We here at The Daily Digi love photo-editing software, but we know it’s expensive, so we want to help you make the most of the software programs you use. Lightroom is a powerful program for photo editing and organizational management. It is not a necessity in a digital scrapper’s toolbox, but it sure makes a nice addition!

I (Katie) discovered Lightroom last year and after going through the free trial period (30 days free trial – similar to other Adobe products), I knew I was hooked! I had to have it! Of course you might not feel the same way, but if you are considering it at all, I encourage you to download the free trial and check out all of these great features and resources!

Favorite features of Lightroom:

  • Non-destructive photo-editing
  • Fast and easy photo-editing
  • Creative photo-editing
  • Easy management of photo files
  • Easy to learn program

Favorite resources to help you learn how to use and enjoy Lightroom:

Getting Started in Lightroom:

  • Setup is very easy, and as someone who has never used a Lightroom product, I was pleased with how easy it was to get started. You will need to import your photos into Lightroom and it did take quite awhile to import my photos the first time, but I have a lot of photos!
  • You can use Lightroom in several different ways: to organize photos in collections, add keywords, and to edit photos.
  • When you are done playing with your photos in Lightroom, you will need to export them to be able to use them in other programs. This is a simple as saving a file.


I decided to spend a few minutes playing around with the program presets (see drop down menu in image) and I used this silly photo of a Play-Doh creation hamburger and fries.


With just a few quick clicks I was able to change the photo in several ways:

It went from this:

xmas 09 042-4

to this…

xmas 09 042

xmas 09 042-6

xmas 09 042-3

xmas 09 042-5

And you can change the look of each preset by customizing color, white balance, exposure, and other settings.


That is just a very small sample of what you can do with the click of a button in Lightroom!


P.S. NO affiliate links were used in this post.

Here’s another Lightroom resource for you:
Free Lightroom Class