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Today is the last chance to get TDF11!! It will be taken down from the store at midnight EST, after that you will have to go to the contributor’s store and pay full price for the contents. I know that getting THIS MUCH for so little seems too good to be true, but not at THE DAILY DIGI… every month!!! Be sure to go to our awesome designers page page to see everything close up.

This month, there are also ELEVEN completely layered psd templates included in THE DIGI FILES, created by our talented team!


One last time we want to thank our TDF11 contributors, we have had so much fun with them this month and appreciate them sharing their talents with us! Here they are:

Gina Cabrera of Digital Design Essentials

Michelle Underwood at 2peas

Danielle from Something Blue Studios

Traci Reed at Sweet Shoppe Designs

Liz of Paislee Press

Vinnie Pearce at Pixel Canvas

Sweet Shoppe Designs is our store contributor with an EXCLUSIVE kit!

and finally, Layered quick pages by The Daily Digi Artists

All this month (through the end of today), when you purchase THE DIGI FILES 11, you will will be automatically entered for the drawing for one of these gifts:

GiftAway We will be randomly drawing from ALL of the names of those customers who purchase THE DIGI FILES 11. When TDF11 is taken down from our shelves at the end of the month, we will randomly draw winners for the following products:

Roll and Tumble Press


brilliant You know how much I LOVE letterpress!! Roll and Tumble Press has these wonderful letterpress posters for us, there will be one winner for each poster. About Roll and Tumble: “Charming painter turned letterpress printer + Art school dropout turned tattoo artist bond over a love of music, quirky collections and dusty junk shops. One, big, drafty house, three rescue dogs, and a chance meeting with a true old time printer…………Roll & Tumble Press is born. We print using traditional letterpress methods…..using all original illustrations, hand cut into wood or linoleum, pair these with all hand set antique wood or metal type, hand mix our inks and hand crank each one on a vintage press. Letterpress Printed By Hand!”

Modern June

bday banner What kind of a birthday party would be complete without a birthday banner? One lucky winner will win TWO banners (so you have enough pendents to spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) I LOVE these chalk oilcloth banners by Modern June and must say that I am very envious of whomever wins these! Cute colorful oilcloth on the back and chalk oilcloth on the front, so you can change the expression based on the event you are celebrating. Watch for these banners to make an appearance in the February issue of one of my favorite magazines, Country Living.

Curly Birdie

curlybirdie I thought these little Mary Jane’s were sooo CUTE and would be a great gift for a little girl’s actual birth day…lol. “I am the Momma of three lovely girls 5 and under. My girls keep me filled with joy and very busy too. I crochet in between laundry loads, dishes and kids! But it all works out pretty well. I enjoy using a lot of color in anything I create.” You can find her blog here and on Twitter here. One winner can select the style and size of shoe of their choice.

Past Contributors


ONE lucky winner will receive ALL of the following products from our past contributors to THE DIGI FILES:

$10 GC to Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs

$10 GC to Designs by Leora

$10 GC to Sweet Shoppe Designs

$10 GC to Taylor Made

$10 GC to Shabby Miss Jenn Designs

$10 GC to Wimpy Chompers

4 templates packs of your choice from Yin Designs

$10 GC to Wetfish Designs

$10 GC to Danielle Engebretson

$10 GC to Pamela Donnis

$10 GC to Jacque Larsen

$10 GC to The Hybrid Kid

Isn’t that AWESOME!? We thought so too! We cannot wait to announce the winners of all of these cool things tomorrow! Don’t miss out on the fun though, hurry and grab the files before they are gone!

P. S. Congratulations to Amanda S. who is our final Birthday Giftaway winner today! She was randomly chosen from those that purchased THE DIGI FILES this so far this month. She won a $10 GC to Vinnie Pearce’s stored. Thanks to all of you for showing your support and helping us celebrate our birthday! It has been a really fun month and we will be continuing some of the fun you have seen this month the rest of the year, stay tuned tomorrow for more details! 🙂

Layered Quick Pages


There is a little extra gift included in this month’s Digi Files in honor of our 1 year birthday celebration. The team members all worked their digital magic to come up with these unique and creative LAYERED quick pages. These quick pages are easy to customize and change around for a variety of uses, and like everything else in this month’s amazing digi files collection, they are only available through the end of tomorrow, so hurry and pick them up before they are gone!

Most quick pages are sold as flattened images that can’t be changed around at all, so these are very unique. I (Katie) thought it would be fun to show you a little more about how the layered quick pages works.

I love the quick page that Amy Wolff made for the files.


