As I look forward to the Christmas break coming, one of the things I am most excited for is having a little more time to scrap. Life will slow down…memories will build up…and hopefully I will have some new pages to show for it. I just love this time of year and everything it does in my spirit! As I took a stroll around the digi world for some inspiration, I wasn’t disappointed! Here are some layouts that especially caught my eye!


I just love everything about this layout! The “snow” falling, the light on dark text, and the awesome conversion of the photo.



This layout is wonderful. I love the bright and happy colors, the clean design, and I LOVE the dotted ornament hanger with the date put in there



This page is incredible! I adore the design but I am just blown away that she got her top 100 memories on ONE page!



This layout is a great example of using lots of elements while still giving the eye a place to rest. Since I am element challenged, I love this.



This layout is just so soft and pretty and feminine. And of course I love that there is a good amount of journaling 🙂



The simplicity of this layout is what makes it so stunning. It is definitely an example of less is MORE!



What can I say? I just love this layout. The picture just screams cozy Christmas. And the journaling is fabulous…it is actually a thank you note for Christmas gifts. What a WONDERFUL way to say thanks!



My sentiments exactly!



The artistry on this page is just incredible! The element layering, the subtle red border, the messy stitching…all SO pretty!



I love the huge punch of red in this layout but even more, I love how she took something so simple like a cup of hot cocoa and really got down to what it means to her. To her it means holidays, time with family, warm nights and cool mornings. What says “the holidays” to you?


I hope you have been inspired as I have been!


P.S. Be sure to check out Katie’s post from yesterday to pick up your 12 Days of Christmas word art and template as well as a bunch of links to sites that will be doing 12 Days of Christmas!

The Twelve Days of Christmas

TDD_12days_card example copy

word art from The Daily Digi (see below) Kit is I Believe in Santa Claus by Tracey Howard

I (Katie) am sure many of you know the words to the famous Christmas carol of The Twelve Days of Christmas. In case you need a refresher, Big Picture Scrapbooking posted the words on their blog the other day. This song dates back to the 1600s, and has sparked a tradition that many people around the world follow each year of giving gifts to someone you love for 12 days before Christmas. The roots behind the Twelve Days of Christmas are both religious and cultural so they have various meanings. Traditionally the 12 days of Christmas are celebrated from December 26th through January 6th (Epiphany) in many parts of the world.

In the United States and in the digital scrapbooking community, the Twelve Days of Christmas are usually celebrated on the 12 calendar days leading up to Christmas. This means they usually start on either December 13th or 14th, depending on if you want the 12th day to fall on Christmas Eve or on the actual day of Christmas.

There are plenty of ways to have fun counting down to Christmas with a Twelve Days theme. Here are a few ideas from our team:

From Neenee: I am making 12 tags with journaling lines. Each day, one member of the family will be selected to journal on the tag about whatever the topic is on the back of the tag. They are topics like: what made them happy that day, what they are thankful for, what they are hoping to get for Christmas, what they love about Christmas, etc. Each one is totally different no two the same. These will be done the 12 days prior to Christmas. and then will go into my December Daily album.

From Katie: In years past, we have delivered anonymous gifts to friends or neighbors on each of the 12 days as an act of kindness. We chose to never reveal who was behind the gift giving, but many people enjoy telling the surprise when they deliver the final gift on the 12th day. Either way it is a very meaningful and special way to give someone a memorable holiday season.

From Steph: I am going to choose some things from squidoo.com (they have several ideas for each day) and try and make it something we can do or eat together as a family (like the Lord of the Dance video for the Lord’s a Leaping). I also am going to do one for our elderly neighbors across the street that are so nice to us. I will have the kids deliver it anonymously each night. I have some great memories of doing that exact thing when I was younger for elderly neighbors and would like to have my kids be able to experience the same thing.

It is a little tricky to find real turtle doves, geese, and leaping lords to give as gifts so here are some other fun suggestions from squidoo.com and About.com to give you some ideas based on the original lyrics. Or feel free to just make up your own poems each day, my family loves to do that!

Finally, don’t forget to visit these wonderful digital scrapbook designers and stores who offer great gifts to celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas!

