What You’ve Been Wondering – Answered


There were lots and lots of questions posted in the “What You’ve Been Wondering” post that I did at the beginning of the year.  I am going to do my best to answer them 🙂 If you really aren’t interested in me, my feelings aren’t hurt, feel free to skim or skip to the bottom where I have posted some fun finds from Twitter this week. 🙂

Many of the questions that were asked can be answered in the “about me” section of the site, that was just put up about a week ago or so (including a photo 😉 ).  Things such as:

  • how long I’ve been scrapbooking
  • how I found digital scrapbooking
  • which Steph I am (yes, I am the same Steph that is on the team…lol)
  • if I have kids
  • what I like to do when I am not digital scrapbooking
  • my goals for the site
  • what my digital background is and where else you might have seen me (or my work).

You can also read more about me on my artist’s page.  Some of the things that you will find there are:

  • my favorite layout
  • who my scrapping idols are
  • what I can’t scrap without

You can find out information about my fonts, the 10 things I love and 10 things that bug me in the Fontologie Sponsor Spotilight.

Now, for some of YOUR other questions…

What did you like to do as a teen and do you enjoy traveling?

Growing up, my parents tried to give us experiences instead of things. It was not uncommon for us to get a trip for Christmas instead of toys.  We were fortunate because of my dad’s job, we got to do a lot of traveling for very low cost or free.  So, as a teenager I really enjoyed traveling and hanging out with my friends.  I have lot of really great memories of both.  I am still in touch with some of my friends from my childhood/teen years and enjoy seeing them when I go back home for a visit (I have to give a shout out here to Julie who reads TDD everyday 🙂 THANKS).  Those two things also helped lead me to scrapbooking at a pretty young age (I have many magnetic albums full of friends and trips…lol).

As a result of my traveling experiences growing up, it is something that I LOVE to do now with my family.  My husband is the king of finding really great travel deals (although Janet did beat him recently…lol…but, her area IS cheaper than the U.S. 😉 ).  I am willing to go just about anywhere just about anytime!!  I love seeing my kids experience new things and places.  There are many, many things in this world I would go without before I would give up those memories we create together on trips!  I know when my siblings get together now, as adults, we usually always end up talking about one of the trips and the fun memories we have!  I want that for my kids.


There were a couple questions about colors.  My favorite color in general is PINK…has been for as long as I can remember.  As for what colors I like to work with, usually bright colors.  I love more saturated colors and have a more difficult time with pastels.  Some layouts need pastels, but for some reason, I usually struggle with them.


There were a couple of questions about what snacks I enjoy when I scrap.  Those that have scrapped with me know that I LOVE my chocolate covered raisins!  As for sweet or salty…love both! 🙂

I get a little jealous of the yummy snack food the Canadians have that we can’t get in the U.S. (they have much better chocolate, but we did finally get lime potato chips here…only took 4 years…lol).

Time…and my one little word

There were a couple of questions on this, “I was wondering is how you manage to find so much to post daily and still design, and keep things so fresh and interesting?”

First, thanks for to compliment!! 🙂 Designing has really taken a back seat for me since I started running TDD, because I can’t do it all, even though I LOVE it all…lol.

Finding things to post about comes from a variety of places, your questions and ideas, the reader survey, our team, things I see, things I wonder myself, and Katie and I brainstorm on stuff as well.  It’s really great because there are far more ideas for posts than there are days to post…lol!!

another similiar question,  “Do you have a daily schedule? Do you scrap at the same time every day? Do you cook more or get take out? Do you have a cleaning lady? I’m struggling to get everything done in a day…so I’d like to hear how you run things to be soooo efficient! Hee Hee!”

Well, my one little word for 2010 is ROUTINE…lol!! I’m just not very good at having routines, but as I have talked to friends that have very clean homes, they tell me about their routines.  My goal this year is to get better at having morning routines, nightly routines, and routines in general…lol.

I do not have a cleaning lady.  I have a daughter that is a huge help and so is my husband!  I did a post a while back on a couple of tools that help me, Once a Month Mom and Motivated Moms. I just did a big cooking session last Saturday and cooked for 6 hours straight and had 26 dinners in the freezer when I was done!  Now, instead of an hour or two each night on dinner, I spend a few minutes 🙂

The thing I keep telling myself is that balance does not mean doing everything perfectly!  I can’t do it ALL and do it all perfectly!  I just try to focus most of my attention on the most important things.

What do you struggle with now or what did you struggle with the most when you first started scrapping?

When I first started digital scrapbooking, I can remember being frustrated that I didn’t know how to do whatever it was I wanted to do.  Now, there are so many tutorials online, that it’s a simple Google search away.

Now, my biggest struggle is making time to scrap all of the layouts I want to get scrapped.  It’s all about priorities!  I love that doing posts on TDD makes me make time to scrap! 🙂

What TDD blog post of the week do you enjoy doing most?

Honestly, there isn’t one that I don’t love!  I love learning about all of the sponsors and working with them, so many talented and NICE people!!  I love seeing all of you discover them as well.  I love sharing a tutorial or process and having someone say that they learned from it.  It has been exciting to do some un-digi posts and have you guys say that they are changing you…wonderful!   I am really, really LOVING all of the feedback we are getting from comments this month and might start going through withdrawls when the birthday party is over…lol!!


What makes you happy?

Well, all of the things that are listed above…and then some.


Okay….I am SICK of talking about me!!!!

Let’s end this post with some fun stuff we found on Twitter and digiland this week:

I love this album:


Paislee Press announced a very cool new photography workshop on Friday’s

Misty Cato has this great tutorial on threading elements.

Yin has some free templates up.

I love the mission behind Songbird Avenue and LOVE this charity idea on their blog.  Love these cards too:


Love these:


Love these too:




P.S. Our winner for today’s GIFTaway is Bobbie, who said, “Love it, and just had to buy it.. TDF#11, i could not resist.. I REALLY really want that Adorned kit..” Congratulations Bobbie!  You just won a $10 GC to Paislee Press! 🙂 THANKS!