Here’s her wonderful winter layout


credits on this post

I was excited to use this same layered quick page for a layout about the day my daughter was born. I opened up the file in my Photoshop Elements program.

screen shot6

I went through my stack of layers on the right side and turned off the snowflakes, winter brads, and winter title. All you have to do is click on the little “eye” icon to do this. Then I had a more basic page design to work with.

screen shot5

I wanted to keep the original kraft paper, tag, brackets and frames that were all part of Amy’s original page made using Gina Cabrera’s Snow Day kit from this month’s files.

I also looked through some of the other kits included in the files and found a wonderful word art title in Danielle’s Altered 365 kit and the perfect pink paper in Paislee Press’ Once kit.

screen shot4

I added the word art as a new top layer (by dragging it right onto the page from it’s file). I also placed the pink paper above the current background paper and then used the CTRL + G (ctrl+alt+g in CS) function to merge the 2 layers together. Suddenly, I had an entirely new quick page to add my own photos and journaling to!

Katie remember

Don’t you just love how easy that was? I know it made me pretty happy. 🙂

So if you want to make digital scrapbooking a little easier (and quicker!) for yourself, be sure to pick up this month’s Digi Files with 11 Layered Quick Pages, and 7 full kits for only (including the EXCLUSIVE Sweet Shoppe Designs kit) $5 – Seriously, that’s the real price!

We are excited to see what YOU create with these layered quick pages!


What would a weekend be without some fun new digi finds?

P.S. Congratulations Carina K. who is today’s GIFTaway winner! Carina was randomly selected from those that have purchased The Digi Files so far this month, THANKS for your support, we appreciate it!! Carina won a $10 GC to Traci Reed’s store at Sweet Shoppe Designs! 🙂

P.S.S. Pssssst…did you see???

Journaling Inspiration


Journaling is an important part of documenting memories and there are several different ways to include your written words on a scrapbook layout. There’s an entire category here on The Daily Digi site all about journaling. If you find yourself struggling to find ways to tell the stories that you want to share, be sure to check out this wonderful journaling how-to post by Janet.

Personally, I (Katie) love the process of journaling on my scrapbook pages. It’s not always easy, but it is very satisfying to know that I took the time to share my thoughts and feelings. I love that these words can live on in a format that can be enjoyed by my family and friends.

I always enjoy reading other people’s journaled pages. It is one of the ways I get inspiration to do my own story telling. I appreciate it when someone takes the time to include their journaled words in the credits of a layout. The experiences of others will often spark a memory that I would like to share. I feel motivated to document our lives in words when I see how other scrappers are doing the same thing.

I realize that it isn’t always possible to share the journaling details online due to space constraints (it would be impossible for us to do that here in our posts or they would go on for pages!). I also am aware that it isn’t always wise to share some personal writings on the internet. There are times that I choose not to share my journaling on the web for personal reasons, but I try to include it whenever it is safe and appropriate to do so. It is my hope that others will see that it is easy to take a casual approach to sharing the full experience of a memory through both pictures and words.

So instead of TELLING you how to journal, today I would like to SHOW you how I do it. I have several pages to share as examples and I will include the journaling for each one.

Template by CSchneider. Kit is “Brrrr” by Shabby Princess.

journaling reads:

Ginger is an old dog and she has a hard time walking down stairs now. Yet, somehow when it snows outside, she finds her inner puppy. She loves to play in the snow! Often she will come back inside with her whole face covered in snowflakes because she has been burying her head in the snowy drifts. Sometimes she just sits right down in it and makes herself comfortable. It must feel good to her with her thick & furry coat. It is fun to see her enjoy it so much.


Template by Janet Philipps, Amanda Rockwell Crazy Beautiful kit, Catherine Designs Pele Mele Memory Keeper kit, Tekton font

journaling reads:

My laptop is one of my favorite things right now. I don’t really think of myself as a materialistic person, but this computer is more than just an object. When I open up the laptop, I have my own personal gateway to the outside world. I can visit blogs, forums, galleries, and online shops with a few clicks of the mouse and bring the world right to me. This has become especially important now that we use an online academy for our homeschooling. The computer is a part of our everyday life in many ways so having my very own laptop is a lifesaver!
I saved up the money to buy my first laptop back in 2006 and it was a wonderful computer. Because I use my laptop to do so many things (including designing digital scrapbooking supplies), I needed a bit of an upgrade. I’m very lucky that Jeff wanted to “spoil me” by doing something really nice for a Christmas gift for me. He let me pick out a fantastic Dell XPS laptop that really meets my needs. Every day when I sit down to log on, I feel so blessed to have this little machine that brings me so much joy!