  • Weeds and Wildflowers annual 12 days of Christmas Quick Page giveaway December 13-24.
  • Dani Mogstad’s team has an annual tradition of giveaways on her blog for the 12 days.
  • Heather Roselli will be giving away a different item each of the 12 days. It will be a variety of things, word art, frame clusters, QP’s, templates, etc.
  • Eva Kipler is giving away a quick page/template set each of the 12 days of Christmas.
  • Kristin Aagard will be giving away a gift tag on her blog for each of the 12 days of Christmas.
  • Miss Tina is doing a countdown on her website with free word art for the holidays.
  • The Sweet Shoppe will be continuing their free cookie-a-day template giveaway throughout December.
  • After Five Designs will be having a 12 days of Christmas sale December 13th – December 24th. a different sale each day
  • The Digi Chick will be starting a 12 days of Christmas on the 14th of December.
  • GottaPixel.net will have 12 days of Christmas Freebies.
  • Scrapbook-Bytes will be having 12 days event starting on December 13th.
  • The Scrap Orchard is having countdown to Christmas from December 1 until the 25th.
  • Zig Zag Scraps will start a 12 days sale on December 13th 30% off & 3 daily $1 deals.


P.S. If you have young children they might enjoy following along with the 12 days of Christmas with these printable coloring sheets and flash cards to help them count down to Christmas.

Sponsor Spotlight – Wild Dandelions

Spot Lit Wall

I first discovered Wild Dandelions (a.k.a. Meghan Mullens) when Digi Scrap Addicts was running their “So You Think You Can Design” contest.  There were a few designers from that contest that I wasn’t familiar with at the time, and I followed them through the contest (and downloaded).  I was so excited when I saw WILD DANDELIONS debut at Scrap Orchard!  Here’s a look at what Meghan contributed to THE DIGI FILES 10:


Can you believe you get all of this AND goodies from 8 other designers/store for only $5!?  I can’t!  It’s a very inexpensive way to try some new designers out as well as show your support for THE DAILY DIGI and what we love to do!

Here is what I team did with this great kit:


(layout by Rachael, additional supplies: Template by Get It Scrapped (modified))

(layout by Karen, additional supplies: Template by Melissa Lewis)


(layout by Katie, additional supplies: font is LD Elementary template unknown)


(layout by NeeNee, additional supplies: Font is Fontologie P.S. I Love You)


(layout by Steph, additional supplies: Font is Printing Primer by Fontologie)



Meghan Mullens–Thirty-something, SAHM to a handful of beautiful kids. I live near Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and kids. Before children I had a career in Finance and do not miss it at all J I love creating memory keepsakes for my family and just cherish this creative outlet I stumbled upon almost 3 years ago.




Designing just seemed like a natural progression for me as a scrapper. I had ideas and teamed up with my friend Kristin and created a collab with her quite a few months before I ventured into taking designing seriously. When I became serious about designing I paired up my dear friend Tracey Howard under the name Wild Dandelions. We were taken on at Scrap Orchard in June of 09 and both continue to sell there under our individual names.


Dabbling since mid 08 and seriously since early 09.


Definitely both! I think I’m a scrapper first and foremost.


Well I’m on the computer way more than I should be but I’m easily distracted 😉 I’d say about 20-25 hours on a busy week!


Well, I love collabing on kits…just the whole process is fun to me. I love seeing other ideas based around the same theme and working with people I consider friends. I can’t choose a favorite product though..I have a few! Apple Blossom with Kristin Cronin-Barrow, 10 Things with Traci Reed, Wonky with Kami Leonard and Tracey Howard. I love them all!



question6-copy 10 things-Collaboration with Traci Reed



1) My Family

2) My Church

3) My Friends

4) Preserving Memories

5) Being Creative

6) Candy (Sugar Addict!)

7) Fresh Bathed Babies

8) Coffee with Peppermint Mocha Creamer

9) A Good Book

10) Buying Gifts for others


1) Gum Smackers

2) Bills

3) Poor spelling

4) Disorder

5) Allergies

6) Atlanta Traffic

7) Irritating Noises

8) When my kids disobey

9) Telemarketers

10) Laundry


Here are some of my favorite Wild Dandelions:





Some GREAT inspiration from some talented scrappers (images are linked to credits):

(layout by Karen)




(layout by NeeNee additional supplies: Template is Cindy Schneider’s Scrap in A Snap Template Set 33.  Font is Pea JamieB.)


Thanks so much to Meghan for joining us this month in THE DIGI FILES!! Meghan has a coupon for all of readers to do some shopping with:

30% off



Sponsor Spotlight – Syrin


I was introduced to Syrin via Janet’s stitches on her layouts a while back! I kept admiring them and decided I needed some!  Not only do I love Syrin’s stitches, I love all of her designs, and she is a pretty funny lady too! 🙂 We are happy to have her with us this month!  Let’s take a look at what she contributed to THE DIGI FILES this month:

syrin_myfriendL_preview You get this AND contributions from 8 other designers/store all for ONLY $5!!  What a great way to try out some of these designers or grab some products by a few of your favorites!!

