Designing Your Memories: Font Dos & Don’ts

I love that The Daily Digi is an excellent reference tool when wondering about anything digi related!  While preparing for this blog post, I searched The Daily Digi site to see what had been written about fonts and text already.  You can go HERE to learn more about:

  • Font size
  • Text Tricks
  • Good Journaling Fonts
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  • Fonts for Titles – this includes over 25 links to fabulous fonts!
  • How to turn handwriting into a font
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Today I want to add to this great reference tool by talking about the do’s and don’ts when using fonts in a layout.  I realize that digital layouts are priceless & personal works of art, but applying some basic design principles, like effective font use,  can take great layouts to the next level!

Before diving into the do’s and don’ts of font use, let’s first take a quick look at the different font families.  I am overwhelmed at the number of categories and sub-categories that are out there regarding fonts!  I found that THIS site and THIS site do a great job of explaining the some of the basics.  Here is a quick snapshot of the font categories we scrapbookers normally use:


As you can see from the above image, some fonts are easier to read than others, and some fonts can evoke a feeling or memory.

Let’s examine  a few do’s and don’ts when using fonts (all layouts are linked):

1.  DO use a font to help support the mood of your layout.

Scrapper chose a fun (display/novelty)font to support the playful feeling of her layout:

DO NOT use display/novelty fonts for journaling. Scrapist’s font choice for her title is fabulous for a title-work, but it would be too bulky for journaling.  Most display/novelty fonts are not good for journaling.

2.  DO creatively combine fonts families in a harmonious way.

I love the way Gilmoregirl uses a script font to emphasize the word “Sunshine” in her title work!  Pairing fonts from different font families (script and sans serif in this case) is a simple way to emphasize an important point.  She also uses the same Sans Serif font for her journaling which is very easy on the reader’s eye.

DO NOT use a ton of fonts on one page, unless you are creating a ransom note of course! In my opinion, less is more!  Gilmoregirl kept her layout looking fantastic by using only 2 fonts on her page.

3. DO consider using one font to create contrast in title work.

Posiegirl used one font for this entire layout!  She used varying sizes of one font to emphasize and create a pleasant contrast.  Consider using one font and create contrast by increasing the size, bolding, or italicizing various words.  This is a great example of less is more.

DO NOT combine fonts from the same families (ex: do not combine 2 san serif fonts) when trying to create contrast in a title. Generally, there is not enough difference between two related fonts to create an effective contrast.

4. DO place your font on background that keeps the font legible.

I love the way Oaklanefarm makes her journaling easy to read by putting a pink background under her font.  What a wise choice!  She still gets to use her fun dot-patterned paper, but could you imagine how hard it would be to read if the the journaling was on that dotted pattern?

DO NOT, under (most) any circumstances, put journaling on a patterned paper please! Your readers will thank you.

5.  DO creatively use fonts as an added design element. Handmadebyamy’s adorable layout is a great example of how to combine the title and the journaling in an artistic way.

DO NOT think these font do’s and don’t are rules that HAVE to be followed. Instead, consider the reasoning behind them so that you can wisely and creatively break them!

Do you have an artistic font technique?  Please share it with us in the comments section of this blog post!

Have you seen a font that you like, but you don’t know it’s name?  Go HERE for help.

Please stop by MY BLOG for a free template that emphasizes creative font use!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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