Template No. 6 by Ali Edwards, Aaron Solid Papers by Michelle Martin, Basic Paper Alpha Beige Caps by Katie Pertiet, journaling font is Calibri

Journaling reads:

Once when we were staying in a vacation home with our family, Jeff made the bed. It was thrown together and nothing was lined up or tucked in properly. Now, I know I should have just kept my mouth shut (since he really hates to make beds), but for some reason I told him that he did it wrong. He told me to show him how I would do it and I proceeded to whip that bed into shape. I informed him that it looked so good that it could be in a magazine. He said “I didn’t know we lived in a magazine!” He has teased me about that ever since. I admit that it’s an unrealistic standard. Our home is rarely “magazine-ready” and I guess I really wouldn’t want to live that way all the time. I could probably handle living in the Pottery Barn Catalog though. I love everything in there! But no one else would ever be able to make the beds, so I will settle for real life living instead!

Weeds n Wildflowers Life 365, Scrap System Solids by Katie the Scrapbook Lady, Template by Tiffany Tillman, Font is Myriad Pro

Journaling reads:

The years are different and so are the styles, but both of these girls are on their way to a church basketball game. Even the backdrops are quite different. The house I grew up in was filled with wallpaper and after years of enduring wallpaper removal duty, I have made a pact to never have wallpaper on the walls of our home. My home at this age was old, the house we live in now is nice and new. I think the biggest contrast though is in the girls themselves. I was unsure of myself as an athlete and never felt very confident in my skills. You, on the other hand, are a good basketball player and you love to play. It doesn’t matter that the clothes have changed over the years, I’m just glad the attitude and skills are better!

2009 Riley age 12
no uniform, they wear team vests
long shorts, short socks, adidas shoes

1981 Katie age 12
team uniform required
short shorts, long socks, nike shoes

As you can see, I vary the styles and methods I use for journaling. I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about if I’m doing it “right” or not, it’s more important to me that I’m sharing the details that I know about the memory.

Next time your browsing the galleries for some “eye candy” take some time to look for journaling “gems” instead. Take notice of the layouts that do a good job sharing the story and think about what made you want to continue reading the details of that page. As you bookmark favorite journaled layouts, you will gain a better appreciation and understanding of what really makes a scrapbook page memorable.

Make a commitment to dig a little deeper within yourself to bring the stories you have inside of you to life. You will find that your layouts will become more than pages, they will be masterpieces!


P.S. Hannah K is today’s GIFTaway winner and was randomly selected from the comments on yesterday’s post (we are so glad that you are so excited to learn this stuff 😉 )Here’s what Hannah said: “yippee ~ looking forward to the lessons and improving my layouts”/ Thanks to everyone for giving Rachael such a warm reception on her first post! Hannah won a $10 GC to Paislee Press! 🙂

P.S.S There are only a few more days to grab THE DIGI FILES 11 and qualify yourself to win a BUNCH-O-GIFTS including one lucky person that will win $120 of gift certificates to past sponsors stores!! 🙂

Basic Design Principles – A New Series


Rachael has been a member of The Daily Digi Artists since the team started almost a year ago. She has been a wonderful asset to our team and I was very excited that she wanted to share these design tips, as they apply to scrapbooking with all of us! How to design better layouts is one thing you have said you wanted to know more about, so watch for these posts every month toward the end of the month!


Hi everyone! I (Rachael) am excited to be posting here at The Daily Digi for the very first time! This post marks the first in a series of monthly posts that will focus on basic design principles!

I recently earned my degree in Graphic Design. As I sat through the design courses, I often found myself studying how the design principles apply to scrapbooking. Many of these concepts are things scrapbookers do as second nature, without any conscious thought. I believe that, by nature, we are intuitive to what “looks good”. There are times, though, where we struggle to find the right look. We aren’t pleased with the way the page is turning out, but we might not know why. A quick look through the basic design principles can identify the problem.

Once you know and understand the six basic design principles, you can use them to strengthen your scrapbook pages. These principles are not meant to replace your personal creativity or stifle you, but rather give you a strong foundation on which to build your pages! Think of the principles as the architecture of your house and yourself as the interior designer!


During the next 6 weeks, we will study the concept of ECBARF and cover each of the 6 principles in more depth.

Emphasis: The most important element on the page should be the most prominent and the second most important should be the next in line. In this post we will talk about what the most important elements on our pages are. Is it our title? Our photos? Our journaling? How do we decide? We will answer these questions and find out how to communicate the importance of those elements through visual design.

Contrast: The principle of contrast states that elements on a page should look distinctly different from one another. Contrast is used to add visual interest to your layouts and to keep everything on the page from looking alike. In this post, we will take a look at various ways to create contrast within your layout. Color choices, shapes and size are just a few of the things that can be used to create contrast.

Balance: Balance is the distribution of the visual weight of elements on a page in order to achieve a pleasing and clear layout. This post will focus on how the placement of photos, elements and journaling can be used to create balance and harmony within your layout.

Alignment: Alignment is the connection among journaling, photographs and elements on a page when their edges line up with each other. This post will feature how alignment affects your layout. Just as alignment can create continuity, a choice to take things out of alignment can create discord. Depending on your goal for the layout, this might be just the look you want to achieve!

