DigiScrap Favorites File

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One of the things I (Katie) love the most about digital scrapbooking is that I have a wide range of supplies to scrap with. Digital kits are priced very reasonably and there is no shortage of wonderful designs out there to inspire me! It’s fun to be able to use so many different digital papers and embellishments on my layouts, but sometimes I find that I fall back on a few old trusted favorites. I guess it’s another way to use the thin-slicing approach to simplify the scrapping process. Why spend time looking for a certain piece of digital kraft paper, or a standard button, when you can have a file of favorites to access at any time?

Over the years as I have used certain digi supplies over and over, I finally figured out that I should copy them to a folder that I titled as “favorites” – then I don’t have to dig through all my kits, or embellishment packs. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to create an actual file of “favorites”, you can simply tag the items you use repeatedly with a tag that makes sense to you such as “favorite” and that will work the same way. When you search for a button within your tagged supplies, using the tags “favorites” and “button” should bring up the button(s) that you rely most on.



I thought it would be helpful to show you my own file of favorites so you can get an idea of how I use this system. I’ve pulled embellishments & papers out of seasonal kits, paper packs, and several from previous Digi Files kits to copy to my folder of favorites. I still leave them in their original locations as well. The idea is that I have a folder of essentials that is easy to access. For a supply to be included in this folder, it has to be something that I will use multiple times. This does NOT mean that I only use these particular staples or buttons. It is just a shortcut if I need to use one and the kit I’m working with doesn’t have those items. Or maybe I’m scrapping with a digital paper pack and need a few embellishments. Or vice versa with needing papers to go with some fun page elements.

Here are the file names and sources of my favorites in case you want to see if you have them to add to your favorites file. If you regularly buy The Digi Files, you will have a lot of these in your stash already!

Neutral Papers (I use these a lot!)

  • ad_aperfectday_paper11 (Anita Designs A Perfect Day)
  • CheekyMonkey_AHappyHeart_pp01 (Cheeky Monkey A Happy Heart)
  • CheekyMonkey_AHappyHeart_pp04 (Cheeky Monkey A Happy Heart)
  • CheekyMonkey_Always_solid_4 (Cheeky Monkey Always)
  • hazelolive_ohbaby_cardstock (2)
  • Jazzmin_IGCO_6 (from Jazzmin It’s Getting Cold Outside)
  • JEdwards_CleanandSerene6 (Jesse Edwards Clean and Serene Paper Pack)
  • jbarrette_feetinthesand_p5 (Jennifer Barrette Feet in the Sand)
  • kmickus-happiness-pp1 (Kelley Mickus Happiness)
  • kwiniecki_springchase_paper01 (Kaye Winiecki Spring Chase)
  • LS_BeachyKeen_paper7 (Leora Sanford Beachy Keen)
  • onelittlebird_forthebirds_pp15 (One Little Bird For the Birds)
  • Oscraps-WW-PAPER-taylormade7 (O Scraps Winter Wonderland)
  • Paper_Kraft_GinaCabrera (DDE Snow Day)
  • WW_LIFE365_paper2 (Weeds and Wildflowers Life 365)
  • WW_LIFE365_paper4 (Weeds and Wildflowers Life 365)
  • WW_LIFE365_paper5 (Weeds and Wildflowers Life 365)

Black & Dark Neutrals (Also very versatile)

  • dunia-upsidedown-paper-02 (from Dunia Upside Down)
  • kcroninbarrow-castaspell-pp17 (Kristin Cronin-Barrow Cast a Spell)
  • SP_Wonderful_Paper_Slate (Shabby Princess Wonderful)
  • sqs_cardstockstash_blk (Suzy Q Cardstock Stash)

Notebook Papers (these come in handy for either neutral backgrounds or journaling papers)

  • Paper_White_Notebook_GinaCabrera (DDE Book Bag Essentials)
  • KPertiet_Notebook-1 (Katie Pertiet Notebook Paper Pack)
  • kcroninbarrow-bookworm-pp15 (Kristin Cronin-Barrow Bookworm)
  • kcroninbarrow-deardiary-pp2 (Kristin Cronin-Barrow Dear Diary)

Buttons & Fasteners (these are my go-to basics that can embellish any page!)

  • brad1 (Weeds and Wildflowers Life 365 attach it)
  • Button_Cream_GinaCabrera (DDE Generations of Love)
  • kcroninbarrow-ohsnap-button8 (Kristin Cronin-Barrow Oh Snap)
  • MMullens_TakingChances_button2 (Wild Dandelions by Meg Mullens Taking Chances)
  • SP_Sandbox_RustyStaple_SHADOW (Shabby Princess Sandbox)
  • SP_Modish_BOY_Staple (Shabby Princess Modish Boy)
  • SP_SummerCottage_Button_Wood (Shabby Princess Summer Cottage)
  • SP_AffairtoRemember_Staple2_Shadow (Shabby Princess An Affair to Remember)
  • staple1 (Weeds and Wildflowers Life 365 attach it)
  • syrin_myfriendl_staple2 (Syrin My Friend Lilli)
  • syrin_tddhand_needlesh (CatScrap A Hand to Hold)
  • WW_BIU_button45 (Weeds and Wildflowers Button it Up)
  • WW_BIU_button9 (Weeds and Wildflowers Button it Up)

Frames (go-with-anything basic photo frames)

  • Double_Frame_01_shabbymissjenndesigns (Snap & Scrap collab TDF 7)
  • fjardine-xo-frame1 (Fee Jardine XO)
  • fjardine-xo-frame2 (Fee Jardine XO)
  • kmickus-beautifulyou-frame1-sh (Kelley Mickus Beautiful You)
  • kmickus-beautifulyou-frame2-sh (Kelley Mickus Beautiful You)

Ribbons & Stitches (simple finishing touches)

  • AASPN_CurvyCornersStitchBorders1_4Straight (Anna Aspnes Curvy Corners Stitched Borders)
  • fruitloopsally_cc_string2_sh (Fruit Loop Sally Chilly Charm)
  • JennCk_Aether_Stitch (Jenn CK Aether)
  • mkc-iluvu-stitches003 (Mari Koegelenberg I Luv U)
  • sc_spontaneous_element22 (Sabrina’s Creations Spontaneous)
  • Stitching 3 fym by Kat (Designs by Kat Free Your Mind)

The fun thing about setting up a “favorites” file is it teaches you a lot about what type of supplies you like to use. I like simple solids, pre-shadowed embellishments, and lots of neutrals. That might sound a little too plain for some scrappers, but when I have the basics covered I feel more inclined to play and have fun!

Feel free to set up a file of favorites (or a tagging system) by going through your files all at once, or simply build it up over time as you scrap. Either way, you will find that having a set of “go-to” supplies really simplifies scrapping and saves you lots time in the long run. Give it a try!