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Well, it’s almost time to wrap up April, believe it or not!  I would like to thank our designers for being here with us this month!  Today is the last day to grab this issue of The Digi Files after today, these products will go to the designers stores for the full retail value (at least $7.50 for the kits).   Let’s take a look at their contributions to  this month:









Our Playbook this month has lots of fun tips and techniques shared by our team.  It also includes a video tutorial by me and a couple of extra goodies.  After today, it will be gone. Grab it in the membership:


Last, share something you enjoyed  this month on The Daily Digi or the Digi Show and enter yourself to win $10 in product from one of this month’s designers.  Please only one comment per person prior to 11pm ET.

Fabulous Funtastic Friday

It has been a busy week here at The Daily Digi and we have lots of fun stuff to share! First, did you see our classes we have at Big Picture?

If you have ever wanted to learn more about blending modes, when to use them, and how to use them, then Jenn’s Beginner Blending is for you! It’s a bargain price of just $10 and it’s self paced. You get three templates from Jenn, a video, some handouts, and even a blending cheat sheet:


Come Away With Me is a FREE self-paced class by Kim Lund teaching you how to put together your own vacation journal with the downloads included:


Scrapbooking with a Digital Template is a great place to start and it’s FREE as well! I’ve had several people email me already to say they had tried PSE before and now they finally “get it” after completing this self-paced class:


Katie is also teaching an upcoming workshop on Power Scrapping. It comes with tons of goodies, videos, and a couple of live chats with Katie. Trust me, it’s a fantastic deal:


In this week’s Paperclipping Digi Show we applied the 7 Habbits of Effective People to digi scrapbooking. It was a super fun and energetic show! You won’t regret spending the time to listen! Just click on the Podcast link in the social media icons in the above right corner of the site to see all of your listening options or push the play button below. We would love to hear what you think after you have a listen! Thanks to our guests:

[audio: http://traffic.libsyn.com/digishow/pds044-ccu.mp3]

Let’s have a look at all of the wonderful stuff going on around digiland…

Something Blue Studios has some fun stuff:


It’s the last day of SirScrapalots retirement sale (retiring from designing).


Cindy has a gorgeous freebie on her Facebook page:


Kristin has this adorably sweet new collection with Boutique Cute Dolls this Friday called Jungle Boogie. It’s 20% off and this coupon code will take off an additional 10%: JUNGLEBOOGIE:


WM[squared] has this family history themed kit out this week:


Flergs and Kay Miller have this yummy collab out (I’m a huge sucker for tropical kits):


Crystal and Sara have this fun event going on:


Designs by Kat is celebrating a 1 year anniversary at Scrap Orchard this weekend, with a sale, challenges, freebies and a chat on sunday. She’s also giving away a huge kit in a blogtrain.


Scrapping with Liz has a tutorial on shadowing banners and a freebie to go with it:


We’re WILD about Chelle’s new release this week! Make sure to check out the add-on felties and Free With Purchase word art! Stop in at her blog for a freebie too!


Wendyzine has a tutorial on smart objects on her blog, I learned a lot:


Jenn Ck has a freebie for us all to enjoy:


Mari has this fun and Spring-ish kit:


Love this cute kit by Amanda Heimann (such fun yet relaxing colors):


I’m in love with this kit by Misty:


I just discovered Greener Grass Designs this past week:


We all could use a little “Me Time” once in a while:


The Lily Pad has a huge retirement sale going on (not the designers, just the products):


Loving these “Key Words” by Taylor Made:


Love the colors and patterns in KStudio’s kit:


Well, that will probably keep all of us busy for a while! Lots of really great stuff going on in digiland! Have a GREAT weekend! We will be launching a new issue of The Digi Files on Sunday!

Journaling This Day in History


Credits: Jennifer Fox Memory Keeper


When my first child was born in 1993, I (Katie) ordered a printed page of the historical events on the day he was born. This also includes trends of the times, popular books and tv shows and current news stories.  I think I found the company through an ad in a parenting magazine and if I remember correctly, I paid $14.95 for this little treasure that includes interesting tidbits of history and pop culture. It was a great way to add some journaling that has been fun to read and review over the years. I’ve now scanned it and turned this into a digital layout.



Layout by Katie. Papers by Katie the Scrapbook Lady. Background template by Scrapping with Liz.


When my next child was born in 1996, I didn’t remember to purchase such a keepsake. I’ve always felt bad that my daughter didn’t have one of these prints for her own scrapbook. Of course all of this was well before the time that Google and Wikipedia entered my life, but now that I have access to so much technology and information, I can’t make my own version. I love the internet!