Repetition: This principle states that repeating lines, shapes, images, colors, textures and other visual elements within a layout helps establish a unified, cohesive layout. In this post, we will look at ways to create a cohesive look in your layouts through the use of repetition, without being monotonous. Using items similar in color, shape or pattern, your layout will have a unified look.

Flow: Flow is the visual path of movement in which the reader’s eye tracks though a page or pages. This post will focus on your layout as one united piece. Falling back on the concepts that closely relate, we will see how the finished layout comes together to create flow.

If you are an info. junkie like me, you might want to do a little further reading before we get started in February: (This article is written for web design, but much of the information shared applies to us scrappers, too!)

Desktop Pub


Design Library


P.S. Congratulations to hesmema who won today’s GIFTaway!! She was randomly selected from those that commented in Katie’s post from yesterday about her awesome parents! She won a $10 GC to Traci Reed! Check back tomorrow to see who will win!

My Parents Were Awesome


We love to share inspirational links here at The Daily Digi so when I (Katie) found this cool website My Parents Were Awesome I knew I wanted to post about it. This site was pointed out to me from a fellow classmate in Ali Edwards’ Yesterday Today workshop last year at Big Picture Scrapbooking. The class has ended now, but if it is offered again, I HIGHLY recommend it! One thing I really learned from the whole experience was to have a greater appreciation for the photos of the past I just loved looking through all the older photographs that Ali shared with us there.

The idea behind My Parents Were Awesome is that our parents had a life before they were parents, and they were pretty awesome people! It is so much fun to browse through all the photos that have been submitted there and imagine the stories behind them. This helped me to remember that my own parents were (and still are) awesome!

Here are my parents before a school dance when they were in high school. My Grandma had made the dress for my Mom and my Mom created her headband and jeweled belt out of a rhinestone necklace and earrings. For some reason they always had their picture taken in front of the groovy brass plate on the fireplace. This photo was probably taken in 1964 or 1965. That skinny tie is a real giveaway to the time period. They are so young and so cool in this picture!

Ah, the Seventies! This is circa 1972. Love my Dad’s wide tie and long sideburns, and especially my Mom’s frosted hair and Go-Go boots! Note the TV set and the lamp, they are also telling clues to the date. What a shame it would be if this photo was cropped! That would rob us of an important part of the history of this moment in time. We often journal about the people in the picture, but it’s worth mentioning the seemingly small details of the furnishings and surroundings as well. These things all contribute to the story being told.

One of my biggest “Aha!” moments of Ali’s class was when Ali suggested that we shouldn’t do a lot to change older photos. This was sort of a radical idea for me at first because I’ve spent so much of my time over the last few years learning about how to improve my photos by editing them. Once I thought about it though, I really started to understand her point. While it’s fine to clean up some scanner dust, remove red eye, or repair a scratch, consider letting the photo exist as it was taken. It really is a more authentic memory that way.


This is a picture of me with my parents in 1971. I love this photo just as it is. The original finish and coloring of this picture help tell the story. I could sharpen it up and adjust the levels and coloring, but I’m going to leave it in it’s original state. Now, I’m not saying that older pictures should never be edited. I do believe some of them need a little extra help to give them a new life and that’s ok also. The general idea here is that older photographs are beautiful in their own way, and part of the beauty comes from the fact that they are from another time and that means different technology was used to capture the shot.

This new awareness has also changed how I want to scrap older photos. I want to enhance the story behind them and not detract from it. The beautiful thing about digital scrapbooking is that the sky is the limit when it comes to how we embellish our layouts, but that can also be a problem. Sometimes we can get too caught up in using a new kit or piling on a bunch of fun embellishments only to lose sight of the purpose of the page – the story. If you want to share a memory, let the “awesomeness” of that moment in time shine through on your page!


Template by Darcy Balwin, Papers and heart from Autism World of Wonder Collab. Fonts are CK footnote and Hootie

Here are a few tips to help you scrapbook awesome pages with awesome pictures on them:

  • Concentrate on making the picture(s) and the journaling the main focus of the layout.
  • Look for kits that complement the photos on your layout in color and/or theme.
  • If you are lucky enough to have the people in the photographs still around in your life, take some time to ask them about the details and use their memories for your journaling.
  • And finally, don’t forget to tell them that you think they are awesome!


P.S. Congratulations to Tori A. who is the GIFTaway winner for today! She was randomly selected from those that have purchased THE DIGI FILES so far this month! THANKS for your support!

Iron On Transfer projects with Digital Scrapbook Supplies


I (Katie) will be the first to admit that I get a little nervous when it comes to hybrid projects. I found this post by Janet so comforting and I loved her idea of sketching out a hybrid idea on the computer first. Once I realized that was an option, I had an entirely new outlook on the world of hybrid projects. I guess that is why iron on transfer projects appeal to me so much – the canvas (a shirt, a bag, etc), is very similar to a blank scrapbook page. I can actually visualize the finished project.

