Shoot One Thing


Lego photos by Katie

When you “shoot one thing” or focus your photography efforts mainly on one type of photography or subject, something wonderful will happen… you will improve and grow as a photographer! The fun thing about photography is that there is always something to learn. Sometimes that is overwhelming as well. When you consider all the different types of cameras, subjects, techniques, themes, and challenges out there, it is easy to feel like you have to be good at everything. Any expert will tell you that it is far more satisfying to find your own niche and explore it fully.

If you love food photography, it makes sense to really concentrate on how to best capture the beauty of food with a camera.


Photo by Janet Phillips. If you want some great inspiration for taking pictures of food, be sure to read her tips for food photography.


If flowers are your passion, embrace that love and learn more about how to photograph beautiful blossoms.


Photo by Janet Phillips. She has some great information on angles to use when shooting flowers.


I adore taking pictures of toys. It might sound silly, but it is a lot of fun for me. They also make very patient models while I try to figure out the best camera settings or lens to use.


Photo by Katie from the post on great photo backgrounds without backdrops.


Does architecture inspire you? Buildings and architectural elements offer great photographic opportunities.


Photo by Katie. Be sure to read An Introduction to Architecture Photography at Digital Photography School for some great tips and ideas.


How about black and white photography? There is something so dramatic and striking about a well done black and white image.


Photo by Katie. Read Top 5 Black and White Photography Tips from Epic Edits for some helpful hints in capturing beautiful B&W photos.


I (Katie) truly love almost every type of photography I have learned about. Of course I also am the main photographer for my entire family and our scrapbooked memories. This means I need (and want) to take pictures of many different things. It also means that I probably won’t be a specialized expert in just one area of photography unless I put a little extra effort in that direction. It’s difficult to know where to start, so I’m just trying out some different fields in photography and working on learning more about each of them. I know I will NOT be an expert in all of them.

As scrapbookers, we probably put more pressure on ourselves than many other photographers do because we feel like we HAVE to capture everything! We are documenting life after all. Shouldn’t we have the perfect photos of our kids, snap that amazing sunset on vacation, photograph our everyday surroundings, and more? Is this a realistic expectation? After all, do you know of any artist who has mastered every art form?

Don’t worry about being good at everything! Think about what you love about taking pictures and invest some time and effort in developing the skills that will help you enjoy your passion even more.

Here are a few great resources to help you find your “one thing” to shoot and learn more about:

Photography should be a fun and enjoyable part of documenting your memories. If you aren’t finding that joy, it might just be time to just “shoot one thing” for a while and explore something new and exciting.


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