Do You Believe in Evolution?


I always get a tiny bit jealous when I hear people talking about their digiversary. My journey into digital scrapbooking was a long process that I can track back to my earliest days in scrapbooking.  Because of that I can’t pinpoint an exact date that it began.

I started scrapbooking when I was a teenager, putting my photos, memontos, and journaling in the yucky magnetic albums.  I learned how to scrapbook as we know it today in 1994 when the second scrapbook store in Utah opened two minutes from my house.  I thought I would share a bit of my journey with you…..don’t laugh!


I created this layout in 1994 by arranging clipart from the DJ-Inkers CDs in PowerPoint, coloring it in by hand, using an exacto knife around the to images at the top to tuck my photo under.  I LOVED it!


Sometimes, I printed on COLORED paper and cut those out (the anchor and title).


In 1997, I upgraded to COLOR clipart and a COLOR printer.  Still using PowerPoint to arrange images, print and then add my photos.

image This was one of my very first all digital pages.  I made it in 2003 using Microsoft PictureIt and a CK Clips and Fonts CD (they were way ahead of their time, the products were great quality).


I made this layout in 2004 when I switched to back to PowerPoint.  I had a hard time understanding the layers in PictureIt and couldn’t find any resources for help.  I understood PowerPoint and how I could create layouts with it (and my dad had bought me a magazine about crafting with your computer that had an article in it about scrapbooking with PowerPoint).  The supplies were again from the CK Clips N Fonts CDs.


Later in 2004, I discovered Scrapbook Bytes by way of a special issue of Memory Makers Magazine all about computer scrapbooking.  I started using PaintShopPro and created 12×12 papers for all of my layouts I had done in PowerPoint.  I printed these layouts on my printer at home on 8.5×11 paper and trimmed them down to 8×8.


That’s when I was able to learn about the power of photo editing programs and my life was never the same!  During May of 2004 and December 2004, I created 120 layouts and loved every minute of it!  What about you?  Do you have a digiversary or was it more of an evolution for you as well?