I spent some time browsing through the galleries and I found some amazing inspiration from several different artists that made me WANT to get out my iron out!

I just love these darling little onesies and that “chick magnet” shirt is making me giggle! These were created by Mturnridge and she even gives details about the process she used and links to the products she used.


I absolutely adore this little bag! Amber1279 used a kit by Traci Reed as her inspiration to create this bag and bought a dress to go with it!


One of the best things about using digital scrapbook supplies for iron on transfer projects is that you can totally customize an entire gift pack. I love how Jen Tapler used the papers and elements to create a gift box and tag!


Aprons are another fun thing to customize with iron on transfers. I love the way hollyrh included names on these sweet aprons.


It’s nice to see a “manly” project for iron on transfers as well. Don’t feel like you are limited if you don’t have girls and babies in your life, there are plenty of ways to create something cool for a guy as well. This project by livelys is a great example and she links up to the kit she used in the credits.

Ideas for Iron On Transfer Projects:

  • t-shirts
  • onesies (baby shirts)
  • aprons
  • canvas bags
  • cloth napkins
  • cloth placemats
  • cloth tablecloths
  • denim jackets
  • denim jumpers and dresses
  • denim shirts
  • denim jeans (especially the pockets)
  • pillowcase borders
  • bedsheet borders

Some important tips to remember:

  • Print your image in reverse so when you iron it on it will be correctly positioned (unless products instructs otherwise)
  • There are several iron on transfer paper packs out there so check out some of these project links to see what these artists recommend. You might want to consider a product specifically for dark color fabrics if that is what you choose to work with. Also pay attention to what kind of paper your printer requires. There are different transfer papers for ink jet printers vs. laser printers.
  • White won’t print out on a design so look for colorful or dark options instead.
  • Practice first! Make sure you know what side of the transfer paper to print on. You also might want to consider doing a small test project on on older piece of fabric so you get the hang out of ironing the transfers.
  • Follow the directions on the package of transfer paper for best results.

Now I can’t wait to grab some plain t-shirts and have some fun of my own! If you create an iron on transfer project feel free to send us a link so we can be inspired by YOU!


P.S. The winner in the random drawing for the Casual Blogger Conference pass is Debbie who said: “Great ideas for the start ups and newbies. Good post! I’d love to go to the conference.”

P.S.S Our random GIFTaway goes to Tracie who left a comment in the SSD post yesterday and said this: “I love SSD! They are one of my favorite places to hang out and to shop!” Tracie, you won a $10 GC to Sweet Shoppe, check your inbox!

In The Designer’s Studio with Sweet Shoppe Designs

DesignersStudio copy


I am beyond thrilled to have Sweet Shoppe Designs joining us this month as our store sponsor!! I remember when I heard about Sweet Shoppe before it went live and the idea of the candy theme and thought it was such a fun idea! It has been really fun to watch this shoppe become what it is today with a powerhouse of talent!

Here’s a closer look at the EXCLUSIVE Sweet Shoppe contribution:


That’s right, this kit was created EXCLUSIVELY for THE DIGI FILES this month, so if you like it, you better grab it before it is gone! But, you will not only get “See Jane Smile”, you will also get everything else you see on the awesome designers page! And it is all only $5…for everything!! Too good to be true? NOT at The Daily Digi!!!

Here’s some inspiration for you from our team:


Layout by NeeNee (this layout is included in THE DIGI FILES 11 as a layered quick page), all supplies from “See Jane Smile” TDF11


Layout by Karen (this layout is included in THE DIGI FILES 11 as a layered quick page), all supplies from “See Jane Smile” TDF 11


Layout by Janet, See Jane Smile by SSD; Messy Machine Stitching by Traci Reed; JellyBean Toes alpha by CD Muckosky


Layout by Rachael, “See Jane Smile” by Sweet Shoppe Designs (part of TDF 11 at The Daily Digi), Template by Valorie Wibbens


Layout by Katie, “See Jane Smile” by Sweet Shoppe Designs (part of TDF 11 at The Daily Digi), template by Janet Phillips (flower power).