Here are some layouts by our team using Syrin’s products:

Karen-Max-Gleeful-Boy-111409(layout by Karen, additional credits: Sahlin Studio Tuck and Wave template)

Rachael-notquitevintage (layout by Rachael additional supplies: Template by Get It Scrapped)

Janet-ThatAge_600(layout by Janet, additional supplies: Fonts are Typewriter Scribbled and Pea Dana Anne)

Katie-web79 (layout by Katie additional supplies: Template by Ali Edwards, font is CK footnote)

tdd-syrin-dunia (layout by Dunia, additional supplies: Presslines N. 17 by Paislee Press)

NeeNee-lyssa_syrin_lilli_web(layout by NeeNee additional supplies: Font:  Pea MissStaker)

dividergraphic15 ALittleAboutSyrin

Syrin made me laugh right out loud when I read her bio because she told me to fix her “’Norwenglish’ (as we often call it over at CatScrap), 😉 Just don’t change the number of kids and things like that” 😀

Name:     Syrin in digiland, but Kjersti when I’m offline

Hometown: Close to Bergen, westcoast of Norway, Scandinavia

Family:   Husband and two children; a girl who is 6 and a boy who is 4

Syrin’s Store


In 2005 Catrine at CatScrap challenged me to make a paper. Neither of us were designers back then; we were just new scrappers, eager to learn. I remember searching for tutorials to figure out how to make papers, and found it very hard in the beginning! That was the start of it all. I just loved the creative process, and the kick you get when you see scrappers use your stuff. I still get that feeling.

question23 years. I had a break this spring, and that was good. I knew it was just a temporary break.

question3I am both. I spend most of my time designing, but take breaks after each product has been released, and then I scrap.

question4 I would say 1-2 hours a day, after kids are in bed. I work full time as an archaeologist, so I can’t design during daytime.


That one is hard; I have many favorite elements and papers, but they are in different kits. If I have to choose one product, it has to be Alpha without borders. I’m really pleased with with how they look, and they also have all the characters you need to type in most languages, even Icelandic! Any profit is donated to Doctors Without Borders.


question6-copyI think it would have to be my first pack of stitches.



1) Obviously my family, being with them, laughing with them and just relaxing.

2) Cooking and making dinner for a group of friends with their families. The whole process makes me happy.

3) Early mornings, working from home in my kitchen, kids away, husband at work, caffe latte in my cup.

4) Fire in the fireplace (I need one)(and I will get one)

5) Autumn

6) Having time to be alone now and then

7) Questions with no answer

8) Watching stars and seeing the milky way (we need more places with no street lights!)

9) Learning new things, especially about biology, nature and history

10) Watching movies with my husband


1) Bare feet (I just can’t stand them)

2) People on the bus who talk LOUD and clear about anything, either in the phone, or to the friend next to them. I’ve learned to listen to books to prevent audio invasions like that.

3) When people think that reality is black or white

4) Spiders. It is so silly, but I can’t help it

5) When people don’t have a passion or strong interest. I don’t care what the passion or interest is

6) Gymnastics, or any sport, if I have to do it myself. I will happily watch others and cheer for my team!

7) Parties I have to go to. I really, really just find it boring

8) When the towel keeps falling down from the hook

9) Mass media that spread fear rather then enlighten people

10) Those who just want bread and circuses


Here are a few of my favorite products by Syrin:




Lingonberry Preserve



A huge THANKS to Syrin for being here this month!!  We appreciate you sharing your talents and humor with us!  As a THANKS to our readers, Syrin has a discount coupon for all of us to do a little shopping:

30% off

code: thxtoTDD

expires: dec.31st 2009


It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

My son has been begging us for days to decorate the house for Christmas. When you live in a climate that is perpetually summer (and you grew up with winter), it is hard to get in the mood for Christmas. However, I finally ran out of excuses for not doing it and we broke out the decorations, much to his delight. I have to admit, although I didn’t want to do it and I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to feel festive, having a tree up does make it feel a little more like Christmas. And I LOVE Christmas!

Just like my house is starting to look a lot like Christmas, the digi shops are also filling up with all things holiday. With so many great products coming out every day, it sure is hard to choose! I surely don’t need all these kits. But hmmmmm….how do I choose?

These are just a few of the things that have caught my eye this holiday season.

