Backing Up Is Boring

If you have been digi scrapbooking for very long, you have heard about backing up.  You know it’s important and you might even have a routine and be backing up your files on a regular basis (or having it automatically done for you).  If you have been digi scrapping long enough, you have most likely had a harddrive failure and possibly lost data.  But talking about backing up is boring (so I hear, I love it 😉 ) and most of us think that losing data won’t happen to them.

When I talk to new digital scrapbookers and try to explain backing up, it makes them nervous and it makes me nervous too.  I can tell a lot of times it’s all overwhelming to them and I fear they won’t do anything and will end up losing years of photos.  Backing up is a necessary part of having digital data…as boring as it is!

A good rule of thumb for backing up is that you need to have your saved in three different ways in at least two different locations (one location being on onsite and one location being an offsite).  I think most digi scrapbookers that are following this rule have their data on their main harddrive (place one), and external hardrive (place two), and online backup (place three).

I posted a long time ago how happy I was with Mozy as my online backup solution and I was.  At the time that I was looking for online back up, Mozy was the only solution that recognized EHD’s (which is where I save all of my data). I had drives fail and I was able to get my data back from Mozy.  I had to pay an additional fee to get my data back, which bugged me that I wasn’t aware of that up front, but I was so happy to have my 6+ years of digital photos back, it seemed like a small price to pay.

I recently shared on a couple episodes of The Digi Show and on Twitter that I would be moving from Mozy and have since had lots of questions about it.  Mozy increased their rates and I was going to be paying what equaled $1 per gig, per year. That AND the cost of having to pay to have my data sent to me made me decide I needed to look for alternatives.  When I tweeted, I got an instant reply from CrashPlan to “Mozy on over” to them (that made me laugh, so I had to check them out, brilliant marketing).  I did some research and really liked what I saw.  I know lots of digital scrapbookers use Carbonite, but they don’t recognize external hardrives still.  Lots of digi scrappers like Backblaze too, but I have almsot 1TB of data to back up and that would take FOREVER (I think it told me 6 months).

With CrashPlan I have a gazillion options that I haven’t seen anywhere else (see the differences between them and Mozy).  They recognize EHD’s AND they won’t delete that data if my drive isn’t attached during a backup.  I can back up to another drive onsite and their online backup at the same time (using their interface). The biggest thing for me though, was the Seeded Backup.  It cost me just over $100 to have them send me a 1TB drive to back everything up to (shipping is included both directions).

I will say that when I first got my Seed Drive, I had a hardtime logging into my account using their interface.  I tried to reset my password and got an error.  I emailed their support and received a confirmation that they had received it.  After 3 business days and no response, I finally found a phone number, got through immediately, and it was instantly fixed.  Learn from my lesson, just call if you have a problem.

It only took 24 hours to back up just short of 1TB of data.  I backed up two laptops and two external drives. I just shipped the seed drive back to them yesterday (as you are reading this, today as I am writing it).  When they get the drive and upload it to their system, I will get an email, then I will change the back up destination and my back up will start where it left off.  It will take me a lot less time and I won’t be spending weeks or month panicking that I have a failure before everything is backed up.

Overall, I think I am happy so far.  I do intend to order my data once a bit of time has passed so I can see how smoothly that goes and I will keep you posted.  My fingers are crossed that things go well!

I have mixed emotions about Mozy.  On the one hand, I’m glad they became too expensive for me.  I will be paying significantly less with CrashPlan and I don’t have to worry about my data being deleted ever (I always worried with Mozy that a backup would run when my external drive wasn’t attached and everything would be deleted). On the other hand, it was a company that I loved and believed in and I’m sad to see that end.

I’m curious to know what you do for back up and if you would be interested in learning more?  I know some people that know a lot about these kinds of things and we have talked about having them on the Digi Show, would you be interested?

I also wanted to mention that NO affiliate links were used in this post 🙂