to download!

On Eva Kipler’s blog



Free in Shabby Miss Jenn’s shoppe



There are loads of other digital goodies this week to check out as well!

Mari Koegelenberg, Sugarplum Paperie, and Danielle Engebretson have this brand new incredible collaborative kit. I just love the sewing machines! On sale for 20% off through today!



Mye De Leon has a new collection in her stores! Rules of the Road is perfect for all your road travel photos. The packs are available for 20% off until August 4. Or you may opt to get the BUNDLE which is discounted by over 40% off!



New this week from Lauren Reid – Bitty Stitchies 3. These would be great on any page!



Kristin Aagard has a brand new kit called Fishing Hole. It’s 20% for Friday and she gave us a coupon code for an additional 10%: FISHINGHOLE10



Jenn Ck has a fun new beach party goin on with this kit! Pick it up while it’s 30% off!



Kaye Winiecki will be guesting over at Pickleberrypop during August and I will be kicking it off with a lolly bag (PBP’s version of a grab bag) it will be available between 29th July and 2nd August and it’s just $4 !



Jacque Larsen has a fun new travel pack and she’s offering an additional 20% off coupon for daily digi readers! The code is TRAVEL



Sara Gleason has a fresh free download for FB "likers". Great templates!



Scrapping with Liz is having a 35% off sale on her entire store 7/28-7/31. Woohoo!



Kate Hadfield and Sahlin Studios have teamed up on a fun new Summer Camp collab. It will be 20% off Friday-Sunday and there will also be coordinating freebies on their blogs. You can find links to everything on Kate’s blog.

TLP folder-12


Heather T. has a fun new hand-doodled kit, Playdate available at MScraps. Also includes a cute font!



Studio Basic has some super fun templates on sale, and they even have a Commercial Use license.



Do you like to spend time outside in the garden? Buy either bundle this week – Grandma’s Garden or Grandpa’s Garden and get the Canning Mini FREE!



Sarah Jones is having a Christmas in July sale in her store through Sunday. 50% off holiday kits and more!

christmas ad


Karla Dudley has a gorgeous new kit in her shop.



Free on Traci Reed’s Hawt Mama’s team blog – fun and decorative photo frames!



Be prepared to meet the teacher with this adorable Apple Shaped Basket from Kelleigh Ratzlaff, filled with plenty of chocolate, of course!



WM has a great new set of templates on sale for 20% off through Sunday.



Get ready for back-to-school time with this fun collection coming on August 1st!



Have you been wanting to try a Adorama Pix? This is a great time to do it!  Order a photo book during the Seeing-is-Believing sale at AdoramaPix!

Seeing is believing! 8x8 14-Page Photo Book Now Only $8.99




It seems The Digi Show listeners really like the changes that have been made to the show!  We’ve experienced record downloads in the first three episodes so far!!  THANKS for your support!  We love doing the show, have so much fun doing it, and have big plans down the road as long as you keep supporting us!

This week, Kim Lund joined Katie, Peppermint, and Steph to discuss scrapbooking vacations and travels. We share ideas for documenting and scrapbooking vacations from the planning stages through returning home.  You can find the show post her for Episode 4: Keppermint and Patie (or download from iTunes).




Hope you have a great weekend!


katie big

Scrapping With Scatters

Credits: Inspired by You - Tracie Stroud Building Blocks 5 - Tracie Stroud


Scatters are typically a unique trend to digital scrapbooking.  Just by definition, it is something that is difficult to do in paper scrapbooking. To scatter something is to “throw loosely about; distribute at irregular intervals.”  Scatters can be beads, sequins, glitter, confetti, paint, etc. Team member Trina really likes using scatters, let’s take a look at some of her examples:

Credits: Silly Silly bo Billy - The Digi Files 30 - Jady Day Studio Template: For the Love of Scrap - Jenn Lindsey


Credits: Play it Again - Jenn Barrette and Misty Cato Gimme Layers Seeing Double - Cluster Queen Creations


Trina shared this tip for using scatters:

I usually only put scatters directly on the background paper, otherwise they look like they’re floating. I usually use more than one as well – if a kit only has one, I duplicate and rotate it and place it diagonally across from the other scatter to balance it out.