I didn’t feel like I needed to include all the same information as the original print I purchased for my son, but I focused on giving an overall picture of what happened on her birthday in history. I also did some research to help me remember the popular movies, books, trends, and news stories of the year she was born.  I used some of my favorite online resources to gather the facts:


Here’s what I created:

web baby girl

Layout by Katie. Flergs Sweetness Kit & Scatters. Background template by Scrapping with Liz.


I had so much fun researching the facts for this layout! Not only is this a fun idea for a baby’s scrapbook, but I love the idea of including these types of facts for any year. Wouldn’t these be great details to add to a year in review page? I think I found another new way to digiscrap!


katie big

Super Fast and Super Great Looking Titles


Supplies: Doodled notebook paper by Jacque Larsen, “dude” by CD Muckosky, all other patterned papers and elements by Karen Lews, font is Cry Kitty

I love titles that look like they were created with an alpha, but I’m lazy and don’t always want to drag and drop each letter onto the layout, position, resize, etc. So, I thought I would share another secret for creating great titles… Atomic Cupcake actions! They work in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements and she has GREAT instructions for installing them in each version (installing actions in Photoshop Elements 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and installing actions in Photoshop).

The Atomic Cupcake actions are non-destructive, which means, they make a copy of the layer you are applying the action to, put it on it’s own canvas and you can move it to your layout when it’s done. Because of this, I typically run the actions on a layer on my layout. Below is a picture of how one of my titles looked after running the action:




The first thing I do is pick my font, color, and type the title. For some of these actions, I prefer a piece of paper clipped to the title and for others, that won’t be necessary. Either way, I rasterize or simplify the title layer (PS: right click on the layer and select “Rasterize” PSE: right click on the layer and select “Simplify”).


To use any of the actions, you will need to select the text using the Magic Wand or the Marquee tool and be sure the text layer is selected in the layers pallete. A window will pop-up at the start of each action with any specific instructions (what the foreground and background colors will do) at which time you can click on “Stop” of you need to set anything before continuing.


Stamped Acrylic


The first action is the “Stamped Acrylic” action. It does just what its’ name says and makes the title look like it was stamped with acrylic paint. This action does not need a paper layer clipped to it. It’s a super fun look and so easy to create by pushing the Play button. Here’s what it looks like on my layout:



Distressed Edge 2


The Distressed Edge 2 action makes the edges look a little like they’ve been filed, sanded, and roughed up. This is one of the actions that you will want to clip a paper to the text and merge those layers before running the action. The foreground color will become the core of the paper. Here’s what it looks like on my layout:



Inked Edges

The Inked Edges action was one of the first ones I bought from Atomic Cupcake. I’ve always loved the look of inked edges in paper scrapbooking and was thrilled when I was able to easily duplicate them in digital. This is another action that does well with a piece of paper clipped to the shape or text. Here’s what it looks like:


Here’s a look at the Inked Edges title on my layout:





The “Marker” (comes with the action below as well) action makes the selection look like it was colored in and outlined with a marker. It even adds a bleeding look to it in areas and is perfectly imperfect in tracing the lines! I added a white stroke to mine to make it look like it was on a sticker:



Marker Edge


The “Marker Edge” (comes with the action above as well) action creates an outline that looks like it was created with a thick marker. It’s super fun! I used the bucket tool to fill each letter with a different color:



Sketch and Paint


I think this might be one of my new faves (I really do love them all though).”Sketch and Paint”  uses your foreground and background colors for the paint and marker. The paint has a transparent look like it would if it were stenciled. Here’s how it looks on my layout:


These are just a few of the actions BriAnna has available that can create cool titles. Out of all of these, I’m not sure which title I like best for this layout. Do you have one you prefer? I’d love to hear what you think!

P.S. I paid for all of these actions, this post was in no way sponsored. 🙂

The BIG Secret We’ve Been Keeping


Almost a year ago I got an email from Stacy Julian asking if she could schedule a conference call for herself, her partner Kayce, and me to discuss some things.  I was blown away when we had the call and they said they wanted to partner with The Daily Digi to bring digital scrapbooking classes to both of our customers.

I am excited to announce that today, the first few digi scrapbook classes are live!  We have a couple of free classes and something for every level of digi scrapper.

Now, when you click on the “Classes” link in our header, you will land on our co-branded Big Picture Classes/The Daily Digi page.  Be sure to check back often to see what’s new and sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!  We have lots of great classes and workshops being created right now and we can’t wait to share them with you!

P.S. Lynette was the random winner chosen from the comments in Miss Mint’s post from yesterday.  Lynette, the email you entered isn’t working, please drop me a note (contact in the footer) so I can get you your code! She won $15 in product from Miss Mint!!  THANKS to everyone that commented!