Robin Carlton is the owner of Sweet Shoppe Designs and lives in ‘the burbs’ of Phoenix Arizona and is married to Rocky, 3 kids – Katie (9), Emily (6) & Andy (4)

Sweet Shoppe Designs

Sweet Shoppe Blog

Sweet Shoppe on Twitter

Sweet Shoppe on Facebook

The designers at Sweet Shoppe:

Christy Lyle, Dani Mogstad, Darcy Baldwin, Eva Kipler, Fee Jardine, Heather Roselli, Janet Phillips, Julie Billingsley, Kristin Cronin-Barrow, Krystal Hartley, Lauren Grier, Lauren Reid, Libby Weifenbach, Lliella Designs, MandaBean, Misty Cato, Melissa Bennett, Penny Springmann, Shawna Clingerman, Susan Bartolini, Traci Reed & Zoe Pearn


Tip: Working with other designers on collaborative projects can really help your own skills as a designer grow. One of the things we pride ourselves on at SSD is the fact that we push each other to be the best we can be. Part of that comes from sharing our new releases behind the scenes before they hit the shoppe and another part of that is the high volume of team collabs, two scoops and triple dips our designers do each month. When you work with other designers, you’re exposed to different styles and their individual expertise. Each new project brings the opportunity to learn something new from your peers!


Sweet Shoppe Designs was started in February 2006. Several of our designers originally worked together at The DigiChick, and when it came under new ownership at the end of 2005, we decided we wanted a fresh start where we could pursue our own ideal and grow our friendships, so Sweet Shoppe Designs was born.

When SSD opened its doors in Feb 2006, we had 8 designers. Of the original 8 only 3 remain on the team, Robin, Christy and Manda. Since then we have grown to a team of 22 talented artists who each bring something special to the table.

SSD is an idea that was born out of friendship and commitment to one another’s designs. We believe in a tight knit and supportive environment where each designer and creative team member is truly invested in the success of our brand. Success in our book is having a thriving community that is inspired to record their memories for future generations using the sweetest digital scrapbook supplies on the internet. SSD is all about making your memories sweeter!


We are super excited to share that our brand new Challenge Portfolio system rolled out on January 1st! Each month, we’re providing our community with a slew of inspiring prompts in both web and downloadable .pdf format. Using the inspiration, each scrapper can determine which prompts they want to complete in order to earn enough points for a discount they can use in the shoppe during Sweet Rewards week! Earn up to 40% for playing along!!

Our blog is also hopping with daily posts that feature scrapper spotlights, hybrid inspiration and sweet treats too!

January 30th we’re also kicking off a month long celebration of our 4th Anniversary! Our team is working tirelessly behind the scenes and we have sooo much in store for you including our famous Click-A-Sig promotion!


Here are some of my favorite Sweet Shoppe collabs:














Here’s some great inspiration from the Sweet Shoppe Gallery:








Finally, you won’t want to miss the upcoming issue of Simply Sweet which will debut in February. If you haven’t seen our past issues, you can pick them up for

35% off with coupon code tdd-simplysweet

Offer valid on a single Simply Sweet order now through February 15th!

P.S. The random winner in the “From the Files” was Sharon S., she won a $10 GC to Sweet Shoppe Designs thanks for scrapping with us Sharon! Sharon also said this: “How perfect are these colors with this picture of my sweetie? I love doing these challenges! I really really appreciate the concise titles of the elements–I’ve spent more time trying to figure out the location of the elements in past challenges than I did making the layouts ;o)”

Lots of our readers agreed with you Sharon, we decided to do this because Sierra suggested it in the comments section last month, THANKS Sierra!!

Come back again next month for another round of FROM THE FILES!

P.S.S. Our GIFTaway winner is GYPSY who was randomly selected from those that posted comments in Katie’s cake post (I’m off to the bakery today 😉 ) Here’s what she said: “YUM! You enablers!!” Gypsy won a $10 GC to Sweet Shoppe Designs as well! 🙂

Watch your inboxes!

birthday cakes and cupcakes


We’ve been in birthday mode all month long here at The Daily Digi, so I (Katie) thought it would be fun to use today’s “Un-Digi” post to share some fabulous birthday cake (and cupcake) ideas!

Bakerella’s moist yellow birthday cake. Yum!

Moist Yellow Cake

Best birthday cake from Smitten Kitchen. I just love yellow cake with chocolate frosting!

best birthday cake

How about a no-bake cake? Martha Stewart shows you how easy it is to make this fun cake.

This candyland cake from Taste of Home would thrill any child (or adult!)

This teddy bear cake is sooooo amazing! You have to check it out on the Not So Humble Pie blog!

This cookie crown cake from Family Fun would make anyone feel like royalty!

How about a really gourmet cake? Try this chocolate raspberry pistachio cake from La Tartine Gourmande and enjoy some incredible photography while you’re there!

gluten free chocolate cake amaranth quinoa flour

The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake ever from Pioneer Woman. I’ve made it 3 times and it really is the best EVER!


Cupcakes are another perfect way to celebrate birthdays and they work especially well for parties. Each guest will feel like they got their own special little cake!

Love these cute little clown cupcakes from Martha Stewart!

Love this balloon bouquet of cupcakes from Family Fun. Great for any type of birthday party!

Another cute cupcake idea from Martha Stewart. Love the simplicity of these!