Peppermint of One Little Bird Designs has this tutorial for creating your own scatters.

You can download Speed Scraps free scatter script for PS and PSE.  She also has instructions for installing and running the scripts.

Wendyzine has some scatter brushes:

Basically, choose your color, then the scatter brush, and paint for a scatter of glitter, sand, snow, etc. The great thing about scatter brushes is once you have the brush settings saved, you can use them with any other “style” in your stash (ie. other glitter, plastic, paint or anything).

STYLES: Sand Brush

Here are some premade scatters (they often come included in kits as well):

Messed Up May

Urban Grunge~ Polyester Bride




Just do a search in your favorite digital srapbooking store on “scatter” or “scatters” and you will be impressed with all of the cool things that pop up!  They really add a fun dimension to a layout rather quickly.

Do you have any scatter tips? We would love to hear them, just leave a comment.

Getting The Most From Your Week In The Life

Projects are a great way to improve your photography.  Shooting one thing, taking a photo a day, or taking part in Ali Edward’s Week in the Life are all opportunities to improve your photo taking.

Practice a few things to get the most out of your photo projects.

Shoot More Than One Frame

Consider different angles as you shoot. Above. Below. At eye level. Take more than one photo. Do it deliberately though. Don’t just simply snap multiple photos because you can, select your views and shoot. Try different crops.  One photo may appeal to you more than the others.

Photograph New Things

Look around you right now. Find ten things you’ve never photographed. Shoot them. Always shoot people looking in the lens? Grab some candid photos. Pick a color in your home. Photograph it everywhere you see it. Photograph your house numbers, your car keys, your fingerprint, your signature. Don’t overlook those things that seem mundane, but are integral parts of your everyday.

Place Things on The Diagonal

Diagonals imply motion or action in your photo. A diagonal line can lead the viewer’s eye through the photo, telling more of a story and increasing interest. Place something in the corner of the frame and let it move through the frame. Tilt your camera a smidge or two.

Leave White Space

Give things room to breathe. It can be as simple as stepping to one side to avoid extras in the frame. Stooping just a bit, going for something other than what you usually do.

Fill Your Frame

Step in closer. And then get even closer. Most everyday photos can be quickly improved by stepping in closer and being more deliberate with the subject.

Go With Your Gut

When you think, “I should shoot that,” go with it. Chances are there is an angle, a contrasting color, something of appeal that grabs your attention. Tell that story. I’d rather have too many photos than a lot of missed opportunities.

Shoot at Different Times

The photo you take at noon is not going to be the same as the photo you shoot at 6PM. Light changes and with it the personality of a photo will change. Try different times, different locations in your home to see what you find.

Try A New Technique

Projects focus our energy and intention. They can be a great time to try things you haven’t before. Experiment some.

Always shoot with your dSLR? Grab your phone. Buy a new app. Grab your point and shoot. Shake it up.

Have fun! You are making memories as well taking photos of them!

What are your favorite ways to get more out of your week in the life? And, I’m just wondering, which of those  veggie shots do you prefer?!

Be sure to check out Katrina’s CaptureYour365 for more great photography tips!

Digi Scrap with ANY kit at ANY time


One of the most useful skills I (Katie) have gained by being a team member and contributing writer here at The Daily Digi, is the ability to scrap with just about ANY kit at ANY time. When I open up a new set of The Digi Files each month, there are 7 different (and amazing!) contributions from 7 different designers. It’s my “job” to help show our readers what can be done with those kits. When I write posts, I illustrate my ideas through digital layouts and I use an incredibly wide variety of supplies to do that. I know a lot about how to pull what I need from my supplies and I feel confident that I could create wonderful and meaningful pages with any handful of high quality digital kits, even if they have specific themes. How is that possible? Well, I rely heavily on some of the tricks we have shared in these previous posts:

I’m also willing to look at a kit in different ways, and I reuse a lot of digital supplies when I scrap. This approach allows me to go beyond the limits of  what a kit is “supposed” to be used for. I like the way team member Lauren Reid put it – “I think sometimes we label kits by the obvious theme and then forget to look at it again with an outside-the-lines set of eyes. Girl kits can work for boy layouts, Christmas kits can work for vacation layouts, Summer kits can work for winter pages…. Granted, maybe not ALL bits will transfer over to a new theme, but with creative eyes, you can dig up a bunch of bits to re-purpose, I’m sure!”

