An Etsy Christmas List


What do you get for the people who have everything? Christmas shopping can often become a tiring “why do I even bother” affair. Some people already have everything they could need or want. It is hard to find something that is truly special. Thankfully, this is getting easier with great places like Etsy. Etsy, an online shop for all things handmade, makes it so easy to find a great gift for anyone on your list. From the beautiful to the outright crazy, Etsy has everything for everyone. The only danger of it is spending way too much time and way too much money. But at least you can do all your Christmas shopping in one sitting, right? Here are a few of the things I have spotted lately that I have made my own Christmas list (or at least made me smile).

All images are linked

il_430xn97727353Isn’t this quilled ornament just stunning? I ordered one right away…I just know my mom will love it!

il_430xn87354496This laser cut is just jaw-dropping. Oh how I would LOVE this!

il_430xn103939631What a gorgeous gift this would be for a couple welcoming a new little one!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this…and what a perfect gift for a mother to remind her of her awesome responsibility!

il_430xn69377190For the Mac lover in your life 😉

il_430xn105093457This set of custom hand-painted wooden dolls would be such a fun gift for a family!

il_430xn89166016Christmas may be a little early for this “special” keyboard, but it is hilarious nonetheless!

il_430xn79424703This dry erase board clock would be so awesome in my office…

il_430xn106543079 I can think of about a zillion things I could use these amazing felt letters for! I LOVE them!

il_430xn107778217This necklace is just so sweet and gorgeous! I love how unique it is!

il_430xn106432035These may look so good you want to eat them RIGHT NOW, but be careful. This buttercream lip balm my look like a treat for the tummy, but really, it is a treat for your lips!

il_430xn104328811And now that you are drooling from the “cupcakes” above, here are some real treats that would make an amazing gift (or get you the Mother of the Year award at the school Christmas party 😉

Happy Shopping!