Gather up some Journaling

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Autumn Afternoon by Kate Hadfield, Papers by Valorie Brown & Shabby Princess. Pea Keylor font

The holiday season is the perfect time to gather journaling to use on scrapbook pages. Really, it is! Think about it, you have the opportunity to be together with friends and family members that you might not always see in your everyday life. Often, everyone is gathered around a table to eat and visit, or involved in playing games or doing activities together. For me (Katie) this is the perfect opportunity to mine for journaling gems!

I might not have time to scrap as many pages as usual during this busy time of year, but that doesn’t mean I’ve put away my memory keeping skills. If anything, I’m like a squirrel preparing for winter. I’m collecting photos & stories to keep me scrapping for months to come, just like the squirrel would gather acorns and food to last him through the season ahead.


  • Use memes & quizzes from a previous Daily Digi post as icebreaker games at parties, or to make conversations fun at family gatherings.
  • Sentence starters (from Ella Publishing blog) can be great for getting some journaling information from others. Write these down on papers and pass them around the dining room table during dessert, or put them on a personal blog and invite friends and family to answer the statements in the comments field.
  • 25 Story Starters from the Log Your Memory blog are fabulous prompts to answer on your own, or share with friends and family. It’s fun to compare the answers that everyone gives to see similarities and differences among those interviewed.
  • 50 great questions for family history interviews (from will give you plenty to talk about! Consider having a child ask the questions to make the person being interviewed feel more comfortable. Turn on a voice recorder or take notes to keep track of the answers.
  • has wonderful tips on how to interview your family about your family history. These ideas would apply to any area you want to interview someone about for more information.
  • 175 Memory Prompts for your Memoir or Autobiography from the Abundance blog. Great questions to ask yourself when you need some journaling, but equally wonderful to use when interviewing others!

Record these treasures and save them up for easy journaling on future scrapbook pages. You will have a stash of gathered journaling to use for months (or even years) to come!