Hybrid Fall & Halloween

I (Steph) have been coming across some really fun hybrid Fall and Halloween projects and I thought I would share some of them with you (images are linked to the original tutorials)!

First off, Becky Pipes created this ADORABLE “Falling Leaves Encouragement Kit” using Dani’s “Softly Falling” kit from The Digi Files 8.




Here’s what she said about what this super fun project:

The idea for my “Falling Leaves Encouragement Kit” came from a children’s book, “Fall is for Friends”by Suzy Spafford. It starts out “Suzy Ducken loved everything about fall. She loved wrapping herself in big, cozy sweaters. She loved crisp apples and big orange pumpkins. But most of all, she loved jumping into piles of leaves with her best friend, Emily. Until they took that first running leap every year, it didn’t feel as if fall had really arrived.” Because the leaves have not fallen yet that year, the two girls come up with a plan to help the leaves want to fall. They try leading a cheer, and then they tape leaves all over themselves and show the leaves how to dance, spin and drop. They also try magic spells, complete with wands to no avail. Finally, their last plan to write and sing a fall song sends those leaves just a-falling. Such a sweet, fall-color infused book. The little squirrel throughout the illustrations just steals the show too.

When reading the book to my daughter for the 134th billion time (no complaints!) I thought it would be fun to create something similar – with a slightly more sophisticated approach. There are so many parts of Autumn that I love. I hoped using some of those ideas, to make the leaves think it was already fall, just might cause them to drop. Wink To narrow it down, I selected one idea from each sense to put in the basket. There is a fuzzy blanket for touch, a fall-scented candle for smell, a yummy apple pie for the leaves to taste, a pretend crackling fire to hear and some sweet paper leaves (printed from Dani‘s amazing Softly Falling kit) to place on the ground for the leaves to see. The labels and sign are also made with Dani’s kit. By using all the senses, one of the ideas is sure to tempt the leaves down from the trees so we can really start fall around here.

l.bicks had this cute fall photo holder:


I thought this haunted house that Megan did was so cute!:


Megan also made these cute buckets and has a tutorial and free template on her blog:


Cute Fall treat toppers:


Vervegirl had this cute pumpkin:


mrsduke2u had these super cute luminaries, there is a template available here for them:


cucciocu1002 had these cute treat bags:


Iltheo had these fun treats, click the image to see more closeup photos:


Hopefully, your feeling inspired and ready to create some hybrid projects of your own! 🙂