Emily Card’s designs can be recognized all over digiland for her own hand doodles she includes!  She doodles and designs some super fun themed kits and her contribution this month is no exception.  Definitely a unique theme that most of us probably have photos to go along with!  Here is a closer look
mle-PrettyAsAPeacock copy

Here is some inspiration created using “Pretty as a Peacock”:


Layout by Katie, additional supplies: Ali Edwards template No. 24.; Fonts are Arial and Century Gothic. Photo from
Layout by Lauren R., additional supplies: pretty as a peacock kit by mlecard, beauty in the world (alpha) by tracie stroud
doodles drawn by me, fonts: ck ali hand, orator
Layout by Karen, additional supplies: Font is Pea Jiawei
Layout by Jenn, additional supplies: various brushes by B Slivia
Journal Away, Textura Traced & Texture Empty fonts by Fontologie
Layout by SharonS (a reader), additional supplies: Template Erin Ink, Font: Traveling Typewriter



I’m Emily Card living in New England, Happily married, 1 daughter who is 3 and a little boy due ANY day now! 1 spoiled weimaraner named Scout, 1 calico cat named Pikaboo.









If your tablet pen freaks out on you, For example, you lightly touch your tablet and your pen on the screen goes haywire. Its probably a stuck pressure sensor. Take out the nib from your pen and rest the pen on its side for 24 hours. And buy a second pen just in case this happens. Because it really stinks to be sidelined for 24 hrs without it!


In 2007 my daughter was born and I discovered digital scrapbooking. Prior to her being born I did a lot of watercolor portraits for hire. But after she was born I just didn’t have as much time to sit at my art table and paint. And my studio at the time shared a wall with her nursery. And I swear if I tried to paint in there, my chair would creak and she’d ALWAYS wake up! So sitting in the furthest room from her while she napped it was much easier to spend my time documenting her life. I became hooked immediately! I started applying to teams, got a few, but never a ton. In 2008 I applied to Krystal Hartley’s team. I didn’t make the cut, but got a guest spot. It was several months away so I kind of forgot about it. At that time my husband and I were trying for a second child. In January 2009 I suffered the first of three miscarriages that year. During that week I got an email from Krystal asking me if I was still interested in guesting for her that month. I thought it couldn’t have come at a better time. I enjoyed my time there and all the while was thinking of a way to stay on, because I really loved Krystal’s designs and I welcomed the distraction of being on her team. So I emailed her one day and asked her if she’d be interested in making a trade. I could paint her things for her kits if she’d let me stick around! Well, she offered me one better. She said she would collab with me and if the kit did well then she would try to help me find a design home(if that interested me). Our Rain Rain kit did well and in the process I was hooked. Though 2009 was full of a lot of sadness for our family personally, it was also one full of many great joys. And a career in digital scrapbooking is one of them.


Lots of things. It could be an event, or a favorite dress of my daughter’s, a family photo, my dog, etc.. I pull my inspiration from a lot of different places.


A WINDOWS laptop. Currently I have 6GB ram, but I want to upgrade to 8.  I use Photoshop & Illustrator CS3. My camera is a Nikon D70 (I never leave home without it!) I just got a tablet at the end of last year. I don’t know how I lived so long without one or why I waited. Its a wacom intuos 4 medium tablet. Also, most of my work starts off handpainted. My favorite paper to work on is fabriano 140 lb Hotpressed. And I’d seriously be lost if someone stole my paint tray full off colors (where some paints are almost 14 years old)




Here are some of my favorite products by MLE.





Here’s some inspirational layouts using MLE’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







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