Miss Mint for a long time was quite the mystery around digiland! For a very long time, no one knew her first name or what she looked like.  All of the photos we saw of her were strategic in covering up her face.  She’s so cute though, don’t you think?  I just love the colors Miss Mint uses and her flair for combining doodled and extracted elements into one kit!  She does all of the above in “iRock” which is the last collection to be revealed from The Digi Files this month.  Let’s take a closer look:


This is just ONE of the SEVEN collections included in The Digi Files and when you become a member, you get a whole bunch of extra exclusive goodies and surprises!  These will only be available at this super, bargain price for a few more days, at the end of April, they are gone!  Here are some layouts created using Miss Mint’s contribution:


Layout by Jacki; Additional Supplies: Font: Rub This!.


Layout by Karen.


Layout by Jen, Additional Supplies: Splatter Brushes by QBrushes; Glitter Style by Flergs; Font: DJB Karen.


Layout by Heddy, Additional Supplies: Cindy’s Layered Templates Set 72 by Cindy Schneider.


Layout by Sarah, additional supplies: Font is Smashtastic from Fonts for Peas

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.



Name: Pamela Fogul (aka Miss Mint)

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Free Time: Free time? What’s that?






I don’t scrap often to be honest. I get my fix arranging the product previews but this is definitely my favorite page I’ve ever scrapped.


SUPPLIES: Sk8erBoy Papers & Elements, PMP Challenge Template #1.


To be perfectly honest I was never a scrapbooker. I attempted (and failed) to make a paper scrapbook ONCE 5+ years ago. Halfway through I thought there had to be a better way and I discovered digital scrapbooking. This was back in the day when digital scrapbooking had just begun to take off so there wasn’t nearly as much out there in terms of information and more importantly, tutorials as there is now. I was immediately excited about the idea of designing, not scrapping. I had been working as a graphic designer and had what I needed to get started so I just jumped right in and started building a store while figuring out how to design products at the same time. In April 2006, Peppermint Creative was launched. I was really just looking for a creative outlet and thought this would be a fun little hobby to occupy my time and hoped that it would at least make enough to cover my hosting costs! I never dreamed that five years later it would have become my passion and my full-time job! What’s not to love about a job that justifies jammies at work?


Good question. I’m not sure, it just kind of comes and goes. Sometimes I feel super inspired and other times not so much. Most kits start with a color scheme that I’ve either seen or thought up and the rest just sort of happens from there. The kits really do design themselves…I just watch it all unfold and see what happens.


I’ve always worked on a PC and just recently (cough, this summer) got a Mac. I’m still working on ‘the big move’. I’m having anxiety. I really don’t like change but the PC has just got to go. It’s near death. I can feel it.

My PC is an Intel Pentium 4 with 3 GB of RAM. I’ve always run a dual monitor set up (it’s non-negotiable) so with both the PC and the Mac on my desk I’ve got 4 screens going so it does look like I’m some kind of serious computer hacker. I’ll be glad to get some desk space back eventually. The new computer is a Mac Pro Quad-Core.

When it comes to software and accessories, I use Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, my Wacom Tablet, HP 4850 scanner, Canon ip4300 printer and Silhouette SD.

My Canon Rebel XT is still kicking. I use it quite a bit with the following lenses: 50mm f/1.8, 17-85mm f/1.4-5.6, 75-300mm f/1.4-5.6 and the 430EX Speedlite external flash. I hope to upgrade to the 7d soon! I recently got the Olympus Pen E-PL1 which is one of the new DSLR/point and shoot hybrids. It’s pretty cool!


One of my favorite Photoshop tips is that you can create custom workspace presets. Once you’ve arranged all your palettes how you like them on your screen (or removed the ones you don’t use), select WINDOW>WORKSPACE>Save Workspace. Give your workspace a name and then you can easily access it at any time in the same menu. It saves the exact location, placement and spacing for how you arrange your palettes. This is particularly helpful if you use Photoshop for more than one function. For example I have a workplace preset for designing and a different set up for photography.


Every time I make something new, more often than not it becomes my new favorite product. Honest to goodness I REALLY love the iRock Kit that I did for The Digi Files. Aside from that I am loving the COLOR CODE Collection (it’s HUGE!) because it’s so completely versatile. You can mix it and match it to create endless color combinations for pretty much any occasion or theme.



My best selling kit is still Rainbow Joy. Everybody LOVES this one 😉




Here are some of my favorite products by Miss Mint:







Here are some of Miss Mint’s all-time favorite layouts made with her stuff. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.





Fav4bHere’s some more inspirational layouts using Miss Mint’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







Go have a look in Miss Mint’s store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $15 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

Inspired by Miss Mint

The following layouts were created with “iRock” by Miss Mint and included in The Digi Files during April:


Layout by SharonS, additional supplies: Template: Scrapping with Liz, Overlay: Scrapgirls, Font: CK Cooper


Layout by Emily


Layout by Jacki; Additional Supplies: Font: Rub This!.