Let me show you how I use my “creative eyes” to extend the life of my digi scrapping supplies



When you look at any kit or group of digital supplies, scan through them with the idea of finding solid papers and all-purpose prints that will work with any theme. This Jubilee kit by Peppermint Granberg of One Little Bird Designs is perfect for a birthday theme.


Upon closer inspection, you will see that the majority of the papers in the kit are designed as solids and patterns that would work with any theme. These colors of red, blue, yellow, gray, and white can be used on so many different types of layouts. I can get a lot of use out of these!



There are basic embellishments that will always work with any theme. I love to find buttons, brads, staples, frames, alphas,stitching, tags, and journaling prompts or cards in kits because I know I can use them over and over. These are the workhorse elements that provide the finishing touches for digital layouts. This Seaside kit by Kristin Cronin-Barrow is so much fun for beach projects and it would be easy to only use the kit for those sunny memories.


When you take a closer look at some of the embellishments, you will find that there are plenty of items that are perfect for multiple pages and themes.



Many kits are designed around a central theme such as a holiday or a hobby. These are wonderful to use for the designated layouts, but they can also be stretched to fit related topics as well. This Storytime collab kit Kristin Aagard & Nikki Beaudreau is a great fit for school and reading pages.

KAagard_StoryTime Nicki

With a little imagination, you can use several parts of this kit for other topics.



Halloween kits are filled with orange & black, Thanksgiving kits have muted fall tones, Christmas kits have plenty of red & green. Pick out the prominent colors from these packs to use on other pages. This Season of Giving kit by Sahlin Studio has very traditional Christmas colors.


The colors can be “harvested” to use for other projects and extend the life of the kit. Here are 4 of the papers and how they could be used for more themes.


Be sure to take some time to shop your own stash and look for new ways to use old favorites. You might be surprised at how many ideas you can get when you look at your supplies with fresh and “creative eyes”!

katie big

P.S. Sue was the random winner selected from The Lily Pad post!  She won $10 in product from The Lily Pad!  Check your email Sue!!

P.S.S. Tamara was the random winner selected from comments on Friday to win a spot in Jessical Sprague’s class.

P.S.S.S. Ruth was the random winner selected from those that posted layouts in response to the reader challenge 🙂 She won $10 in product from one of this month’s contributors!

THE LILYPAD: Hoppy and Fun


Who doesn’t love The Lilypad and the designers there!?  The Lilypad has a strong reputation in the digital community for high quality products.  Each designer in the store has something unique they bring to the store through their designs. It has been a thrill for me to work with the designers and store owners since the beginning (they contributed to the second issue of The Digi Files) and we are happy to have them joining us again! Let’s take a closer look at “A Day At The Beach” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


DATBPatterned1 copy

DATB-Papers2 copy

Here are some layouts created using The Lily-Pad’s contribution:

Layout by Anne. Supplies: “A Day at the Beach” collab by The Lily-Pad and included in The Digi Files #31; Font: Typewriter Scribbled, 28 Days Later.
Layout by SharonS, additional supplies: Template: Trixie Scraps, Stitching: L. Weifenbach, Fonts: The Bold and the Beautiful, Heather Hess, The Sidekick Kid
Layout by Heddy. Supplies: “A Day at the Beach” collab by The Lily-Pad and included in The Digi Files #31; Font: Giggle by Fontologie.
Layout by Jacki. Supplies: “A Day at the Beach” collab by The Lily-Pad and included in The Digi Files #31; Font: Boopee.
Layout by Jacki. Supplies: “A Day at the Beach” collab by The Lily-Pad and included in The Digi Files #31.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.




