Un-Digi: Photo Pass Tips


Whenever my family is lucky enough to take a trip to Disney, my souvenir is always a PhotoPass CD. A PhotoPass CD is a CD filled with photos taken by PhotoPass photographers throughout the park. Disney employs photographers and stations them around the park in key places. If you ask them, they will take your photo with their camera and add it to your PhotoPass, which is a plastic card about the size of a credit card with a unique number on it. The photographers will also take a photo with your camera if you ask (sometimes they will even offer). There are a few reasons I like to get the PhotoPass though, which I will explain in my tips:

1) Immediately after getting your PhotoPass card, take a photo of it with your own camera or phone, up close. This way, if you lose your card, you still have the number and can access your photos online.

2) Right now, at Disneyland, if you go into the Kodak shoppe on Main Street and ask for the Gallery CD with the coupon inside for a free PhotoPass CD, they will pull one of these magic CD’s out. The Gallery CD includes over 300 high resolution photos taken around the park. It also comes with a copyright release for personal use (meaning you can scrapbook with them digitally and get them printed too). Inside, you will find a coupon to get your PhotoPass CD for FREE. I was able to get the Gallery CD and the PhotoPass CD for a total of $50-$60, which is a GREAT deal!!


3) When a PhotoPass photographer takes your photo, tell them you are planning on buying a CD. Several of them told me when you do this, they will spend more time with you and take lots of photos. The photographer in the photo above spent at least 30 minutes with my family taking many family shots, individual shots, shots of just the kids, and shots with just my husband and I. He also took the time to show me some settings I should use on my camera around the park at that time of day.

This is one of the biggest reasons I like to buy the CD, the photographers will take a lot more photos than they would with your own camera. The photographers are also used to their own cameras and the settings are usually right on and produce great images.

4) Stop and have a photographer take photos every time you see a one! This will ensure the most pictures for your money.

5) If the Gallery CD option isn’t available when you go to Disneyland OR if you are going to Disney World, you can “pre order” your CD and save.

For even more great PhotoPass tips, head to AllEars.net and check out what they have to say.

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