If you want to give your blog a festive and fun feel, check out Zoe’s Blog in a Box kit. I LOVE it!


I’ve already made great use of this amazing felt nativity set by Kaye Winiecki. My kids and I had a great time painting our starry nights and adding the pieces of the nativity story!


You can never go wrong with a Shabby Princess kit. In her holiday kit, Believe, she packs a lot into a little. I just adore that alpha!


These papers by Biograffiti would be perfect for elegant holiday pages. Maybe I will get this pack and actually start my wedding album. We’ve only been married ten years!


I’m loving this super cute I BELIEVE kit by Cinzia at Oscraps. I love all the fun doodled elements!


Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe this kit by Kristin Cronin-Barrow. The golds and reds are just incredible.


Scrapbook Graphics has this jam packed festive kit — Impressions of Festivities. With all that’s in there, I think I could scrap every Christmas.


There is something just so chilly and soft about this Winter Wish kit by Kitty Designs and MK Designs. I love the pinks and blues.


If a cold winter is in store for you, you better Bundle Up with this rockin’ kit by Shabby Miss Jenn and Kate Hadfield. Seriously, with those two gals how could you miss?


And Rhonna seriously makes me drool with her huge selection of Christmas brush sets. I LOVE this one! I think they would be perfect for some clean minimalist Christmas cards.


So come on…link us up. What holiday products are you loving (and craving) right now?


Sponsor Spotlight – Danielle Engebretson


Danielle was a new-to-me designer when she sent in her application awhile back, but as we have emailed over the past few months, I have enjoyed getting to know her.  I find her designs to consistently jump out at me. I really love the patterns and colors of Danielle’s contribution to The Digi Files #10.   Here is Danielle’s addition to The Digi Files for this month:

dje_sharethemoments_preview Our team really enjoyed working with this versatile kit:

Katie_webswinglayout by Katie other supplies: Template by Ali Edwards, font is CK footnote

Rachael)thankful layout by Rachael

Karen_Max-Bitty-Happiness-Is layout by Karen

MyFriends copy

layout by Steph



I am a 36 year old SAHM and I live in Minnesota. I am married to my wonderful husband Dean, and we share two children together, Dawson (9) and Ava (6).

Danielle’s Store

Danielle’s Blog

question1 It is really quite simple. I am a traditional scrapper gone digital scrapper, who determined I could teach myself to design digital products.

question2 I have been designing for 2 ½ years, (wow did that go by fast).


I am both a scrapper and designer. However, I find it difficult to balance scrapping with designing. Designing keeps me really busy and that I consider a huge blessing. I find now I have to schedule time to scrap. I grab the moments when I can.


Ok this was a reality check! I am still trying to approximate this but I would guess somewhere between 20-24 hours. Give or take and some weeks it is more depending on what is going on for that month.


Oh dear, that is a really hard question. Hmmm…I would probably have to say…..my Kaleidoscope Collection. I think it is because I am a color lover!

Kaleidoscope question6-copy My “Music in Me” kit is probably one of my best sellers to date.



1. Jesus

2. my husband

3. my kids and family

4. chocolate

5. drawing and doodling

6. soaking in the tub with a good book

7. singing worship

8. my coffee

9. golfing

10. prime rib

10thingsbug 1. my allergies

2. being cold (and yes I live in MN) why I ask?

3. cat hair

4. when someone touches my nose

5. slow drivers

6. stupid humor

7. rosemary

8. crabby people

9. open mouth chewing and smacking on food

10. being late

dividergraphic15 Here are some of my favorite products by Danielle:

TimeOfWonder CashmerePink




And some wonderful inspiration using Danielle’s products (images are linked to originals with credits):





Thanks, Danielle for spending the month with us!!  As a thank you to our readers, Danielle has this GREAT coupon for all of our readers to go shopping with:



An Etsy Christmas List


What do you get for the people who have everything? Christmas shopping can often become a tiring “why do I even bother” affair. Some people already have everything they could need or want. It is hard to find something that is truly special. Thankfully, this is getting easier with great places like Etsy. Etsy, an online shop for all things handmade, makes it so easy to find a great gift for anyone on your list. From the beautiful to the outright crazy, Etsy has everything for everyone. The only danger of it is spending way too much time and way too much money. But at least you can do all your Christmas shopping in one sitting, right? Here are a few of the things I have spotted lately that I have made my own Christmas list (or at least made me smile).

