Lots of Changes in July


I am really excited about the lineup for July’s set of The Digi Files!  Can you believe we are in JULY!?!?  I can’t!!  We have made a few noteworthy changes that I will describe in more detail AFTER I introduce you to THE DIGI FILES #19 DESIGNERS:

Chelle’s Creations
Michelle Batton
List Girl Designs
Valorie Wibbens
Queen of Quirk
Emily Powers
Audacious Designs

This month is the first month where we will have past contributing designers back as part of THE DIGI FILES (outside of Janet and myself).  Audacious Designs was one of the very first contributors to THE DIGI FILES #1 and we are excited to have her back!

Something else new this month, I changed how the files are organized, after reading some of the feedback from our survey.  Each designer is set up as a download link.  The zip folders have been named TDD_TDF19_(NumberOfZip)_(DesignersInitials).  This should help you know at a glance if you have all of the downloads (there should be seven because we have seven contributors this month). It will also help you know what’s inside, even before you download.

I also added a preview similar to what we post at the end of the month, with all of the kit previews on one image.  Each zip has one of these previews.  I had some requests from people to add this since they organize The Digi Files by designer and not by site (The Daily Digi).  They wanted a way to be able to recognize at a glance everything that was included in that month’s files.  If you don’t want these images, you can always delete them.

Lastly, a change I added that many of you will be very happy about, was to the site.  Now, when you click on ‘previous posts’ at the bottom of the homepage, the prior 10 posts will come up, all together (not summaries, but actual posts).  You can click on it again and get 10 more posts.  So, you will only need to click 4 times to get through a whole month’s worth of posts.  This will keep our homepage loading quickly, yet give all of you a way to read many posts at one time without clicking a whole bunch! 🙂

Congratulations to those that were randomly chosen from the comments in yesterday’s post!  We read each and every comment!  You each won $10 in product from one of the June’s contributor’s, check your inbox!  The winners are:

Donna U

We always have something new we are working on!  So, don’t miss anything and be sure you are subscribed to our RSS feed and newsletter!