Fondant cupcakes from Pioneer Woman + Bakerella!


Fabulous cupcake ideas + a recipe for yummy buttercream frosting from Tongue-N- Cheeky

a few more great resources to check out:

I don’t know about you, but I’m really hungry for some cake now! Off to the kitchen…


I (Steph) wanted to share with you a really fun cake I found when tls63 linked up to her layout here in the comments section a while back 🙂 It really looks like a super fun cake! Here is her layout:

I left her a comment and she linked me up to the recipe too! You can also find some step-by-step instructions with great photos on Meg’s blog. It looks like so much fun! 🙂

Since we are on the subject of rainbows, I thought I would relink to this fun post that Janet did a while back and showed us how to make these fun cupcakes:

There is also “Ace of Cakes” that my kids and I are addicted to. Janet shared CAKE WRECKS awhile back, but I thought today would be a great day to share again!

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How to Blog


Many of our readers mentioned that they hope to start or keep a blog this year so they can share their projects such as Photo 365. Having a blog is a wonderful way to document the ongoing events and memories in daily life, and it comes in very handy later on when you are ready to recap those experiences on a scrapbook page. Last week in the first episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast guest Stacy Julian talked about how there are many forms of scrapbooking these days (including blogging), and that every one of them “counts” (love that!) Blogging is simply another way to record your life experiences, and that certainly is an important form of memory keeping.

I (Katie) have been blogging nearly every single day since October of 2005, and now I’m a regular blogger here at The Daily Digi as well. 🙂 I have discovered a lot of useful tips along the way to help me become a better blogger. Whether you are a long time veteran of the blog world, or you are hoping to start one in the future, I’m sure you will find something helpful in this post.

Getting Started:

  • Find a site to host your blog. I would suggest you start with a free site like blogger to get the hang of it, unless you know you are opening a business related blog. Then you might want to hire some help getting a blog set up through wordpress or typepad that will integrate directly in with your own website. I have used all 3 of those services and feel comfortable recommending any of them. There are a lot of other options out there as well so you may want to do search on “blog hosts” if you are looking for something different.
  • Decide on a purpose and a name for your blog. Of course you can change this later one if you want (it’s your blog) but it’s helpful to have an audience and a general direction in mind from the start. If the blog is for family and select friends then you are fine to keep your posts centered around the daily thoughts and doings of your life. If you are hoping for a larger audience, you will find more success in having a broader topic as well such as; reading, crafting, scrapbooking, baking, history, traveling, etc. Are you hoping to make money on your blog? (it’s not easy to do that!) Or do you just want a forum for sharing ideas and connecting with others. These are things to consider.
  • Have a privacy plan. These tips also apply to posting photos and/or scrapbook pages on any online site. Don’t post information that would allow others to invade your privacy. Even on a family blog, you should never post your address (even in a picture of your house or mailbox). Be cautious about posting where your family works as well. Also, realize that everything that is put on the internet can stay there forever (even if you delete it) so be careful about bad-mouthing someone at work or sharing something really embarrassing. Of course a lot of these decisions are personal choices, but if you are blogging, chances are you would like at least one other person to enjoy what you are posting, so it helps to play nice and keep those you love comfortable and protected. If you are posting pictures and information about children, be especially careful since there are a few unsavory characters out there. Some sites do offer password protection for blogs. I have a password protected blog for my own immediate family, but I still follow the above guidelines. If something ever happened to the security of that blog, I won’t have to worry that I’ve given away to much specific information.

Creating and Keeping a Great Blog:

If you are going to take the time to post to a blog, you might as well make it something to be proud of. While you can customize your blog any way you want, there are a few tips that will increase readability and make it more enjoyable for you and your readers.

  • Busy backgrounds make it hard to read text and/or see the photos and content you are sharing. Another thing to avoid is light text on a dark background – it is very hard to read! Think of your blog as a giant scrapbook layout (or poster) that you are placing in front of someone and expecting them to read. Would you fill that page with a ton of blinking ads? Would you put all of your text on a wildly flowered background? Always keep the reader in mind (even if you are the only reader).
  • Blog regularly. It doesn’t have to be every day, but if you blog twice and then don’t post anything for 2 months, don’t expect anyone to be interested in your blog. Unless you are a huge celebrity, people generally aren’t going to take the time to visit over and over in hopes that you might have blogged.
  • Enable an RSS feed (your blogging program will have information on this). Be sure to make it a full feed so people can read posts in their readers. (See Steph’s post on subscribing to feeds) Some people think that by posting a partial feed it will force people to visit their website and click on ads. It just forces me to delete the feed because I don’t have time for that. Based on a recent poll on the epic edits photography blog, I have proof that I’m not alone in that opinion.
  • Don’t steal. Don’t take someone else’s content and claim it as your own (or repost in your own words). It’s common blog etiquette to link back to where you found the original idea. Feel free to borrow inspiration from other bloggers though, it’s a compliment, just like scraplfiting is in our community. Just be sure to credit the source.