All images are linked

il_430xn97727353Isn’t this quilled ornament just stunning? I ordered one right away…I just know my mom will love it!

il_430xn87354496This laser cut is just jaw-dropping. Oh how I would LOVE this!

il_430xn103939631What a gorgeous gift this would be for a couple welcoming a new little one!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this…and what a perfect gift for a mother to remind her of her awesome responsibility!

il_430xn69377190For the Mac lover in your life 😉

il_430xn105093457This set of custom hand-painted wooden dolls would be such a fun gift for a family!

il_430xn89166016Christmas may be a little early for this “special” keyboard, but it is hilarious nonetheless!

il_430xn79424703This dry erase board clock would be so awesome in my office…

il_430xn106543079 I can think of about a zillion things I could use these amazing felt letters for! I LOVE them!

il_430xn107778217This necklace is just so sweet and gorgeous! I love how unique it is!

il_430xn106432035These may look so good you want to eat them RIGHT NOW, but be careful. This buttercream lip balm my look like a treat for the tummy, but really, it is a treat for your lips!

il_430xn104328811And now that you are drooling from the “cupcakes” above, here are some real treats that would make an amazing gift (or get you the Mother of the Year award at the school Christmas party 😉

Happy Shopping!


But I Don’t Want to Be On Twitter

twitter_128x128We do some really fun things on Twitter. Not only do we retweet about great tutorials like this one for making a photo drop shadow with lifted corners. We also tweet about free stuff like these gift tags at the end of this post on Ellie’s blog. There are also some great deals around digiland that we let our followers know about. Every once in a while, we even give away gift certificates from our sponsors for random retweeters of certain tweets!

But, what if you don’t want to be on Twitter? I have a solution for you! You can subscribe to the RSS feed of our tweets! You will get all of our tweets and have them in your Reader, ready to access when you have time to look at them. I did this post this past summer about subscribing to RSS feeds. The basic instructions are at the bottom of the post. You can also go here and create a Google Reader account. Google makes it look like you need a Gmail email address to have an account, but you really can use any email address. Then, you need to subscribe to our feed by clicking on the button on our Twitter homepage. Here’s what it looks like (on the bottom right side):


Next, you will click on the drop-down menu and select Google Reader as the method of your subscription. Now, it will open Google Reader and our Tweets will be there! 🙂 The only thing you won’t be able to participate in is our random retweeting contests.

Enjoy your Saturday!!


You must have a great camera!

Once upon a time a photographer was invited to have dinner at the home of a nice couple. During dinner the wife comments to the photographer “Your pictures are beautiful. You must have a great camera.” The photographer nods politely.

After finishing dinner the photographer comments to the wife “That was a fine meal. You must have some great pots!

The more I (Katie) learn about photography, the more I realize that there is a lot that goes into taking a picture. It is probably more accurate to say a good photographer “makes” a picture instead of “takes” a picture. Composition, lighting, focus, subject matter, are only a few of the subjects a photographer needs to consider. Being willing to put effort into getting the best shot is what really separates the pros from the amateurs.

I’m an amateur who is spending time and energy to improve my skills. I’ve taken classes and read many books about photography. I’ve slowly invested in new equipment such as a DSLR camera, a tripod, and even a new lens. It seems that the harder I work though, the more people compliment my camera. That is why I loved the little story about the pots!

Now I will readily admit that it is easier to cook a gourmet meal in a well equipped kitchen. With a nicer camera you can also make more adjustments that might result in a better picture. In both cooking and photography, you need to understand the recipe and have a willingness to work and be creative in order to yield the best results.

Here’s a fun little exercise – I have 3 cameras that I use:


Nikon D40

Sony Cybershot 10.1 mega-pixels

(how did I take this picture you ask? With a very old digital camera that I no longer use. It is only 4 mega-pixels)

I decided to do an experiment. I thought it would be fun to compare the same shot from each of my three cameras. I set up a still life shot on my dining room table. I took a picture of the exact same subject, using the same lighting, while I was standing in the same position. I took each shot only seconds apart so there would be no difference other than the camera I used.

See if you can figure out which picture came from which camera. I’ll call this one experiment #1

I processed all 3 pictures the same way. I can see now that my angle was just a bit different on shot #2. Essentially, all 3 pictures are about the same but all of them were taken with different cameras. Care to venture any guesses? (I will reveal all at the end of the post.)

How about another set? Experiment #2

Which one is the iphone camera? The point and shoot Cybershot? The Nikon DSLR?

Ok, let’s do one last test: which one of these is the best shot? What camera did I use to get it? Experiment #3

Are you ready for the results? I want you to think about your answers before you scroll down to see what I reveal!