The Lilypad was born in the fall of 2006. Amy Martin and Natalie Braxton were dreaming up a new digital scrapbook store at the same time Amy Wolff was getting serious about designing. A few emails later, a partnership was born and, more importantly, a friendship. Amy Martin was pregnant with her third child and referred to her soon to be baby as “frogger.” It proved to be the perfect inspiration for the site and The Lilypad concept was created. The site opened January 1, 2007, with 4 designers: Amy Martin, Amy Wolff, Natalie Braxton and Audrey Neal. Soon after, we were blessed to be joined by doodler extraordinaire Kate Hadfield. One of the main focuses of the store was to bring in designers who were also fabulous scrappers. Amy Martin is herself a Creating Keepsakes HOF winner and a Memory Makers Master winner. The Lilypad continues their tradition even today with a shop full of multi-talented designers. In early 2011, Amy Martin and Amy Wolff passed the ownership of TLP to Kelly Carothers and Laura McCandless. As long-time members of the site, Kelly and Laura are determined to honor the handmade design ideals. They are also making TLP’s forums a “hoppy” and fun place for all members, making the challenges more rewarding, and interacting with customers on Facebook. It’s an exciting time to be at The Lilypad!

How many designers do you have now?
We presently have 18 fabulous designers including Amber Clegg, Amy Martin, Amy Wolff, CD Muckosky, Designs by Lili, Gina Miller, Heather hess, Jacque Larsen, Jenna Desai, Karah Fredericks, Kate Hadfield, Kaye Winiecki, Lauren Reid, Rachel Young, Sahlin Studio, Sara Gleason, The Tattered Pear and Valorie Wibbins.

What is the site philosophy?
The Lilypad’s designs are known for being handmade, hand-drawn, hand-cut and unique. When you visit The Lilypad, you can expect to see products that are lovingly created in that personal, artsy style. Original doodles, clever felted pieces, detailed stitching, painted papers and the most unique elements and templates in digi-land make up the TLP shop. Over time, we’ve added quality designers who fit that design precept. We’ve also created a family atmosphere that we all enjoy.

communityChallenges at The Lilypad are a wonderful way to get inspired and create layouts you will love. The Pollys, the amazing TLP creative team, work hard to provide challenges that result in meaningful, beautiful pages. The Lilypad recently switched to a rewards system for our challenges. The number of challenges you participate in determines the store discount you will receive at the end of the month. In addition to the store challenges, we sometimes have fun photo challenges on our blog and are always on the lookout for things we think our members would find inspiring!

The Lilypad is the originator of the monthly collab concept “Build Your Own Collab” also known as BYOC. Each month the designers create a splendid mix of papers, templates and elements from a shared color palette. Customers are then able to mix and match the individual packs for a coordinating collab. We also ask designers from around the community to be guest designers and join us in creating the BYOC, as well as sell exclusive pieces during their month guest spot. Each designer has challenged us and inspired us to be better designers as a result!

July’s BYOC is all about summer. Check out all the BYOC products like the ones used in the creation of this layout.

Here are some of my favorite products available at The Lily-Pad:




















Here are some more inspirational layouts using The Lily-Pad’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.

Go have a look at The Lily-Pad! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10.00 in product from the store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

The Lily-Pad has this event going on right now:


Inspired by The Lily Pad

The following layouts were created using “Day At The Beach” by The Lily Pad and included in The Digi Files during July, 2011:


Layout by Steph
Layout by Anne. Supplies: “A Day at the Beach” collab by The Lily-Pad and included in The Digi Files #31; Font: Typewriter Scribbled, 28 Days Later.
Layout by SharonS, additional supplies: Template: Trixie Scraps, Stitching: L. Weifenbach, Fonts: The Bold and the Beautiful, Heather Hess, The Sidekick Kid
Layout by Heddy. Supplies: “A Day at the Beach” collab by The Lily-Pad and included in The Digi Files #31; Font: Giggle by Fontologie.
Layout by Jacki. Supplies: “A Day at the Beach” collab by The Lily-Pad and included in The Digi Files #31; Font: Boopee.
Layout by Jacki. Supplies: “A Day at the Beach” collab by The Lily-Pad and included in The Digi Files #31.