Layout by Karen.


Layout by Jen, Additional Supplies: Splatter Brushes by QBrushes; Glitter Style by Flergs; Font: DJB Karen.


Layout by Heddy, Additional Supplies: Cindy’s Layered Templates Set 72 by Cindy Schneider.


Layout by Sarah, additional supplies: Font is Smashtastic from Fonts for Peas

Happy Easter!


happy easter

Supplies for Happy Easter card by Cheeky Monkey (paper) & Kaye Winiecki (embellishments). Textura Traced font by Fontologie.


We hope you are creating some great MEMORIES with the ones you love today!  We’ll be back to our regular schedule tomorrow!

Digi Scrapping Baby Milestone Pages

Layout by Heddy. Credits: Cotton Candy – Super Bundle by Dunia Designs, Loreta Labarca and Studio Basic available at MScraps


Many of our Daily Digi team members have babies and small children so they’ve been asking each other for advice on how to capture those baby milestones in their albums. I (Katie) figured if our team is needed help in this area, I’m sure our readers could use some as well! The biggest questions have been:

  • Do you scrap monthly pages to record your baby’s development?
  • If so, when do you stop the monthly updates? At one year? Later?
  • What kinds of information do you include on these types of layouts?



Many team members create a layout for each month of life for the first year.  Then after that, many like the idea of doing the “big” months (18, 24, 2.5 years, etc.) because after 1 year, babies tend to slow down a bit on milestones. This approach allows for very detailed documentation of growth and changes from month to month.

Layout by Heddy. Upside Down by Dunia


Layout by Heddy. Credits: Page template (modified) from CINDY’S LAYERED TEMPLATES SET 35 by Cindy Schneider; Papers and elements from MISCHIEVIOUS by Julie Billingsley; Alpha from GIRL’S ARE YUCKY by Designs by Lili


Layout by Trina. Credits: Pitter Pat page kit – Meredith Fenwick Feeling Centered 2 – Janet Phillips Font – CK Ali’s writing


Layout by Trina. Credits: Little Wonders Mega Kit – Meredith Fenwick Background – Everyday Inspiration ~ Far Away – Meredith Fenwick Chocolate template Freebie – Sabdesbois


I really wish I would have done monthly update pages when my kids were little, but I didn’t even think about it.  I was a paper scrapper back then, but at least I kept a list of achievements such as first step, first tooth, and so on. I also kept all of our doctor checkup reports so I have information for those ages that has come in handy for journaling purposes. There’s nothing wrong with taking the approach of doing occasional “check ins” to update a little one’s progress or report on specific milestones such as physical growth or speech development.

AE_LayeredTNo16 copy

Layout by Katie. Credits: Template No. 16 by Ali Edwards. Papers by Kitty Design and Traci Reed. Alpha by Holly Designs. Font is Arial.
Layout by Trina. Credits: Strawberry Orange Crush kit – LCC by Amy Stoffel You’ve been Framed – Tracie Stroud Alpha – Oh So Silly – Meg Mullens and Jennifer Fox

Layout by Trina. Credits: Dear Diary kit – Litabells and Laura Banasiak In the News Alpha – Tracie Stroud Sketchology – Freshly Sharpened – Threeology Font – Myriad Pro



I’ve always been a fan of documenting the type of information that one associates with growing babies and children because it’s so fun to see them develop and change right before your eyes. I never expected that someday this journaling would become significant in a medical sense as my son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. The doctors wanted to know when he reached every milestone from crawling to talking and I was able to tell them because I was a scrapbooker. I’m not suggesting that be the reason why you journal about your child’s growth, but it certainly was nice to have that kind of information on record.

It’s also fun once you have more than one child to see how their patterns of growth and development are both similar and different. Just remember to celebrate the differences and don’t get too worried about comparing!

Here are some ideas about what to document on milestone layouts:

  • Measurements at different ages such as; height, weight, head circumference, shoe size, clothing size
  • Important firsts; first word, first tooth, first outing, first birthday, first trip to the zoo
  • Developmental milestones such as; the date when first rolled over, sat up without help, crawled, walked, slept through the night
  • Speech and cognitive milestones like favorite words, funny sayings, learning the alphabet, able to sing songs, able to play games like peek-a-boo
  • Favorites such as; foods, tv shows, activities, stuffed animal or special blanket, place to sleep, people to see

When you keep track of the fun details of your little one’s growth, you will have plenty of information to use in journaling your precious layouts!

They are only little once, so be sure to treasure the time you have with your young ones. Have fun digi scrapping all the stages of growth and development, and remember to take lots of pictures!