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What do you get when you mix fun and quirky, unique and hand-made, creative and oh-so-cute? FRUIT LOOP SALLY!   Sandra, the creative genius behind Fruit LoOp Sally Designs, is with us at THE DAILY DIGI this month and we couldn’t be happier!  Her designs are just filled with hand-drawn cuteness and we can’t wait to show you!  Let’s start with the really cool kit she created for THE DIGI FILES 9.


Isn’t it just so cute and fun?  Those penguins are adorable!  You can can get this kit, as well as a whole lot more, all for just $5.00!

And here are some layouts made my our artist team!

mika_margiceskating_09_webLayout by Jacki: Kit – Chilly Charm by FruitLoop Sally, Serendipity alpha by CD Muckosky

raysofhappinessLayout by Rachael: Chilly Charm by Fruit Loop Sally (Digi Files 9 at The Daily Digi), Rather Ragged Stitching by Christine Smith

sam-beach-at-winter-2006Layout by Karen: Fruit Loop Sally Chilly Charm from The Digi Files 9; Lauren Reid Inky Dinky Edge; Amy Wolff circle template; Fonts are Pea Devon and Pea Devon Caps



Name: Sandra Edwards
: I come from an Island in the North of Norway called Senja, but I’m currently living in a small town down south called Gjøvik.
Family: Engaged to Stian for 6 years this Christmas (time to get married, huh?) and Mummy to beautiful Sofie, she’s 3 years old.


Fruit Loop Sally at Catscrap

Fruit Loop Sally at PickleBerry Pop

BLOG: The Fruit Asylum

I absolutely adore scrapping, so my designs all started with my passion for scrapping.
I also wanted to use my ”gift” for drawing, and I found that designs for digital scrap booking was the perfect opportunity for that! The rest is history!

I started to design way back in January 2008, but I struggled to find my style. After a short break, FruitLoOp Sally was born November 2008, and I quickly found out ”who” I was going to be as a designer.

I love to do both and I am addicted to both scrapping and designing! I need to find inspiration in scrapping before I can design, so these two go hand in hand for me!

I am devoted to my designing, and I consider this a full time job. I spend every spare moment I have to my designs, be it to keep in touch with my customers, blog, advertise or create!

Oh, absolutely my daydreamer kit! This really reflects me as a person! Creative, daydreaming and lucky!


I believe my best selling product is my ”It’s SpOoOoKy” kit.


1. My family
2. Photography
3. Chewing gum
4. Cool, crisp air
5. The ocean
6. Christmas
7. Designing
8. Scrapping
9. A good laugh
10. To be in love

1. Sun on Christmas
2. Rude people
3. Housework
4. My knitting supplies gone missing
5. Open cupboard doors
6. Salesgirls that follow you INTO the dressing room and wait outside..
7. Socks, I go barefoot all year around..
8. That I HAVE to sleep
9. Snot
10. That people say they can’t draw…I believe we all can if we try, it’s just a matter of style!


Here are some of my favorite products by Fruit LoOp Sally!










And here is some gallery inspiration for you!

partyfavorsProject by Katie: Great Outdoors kit.  You can read more about the project HERE.







Thank you so much, Sandra, for being with us here at THE DAILY DIGI this month!  We’re so happy to have you! Your work is so creative and so fun and we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!