Signing Off–Digital Siggies for blogs and forums

When you see this heart, you know exactly who wrote the post you just read.

katie big


That little heart is my digital signature here at The Daily Digi, also known as a “siggy” for short. It’s a way of letting you know who the author of the post was, and it’s a nice little way to close off the entry. I also use a digital signature on my own personal blog. I’ve played around with many different versions over the years but I’m currently using my actual signature of my first name.

Somehow, it just feels strange to end a blog entry without some sort of final “sign off”.  I guess it’s somewhat similar to how an artist signs their work, each blog entry is a piece of me, and one of my own creations. I’ve noticed that digital signatures have become a popular little art form of their own lately. I love the creative ways that digital scrapbookers have chosen to represent themselves with these. Here are some great siggies from a few of our team members:


I love Lauren’s sweet and simple siggy image. She always signs off with an xo. Smile


Heddy has 2 different siggies for different forums. I love them both! Heddy has some great advice for making your own siggies:

(1) Keep them under 400 px wide — anything more looks ENORMOUS in the forums
(2) Don’t forget to shadow
(3) Save as .pngs to keep the background transparent

Trina’s latest siggy is so pretty, and it’s a great way for her to list all the teams she’s on. Trina also wrote a fabulous tutorial on how to make a fantastic siggy!


Some designers have even put out siggy tools to make the process easier. Here are a few of my favorites: (all images are linked)



FamilyMatters: The Signature Pack



If you want some more siggy inspiration, be sure to look through some of your favorite forums to see how your favorite creative people sign off!

katie big

Digi Scrapping the Movies


link to credits defines popular culture as: contemporary lifestyle and items that are well-known and generally accepted, cultural patterns that are widespread within a population; also called pop culture. I’m a firm believer that the “things” in our everyday culture deserve a spot in our scrapbook albums. Movies are a big part of our pop culture, even if you don’t see them. Movie releases shape promotions, inspire toys and other products, and enter into our stream of information both online and offline.

When I (Katie) saw the Harry Potter layout shown at the beginning of this post, I couldn’t help but think about how I am longing to do some pages for our own albums that document our Potter passion.  Harry Potter has been a big part of our lives and we’ve seen every movie, surely I should include that on a page or two! I soon realized that there are many other movies (or even movie series) that have had an impact on our lives and could easily inspire some scrapbook layouts.


Want to digi scrap the movies? Here are some fun resources and tips:

  • Look up the current offerings at your local movie theater. If you go and see one of the movies, take a picture outside of the theater or in the lobby. (Photography is usually not allowed inside of the theater for copyright purposes.) Save and scan movie ticket stubs, or write down the cost of the movie and concessions.
  • Many movie websites will offer downloads of the promotion posters or computer desktops. These would be great to use on a digital scrapbook page!
  • Document how you watch movies. Do you go to the theater? Do you watch DVDs on a tv set? Do you watch movies on a computer or a device like a phone or iPad? Take pictures of the environment you watch movies in.
  • Look up the top movies of this calendar year (or do a Google or Wikipedia search for the top movies of any calendar year) and document the ones you’ve seen.
  • Make a list of your all-time favorite movies. You could even divide the list into categories like they do for the movie award shows (best drama, best comedy, etc.).
  • Take pictures of your DVD cases, or take screen shots of a movie trailer on your computer. The images from movies are copyright protected, but an image or two on a personal scrapbook page is perfectly fine.
  • If you are into theme parties, movies are great inspiration for those, and a fun occasion for memory making. You might enjoy this post about Heather Ann’s family movie night fun.
  • There may be some digi scrap theme kits centered around movies, but usually you will need to be creative in selecting supplies that will go with the theme of the movie. You might also consider using more generic papers and embellishments in the colors or style of a movie.
  • Look for movie fonts for title work. You can often find the very same font that is used for a movie title by doing a search. If you search on you can often find fonts or dingbats that are great for movie pages. Try using search terms like “movie” or even type in the title of the show you are looking for.


Here are some great movie layouts for inspiration. All images are linked for credits.



























Now I’m really in the mood to watch a movie, and I can’t wait to scrap about it!

katie big