Make it Fun and Interesting:

  • Share stories and experiences. One of the greatest things about reading blogs is finding out that others out there have the same joys and struggles.
  • Post photos or images when possible. Make your blog visually interesting as well. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but take a little time to learn about your camera and put some effort into capturing good photos. Explore the photography section here on The Daily Digi for tips and ideas. You may want to consider editing your photos a bit as well (here’s where those digital scrapbooking skills really pay off!) If you have ever seen a really spectacular photo on a blog, chances are it’s been tweaked a little in photoshop. That’s what great photographers do – they use the tools available to them to make their photographs shine. (Read about a simple trick Janet uses to make her photos and layouts really look great on the web using the Scott Kelby approach.)
  • Be yourself. Don’t try to be something your not. Remember that a blog is another way to express yourself and document your life. Keep it real and you will be happier in the long run. So will your readers.

Finally, I just wanted to say how fun it is when you include links to your own Daily Digi inspired projects on your own blogs (or in forums). It’s so fun to see what YOU are creating with the amazing kits available each month in The Digi Files! Thanks for all your support and inspiration!


Katie and I will be presenting a beginning digital scrapbooking workshop at The Casual Blogger Conference this spring. If you are a blogger or would like to start a blog, you would enjoy this conference. Here’s what the site says about the conference:

“The Casual Blogger Conference was born late one night, when we were lamenting the fact that we couldn’t go to those big conferences. We’re “just the mommy blogger” we thought, and we will never fit in with all those famous people, and we don’t have much to offer.
We realized that there were probably a lot of other people just like us who wanted to learn more about their favorite hobby, but just couldn’t justify the expense–the ticket, the babysitters, the hotels– and were a little intimidated by the whole idea.

We understand the power of the casual blogger. They stay home with their kids. They juggle a full time job and soccer practice. Sometimes they’re married, sometimes they’re not.

But they ALL find time to fit blogging into their lives.”

You can read more about the purpose, the services they will be offering, and the really cool facilities on their site.

The Casual Blogger Conference is giving away one pass to a lucky Daily Digi reader. Leave them a comment in this post telling them why you want to go to the conference by Monday at midnight EST. A random winner will be chosen from the comments and posted on Tuesday! 🙂

P.S. Congratulations to Candice W. who is our random GIFTaway winner she was chosen from those that have purchase THE DIGI FILES so far this month!! Candice won a $10 gift certificate to Digital Design Essentials, check your email Candice!

From The Files


Here are the supplies for this months “From The Files”, the rules are the same; use each of these products at least once. We will randomly draw a winner from the layouts linked up in the comments (post on your blog or in a gallery) before midnight EST Sunday. The winner will receive a $10 GC from one of our sponsors and will be announced on Monday morning.

Here are the file names:
Paislee Press: Paislee-Once-pp1
Sweet Shoppe Designs: kcroninbarrow-tddcollab-pp2
Vinnie Pearce: VPearce_Bag_queen_012
Michelle Underwood: MUnderwood_Youpickedme-stitches
Digital Design Essentials: Journal_Spot_Orange_GinaCabrera
Something Blue Studios: SBS_Alt365_Jan_wordart-today
Traci Reed: treed-littlemiss-string
*BONUS* DJB Leoni (font in SSD kit)

Here is what our team did with this challenge:


Layout by Karen: “I used most of the stuff as is, but duplicated the wordart a few times (and varied the blending each time) and cut little hearts out of Kristen’s paper and recolored it to match the pink in Danielle’s word art.”


Layout by Jacki


Layout by Katie


I wanted to share some great find from around digiland this week:

If you would like these fun cupcake wrappers and toppers, it’s really easy and it helps HAITI (you choose the charity and the amount)! Make sure you read FOR THE LOVE OF HAITI if you haven’t yet.


Ali Edward’s did a series of posts this week all about digital scrapbooking, be sure to read them for some great tips and information:

Scrapbooking With Your Computer: Day 1

Scrapbooking With Your Computer: Downloading, Unzipping, and Organizing Digital Elements

Scrapbooking With Your Computer: Opening, Recoloring, Adding to a Photo, Loading Brushes

Scrapbooking With Your Computer: Digital Product Definitions & Suggestions

Scrapbooking With Your Computer: Creating Layouts With Layered Templates (video tutorial)

Here’s some other things I’m loving:









P.S. Sharon S. is the random winner from our post yesterday, she won a $10 GC to Vinnie’s store and this is what she had to say about Vinnie’s stuff: “I love Vinnie’s photo masks, especially Grunge Floral Masks 01! I’m really thinking of making a purchase today!” Check your inbox Sharon.