With Father’s Day quickly approaching (June 20, 2010) this seems like the perfect time to talk about gifts for guys! I (Katie) not only have Father’s Day to worry about in June, but also my Husband’s, Father’s, and Brother-in-Law’s birthday as well. Yikes!

For today’s un-digi, I want to share some fun ideas for gifts for guys:

  • a gift bag or basket full of magazines related to one of his interests (sports, racecars, architecture, gardening, etc.) You could also include a subscription to one of the magazines to make it a little bit bigger of a gift.
  • his favorite treats all put together. I know a lot of guys who would love a big basket of beef jerky, nuts, chips & salsa, and cookies.
  • freezer meals for the man who lives alone. This is especially nice for a man (such as a widower) who might be missing homecooked meals.
  • all the fixings to make a nice breakfast. We have a friend who cooks breakfast for his kids every Saturday morning, so we bought him pancake mix, a bowl, a spatula, an apron, and some fancy syrups. He loved it!
  • wash his car, or give a gift certificate to a car wash place.
  • tools or a gift card to a home improvement or auto shop.
  • a subscription to netflix or a coupon to a video rental store.
  • a gift card to itunes
  • a gift card to a favorite restaurant
  • a video game or gift certificate to a video game store
  • a video game system. Even those who aren’t that into video games, usually enjoy playing on the Nintendo Wii and it’s great for stress relief!
  • sporting equipment such as a tennis racket & balls, or a football. A gift certificate to a sporting goods store is another good idea.
  • your time and/or service. Is there really a more meaningful gift? Find some way to serve him by doing one of his chores, or spending time with him.

For more great gift ideas FOR or FROM a digital scrapbooker, be sure to check out our gift idea post from our 1st birthday celebration!


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