Experiment #1

  1. the top photo was from my Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera
  2. the middle photo was from my iphone camera
  3. the 3rd photo was from my Nikon DSLR

Experiment #2

  1. the top photo was from my iphone camera
  2. the middle photo was from my Nikon DSLR
  3. the 3rd photo was from my Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera

Are you surprised so far? I have to admit I was! The lighting looks a lot warmer in the iphone pictures. I think a lot of the reason is because you have to hold an iphone differently than a camera to get a shot and I think that gave it a better angle for lighting. I also think there just might be a bit of a difference with that camera when it comes to color. However, the iphone pictures are the least sharp when you inspect them closer. They still look pretty good though for a camera phone! The results from the point and shoot and the DSLR are quite similar. When you really look at them up close, you can see that the DSLR pictures are a little clearer. Generally speaking, I would say that all 3 photos in each group are all good though. They could have all been bad pictures just as easily though. I put some thought into how to set them up.

Experiment #3 – This was a bit of a trick because all 3 pictures were taken with my Nikon DSLR. I did this to illustrate that it isn’t just the camera that takes a good picture. The first picture is carelessly composed. There are chairs and the bottom of a painting in the frame and the subject really should have been shot with a tighter crop. The second photo isn’t all that spectacular either. Nothing is really done to show off the subject. The 3rd photo does a lot more to show off the fun colors and sizes of the bowls. All 3 were taken at the same time, same circumstances, by the same photographer (me) and with the same camera.

While owning a fancy camera is nice, it isn’t a necessity if you want to take good pictures. Taking some time to learn about and practice your photography skills will give you a lot more control when it comes to “making” a picture. There are some great resources to help you along the way:

Be sure to check out the photography class posts here at The Daily Digi and remember to just have fun and try new things!


P.S. The Daily Digi is now on Facebook! We’d love to see who our fans are so come and join us! Also, be sure to check out this fun project that Steph teamed up with Cindy from Skip to My Lou on – a last minute printable advent calendar. So fun!

“Cutting Out” Titles


One of my favorite easy-to-do scrapping tricks is to “cut out” a title. I love how it adds a little “umph” to a page as well as giving it that handmade “paper” scrapbooking look. It’s simple to do…here’s how I did it on the page above.


I adored the alpha that came with the All About Me kit by Zig Zag Scraps (part of THE DIGI FILES 10). I have a thing for stamped alphas! However, on this page, I thought that the alpha was lacking a little something. I wanted it to “pop” a bit more. So, I decided to add some paper behind the alpha (to give the appearance that the alpha was stamped onto paper and then the paper cut out).

1. I selected my alpha layer (CONTROL CLICK on the thumbnail in the layers palette for an easy selection of the entire layer; COMMAND CLICK on a Mac)



2. Once my layer was selected, I created a new layer beneath my alpha layer (CONTROL + Clicking on New layer icon will give you a new layer underneath rather than above)

3. With the “marching ants” still on/the alpha layer selected, I went to SELECT > MODIFY > EXPAND.


4. I entered an amount for how much I wanted to expand the selection. For this alpha, a 65 pixel expansion looked about right.


5. Without deselecting (turning off the marching ants), I selected the new layer I created. Then I went to EDIT > FILL SELECTION. I chose white, but the color doesn’t matter if you plan to cover it with paper.


6. I then deselected (CONTROL D; COMMAND D on Mac). I then had a “paper” background for my title. I wanted a more realistic look, so I used another piece of paper from the kit and used a clipping mask to cover the new layer with paper.


7. I added a drop shadow to the layer and I was done!



mohonk_web1Credits: All About Me by Zig Zag Scraps for THE DIGI FILES 10; stitching by Syrin, paper tears by Steph Krush; font is Typewriter Scribbled


Here are some other pages I have used this technique for

baby_webCredits: Shabby Sugar and Chasing Rainbow kits by Zoe Pearn at Sweet Shoppe Designs; stitching by Syrin; swirl and metal brad by Shabby Princess; Shmootzy Alpha 4 by Nancie Rowe Janitz; fonts are Typewriter Scribbled and CK Cursive
tshirt_forwebCredits: Happy Go Lucky by Shabby Princess; stamped date by Amber Clegg; Shmootzy Alpha 4 by Nancie Rowe Janitz
mothers-dayCredits: Flower Stand by Shabby Miss Jenn and Scrapkitchen Designs. Template by Janet Phillips; stamped alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz