Creating a Boy Layout From a Girl kit


Julie Billingsly Prairie Fields, Fontologie Printing Primer font

Here at The Daily Digi, we often hear from digital scrapbookers who are feeling like our community caters mainly to those who are buying “girly” and feminine kits. For those who have only boys to scrap for, it is easy to understand the concern. I’m sure the selection of digital scrapbook kits available is largely influenced by the fact that the majority of designers are females and the majority of scrapbookers are females as well. With the current product selection always changing, it’s difficult to really determine if there are more girl kits than boy kits overall. I (Katie) decided to do a very informal survey so I browsed through the entire selection of full kits available from 5 different digital mega stores (several designers in one place). In all 5 stores, I found a very healthy balance of all types of kits with plenty that would work for both genders. Two stores even seemed to have an overwhelming majority of boy and gender-neutral kits!

No matter how many different kits are available, it always helps to be able to use the ones you have for as many purposes as possible. I love Janet’s post about getting the most from your digital kits and I want to show you some new ways to use those “girly” kits so you can stretch your own supply stash.

I searched my files and found this kit that I would classify as very feminine and likely to appeal to those who make scrapbook pages for girls. (Image is linked)


Isn’t is soft and sweet? Full of pink, flowers, and lace, so you probably wouldn’t think to use this one for a boy page, right? There’s no reason why you can’t use this for a boy page and I’m going to show you how to do just that!

Here are a few tricks you can use to use a girlish kit for a boy’s scrapbook page:

  • Look for solid papers. If a kit has a few good solid papers, you can pretty much use it for anything! If the colors aren’t quite right for your project, you can easily recolor them.


  • Think beyond the predominant colors. There is a lot of pink in this particular kit, but there is also some blue, brown, and cream to work with.


  • Take inventory of the elements. Many kits have basic embellishments in them such as buttons and stitching. This particular kit has wheat, a fence, a wooden frame, ric-rac trim, stitching, a horseshoe, buttons, stars, and even a gender-neutral alphabet. Plenty here to use on a boy page.


  • Stretch the boundaries. It’s ok to use flowers on boy pages and feminine colors can even be used as accents. It’s all about your comfort level so don’t feel bound by certain “rules”.

Here’s a layout I created for my son using this beautiful kit:

web boy

Additional supplies: Janet Phillips template, CK Rugged and Fontologie Howie’s Stamps fonts

I asked our creative team to show me the boy pages they have created with kits that would be considered as girl themed. Prepare to be inspired!

Layout by Karen. Little Blue Box by Tracie Stroud; Anna Aspnes paper tear

Layout by Dunia. ESt. collab by Paislee Press and Taylor Made

Layout by Karen. Kelley Mickus and Creshens’s Any Given Day collab; My Four Hens photo action

Layout by Kellie. Out Came the Sun by Pamela Donnis; Line-Ups and Springy Stamps by Jac Bernardo; Stitches by Pamela Donnis

Layout by Karen. Krystal Hartley Angels Among Us v.2; Fizzy Pop Designs Sidekicks Pack No. 7; Lauren Reid Clearly Alpha No. 4; Font is 1942 Report

Layout by Dunia. Expression Vol.2 by Clickphoto Lien Wings by Bad Candy Splash by Kim de Smet Handy Dandy Dates by Danielle D Heavy Duty Staples by Kate Hadfield

Layout by Kellie. Sweet Nothings by Zoe Pearn

Layout by Karen. Kelley Mickus Fairy Tale Ending; Fonts are CK Love Note and Traveling Typewriter

Layout by Kellie. All Mixed Up by Studio Basic; Fly Little Bird by Fee Jardine; Fly Little Bird Extras and Doodle Me Silly by Fee Jardine

Layout by Karen. Krystal Hartley Platinum Dreams; Lauren Reid Cuts Ups (altered); Font is Underwood 1913

Layout by Kellie. BFF by Shawna Clingerman and Lauren Grier; Crinklebets by Zoe Pearn; DJB Poppyseed by Darcy Baldwin Pea Kadee Font; A New Day Alpha by Lauren Reid; Baby Bead Alphas by SBS

Layout by Dunia. That Summer Feeling Kit by Gina Marie Huff

Layout by Kellie. Tea For Two by Dani Mogstad

If you’ve been passing over kits because they were too “girly”- I hope this post will help you see new possibilities. We’d love to see how you stretch feminine kits into masculine pages so feel free to link us up to your creations or share them in our flickr group. And by the way… did you know that layouts posted in our flickr group show up under the Art Inspiration icon on our iphone app? Isn’t that cool?!